Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Zi Wei in Parents

Translated from here.

When Zi Wei is in this palace there is affection and family love between the person and his or her parents. There are very friendly relations; to be on good terms with one another. The parents are of careers and regardless of success and official rank they are esteemed and thought highly of by people far and near. Therefore, as regards their children's life and living, the parents provide with superior circumstances of 庇護 bìhù = to put under protection; to take under one's wing; to shield; asylum, shelter, harbourage, sanctuary. The individual's needs are fully met, whether they are of the psychological or the material kind.

Zi Wei # Quan: The parents represent 高貴 gāoguì = noble, high; elitist (of social status, etc.), highly privileged. The native receives help and assistance from his or her parents. But, this star combination in the Parents palace can adversely affect the person's ability to stand alone and be independent.

Zi Wei # Ke: Feelings and emotions between the person and his or her parents are pretty good.

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