Sunday, 20 November 2011

Tian Fu in Happiness

Translated from here.

The person is multi-talented and gifted in many ways. The individual tends toward 樂天知命 lètiānzhīmìng = to submit to the will of Heaven and be content with one's lot; to rest content; to rest satisfied with one's life. Therefore, the native is able to find enjoyment and pleasure in every minute and second of happy times. Necessarily this can extend the person's lifespan. The individual has a lifetime of joy and delight.

Tian Fu and Zi Wei: Throughout his or her life the native doesn't have to worry about clothes and food. The person happens upon life and living being easy and comfortable, and blessed and happy.

Tian Fu and Wu Qu: When young the individual has to toil and subsist in hardship; to scratch out a difficult, meagre existence; to maintain life in difficulty. The native's later years will be peaceful, calm, quiet, the person being able to live in comfort and ease.

Tian Fu and Lian Zhen: The body is content, calm, still. The mind is fully occupied, agitated, hurrying, busy.


Vespasian76 said...

Would you happen to know how someone with Tian Fu and Di Jie in the Happiness/Luck Palace can save money? I have this in my chart, and I'm absolutely terrible at saving money although I make quite a bit. Any help would be appreciated.


Viktor said...

Hi Vespasian76.

The Happiness palace is opposite the Wealth palace and it will be important for when finding out stuff about a person's ability to for example generate money.

Qi Sha is always opposite Tian Fu, so you must have Qi Sha in Wealth.

But, the Property palace is considered a storehouse for wealth and money, and it would be a good idea having a look at the Property palace inquiring into money saving abilities.