The stars in the palaces


Zi Wei in Ming

Tian Ji in Ming

Tai Yang in Ming

Wu Qu in Ming

Tian Tong in Ming

Lian Zhen in Ming

Tian Fu in Ming

Tai Yin in Ming

Tan Lang in Ming

Ju Men in Ming

Tian Xiang in Ming

Tian Liang in Ming

Qi Sha in Ming

Po Jun in Ming

The minor stars in Ming


Zi Wei in Parents

Tian Ji in Parents

Tai Yang in Parents

Wu Qu in Parents

Tian Tong in Parents

Lian Zhen in Parents

Tian Fu in Parents

Tai Yin in Parents

Tan Lang in Parents

Ju Men in Parents

Tian Xiang in Parents

Tian Liang in Parents

Qi Sha in Parents

Po Jun in Parents

The minor stars in Parents

Happiness and Virtue

Zi Wei in Happiness and Virtue

Tian Ji in Happiness and Virtue

Tai Yang in Happiness and Virtue

Wu Qu in Happiness and Virtue

Tian Tong in Happiness and Virtue

Lian Zhen in Happiness and Virtue

Tian Fu in Happiness and Virtue

Tai Yin in Happiness and Virtue

Tan Lang in Happiness and Virtue

Ju Men in Happiness and Virtue

Tian Xiang in Happiness and Virtue

Tian Liang in Happiness and Virtue

Qi Sha in Happiness and Virtue

Po Jun in Happiness and Virtue

The minor stars in Happiness and Virtue


Zi Wei in Property

Tian Ji in Property

Tai Yang in Property

Wu Qu in Property

Tian Tong in Property

Lian Zhen in Property

Tian Fu in Property

Tai Yin in Property

Tan Lang in Property

Ju Men in Property

Tian Xiang in Property

Tian Liang in Property

Qi Sha in Property

Po Jun in Property

The minor stars in Property


Zi Wei in Career

Tian Ji in Career

Tai Yang in Career

Wu Qu in Career

Tian Tong in Career

Lian Zhen in Career

Tian Fu in Career

Tai Yin in Career

Tan Lang in Career

Ju Men in Career

Tian Xiang in Career

Tian Liang in Career

Qi Sha in Career

Po Jun in Career

The minor stars in Career

Friends and Servants

Zi Wei in Friends and Servants

Tian Ji in Friends and Servants

Tai Yang in Friends and Servants

Wu Qu in Friends and Servants

Tian Tong in Friends and Servants

Lian Zhen in Friends and Servants

Tian Fu in Friends and Servants

Tai Yin in Friends and Servants

Tan Lang in Friends and Servants

Ju Men in Friends and Servants

Tian Xiang in Friends and Servants

Tian Liang in Friends and Servants

Qi Sha in Friends and Servants

Po Jun in Friends and Servants

The minor stars in Friends and Servants


Zi Wei in Travel

Tian Ji in Travel

Tai Yang in Travel

Wu Qu in Travel

Tian Tong in Travel

Lian Zhen in Travel

Tian Fu in Travel

Tai Yin in Travel

Tan Lang in Travel

Ju Men in Travel

Tian Xiang in Travel

Tian Liang in Travel

Qi Sha in Travel

Po Jun in Travel

The minor stars in Travel


Zi Wei in Health

Tian Ji in Health

Tai Yang in Health

Wu Qu in Health

Tian Tong in Health

Lian Zhen in Health

Tian Fu in Health

Tai Yin in Health

Tan Lang in Health

Ju Men in Health

Tian Xiang in Health

Tian Liang in Health

Qi Sha in Health

Po Jun in Health

The minor stars in Health


Zi Wei in Wealth

Tian Ji in Wealth

Tai Yang in Wealth

Wu Qu in Wealth

Tian Tong in Wealth

Lian Zhen in Wealth

Tian Fu in Wealth

Tai Yin in Wealth

Tan Lang in Wealth

Ju Men in Wealth

Tian Xiang in Wealth

Tian Liang in Wealth

Qi Sha in Wealth

Po Jun in Wealth

The minor stars in Wealth


Zi Wei in Children

Tian Ji in Children

Tai Yang in Children

Wu Qu in Children

Tian Tong in Children

Lian Zhen in Children

Tian Fu in Children

Tai Yin in Children

Tan Lang in Children

Ju Men in Children

Tian Xiang in Children

Tian Liang in Children

Qi Sha in Children

Po Jun in Children

The minor stars in Children


Zi Wei in Spouse

Tian Ji in Spouse

Tai Yang in Spouse

Wu Qu in Spouse

Tian Tong in Spouse

Lian Zhen in Spouse

Tian Fu in Spouse

Tai Yin in Spouse

Tan Lang in Spouse

Ju Men in Spouse

Tian Xiang in Spouse

Tian Liang in Spouse

Qi Sha in Spouse

Po Jun in Spouse

The minor stars in Spouse


Zi Wei in Siblings

Tian Ji in Siblings

Tai Yang in Siblings

Wu Qu in Siblings

Tian Tong in Siblings

Lian Zhen in Siblings

Tian Fu in Siblings

Tai Yin in Siblings

Tan Lang in Siblings

Ju Men in Siblings

Tian Xiang in Siblings

Tian Liang in Siblings

Qi Sha in Siblings

Po Jun in Siblings

The minor stars in Siblings