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The minor stars in the Happiness and Virtue palace

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祿存 Lu Cun

When this star is in the Happiness and Virtue palace necessarily the person comes across 高壽 gāoshòu = longevity, long life; your venerable old age. The individual has an exceptionally strong willpower and determination. He or she is capable of enduring and overcoming problems and difficulties. The native breaks through crises and is ensured a lifetime of happiness and joy.

In the case of the horoscope of a man Lu Cun in this palace implies that he's got vigour and zeal what with career and undertakings, activities, projects, profession. When young he has to toil and work hard. When old certainly he'll be able to enjoy peace and happiness.

In a woman's chart Lu Cun grants her with old age and she can live to over 70 years of age. The more virtuous she is, the older she'll live, and she'll be a revered and esteemed senior citizen.

天馬 Tian Ma

Tian Ma stands for change and shifts. It betokens movement, migration, alterations, etc. Therefore, when Tian Ma is in this palace the person is multifarious and variegated; to be of many postures and multicoloured. The individual can have accomplishments because of movement and change.

Throughout his or her life the native happens upon travel and journeys and trips. There are changes and shifts, whether it has to do with going to other cities or foreign lands to study and seek knowledge when young, or moving to a different location seeking employment and looking for a job when an adult.

When Tian Ma is in the Happiness and Virtue palace the person is not suited to residing at one place/location/spot for a very long time. If he or she did, there'd be mental disequilibrium. The individual's mental state and psychological condition is ok when the native is able to move, change, travel, etc.

左輔 Zuo Fu

The person tends toward 多管閒事 duōguǎnxiánshì = to poke one's nose into others' business; to make uncalled-for meddling; to have a finger in every pie. The individual is extraordinarily social. He or she is fond of taking part in society and the community and engaging in social functions; to socialise, to communicate with. However, life and living is very stable, quiet, settled, calm and orderly. It is improbable that the native will often take to moving. Zuo Fu in this palace indicates a community leader.

Zuo Fu in Happiness and Virtue means that the person has a lifetime of living in ease and comfort; to enjoy a happy life. Every day there's merriment, pleasure, glee and gaiety. Frequently the individual's attitude and bearing are optimistic and hopeful. The native is easily in contact with other people and meets with a lifetime of receiving help and support.

Zuo Fu # Ke: During his or her later years the person can have very good social contact with others.

右弼 You Bi

The individual is of unusual enthusiasm taking part in social activities, for example a charity show, benefit performance; or a community choir. Etc. Or society work to do with literature and art and teaching and eduction. And so on. When You Bi is in this palace the person is an outstanding member of society and his or her community.

You Bi # Ke: When old the native can have very good social contact with other people.

文昌 Wen Chang

The native is happy, merry, and blessed; to have good fortune and luck. Throughout his or her life the person will receive good luck when requesting it. And getting happiness when seeking it.

When Chang represents 才華 cáihuá = literary or artistic talent; brilliance of mind. If... [?], the individual is often gentle and refined in manners; to be well-mannered and soft-spoken. Speaking, the native... [?]. The person is naturally gifted at being clever and bright. There are self-cultivation and accomplishments related to literature. However, regardless of the palace position of Wen Chang, this star brings about a lifetime of hard work and being industrious. In the instance of Wen Chang the individual works hard pursuing his or her her interests and hobbies.

When Wen Chang is in this palace the native's lifespan is not short.

Wen Chang # Ke: When old the person has an interest in philosophy.

Wen Chang # Ji: During his or her later years the individual is fidgety, short-tempered, annoyed and impatient; to fret, to be agitated. He or she is fond of... [?]. The native provokes resentment and enmity.

文曲 Wen Qu

Wen Qu is one of the 文 stars. [文 wén = language, culture, writing.] There are accomplishments and self-cultivation to do with literature and philology; letters and scholarship. When Wen Qu is in this palace the person has an intensely strong ability to sense things and feel stuff. Whatever the matter or thing or object the individual is capable of fine and detailed examination; to observe down to the smallest details. Also, concerning emotions and thoughts and feelings the native is capable of unusual subtlety; to be keen and acute. If this kind of perception and sensibility is made use of, necessarily the person can have an unusually rich and abundant life.

If Wen Qu is in this palace in Zi or Hai, the individual sees life being stable and smooth and steady. Regarding both the mental/psychological and the material/physical side to living, there are gains. If Wen Chang is in Happiness and Virtue in Yin, and regardless of whether the horoscope is that of a man or a woman, there are circumstances of the individual not being able to have it according to his or her wishes re feelings, emotions, affections, etc. Especially a woman. Concerning marriage and divorce... [?].

Wen Qu # Ke: During his or her later years the native has an interest in philosophy.

Wen Qu # Ji: When old the person is short-tempered, fidgety, annoyed and impatient; to be agitated, to fret. He or she appreciates... [?]. The individual provokes enmity and resentment.

天魁 Tian Kui

This star betokens guiren. When Tian Kui is in this palace the individual receives a lifetime of help and support from guiren. Often guiren... [?], and misfortune turns to blessing; to turn an inauspicious start to good account. Studying and attending college and seeking employment the native can without any exception go straight ahead.

Throughout his or her life the individual is accompanied by guiren. Whatever the industry or business, the person is capable of 獨樹一幟 dúshùyízhì = to take a distinctive course or attitude on one's own; to advocate something unique; to become an independent school; to strike out a line for oneself; to blaze a new trail, to display originality, to start something new and different. And there are accomplishments and success.

天鉞 Tian Yue

Throughout his or her life the native can live in ease and comfort; to enjoy a happy life. The person comes across pleasure and delight, and leisure and idleness.

火星 Huo Xing

The person is not saved from hard work and toil. But, if the individual is willing to work and make industrious and diligent efforts, naturally he or she obtains good fortune and happiness.

When Huo Xing is in this palace it is appropriate being merciful and doing good works in many ways and by multiple means. Otherwise the native's lifespan will be short.

鈴星 Ling Xing

The person is fiery and forthright; upright and unyielding. Throughout his or her life the individual happens upon toil and sufferings. The native is unable to become outstanding and stand out among his or her fellows; to make one's mark.

擎羊 Qing Yang

It is advisable frequently mixing together with the masses. If... [?].

陀羅 Tuo Luo

Throughout his or her life the person encounters an uninterrupted stream of trouble and inconveniences. The native has to deal with extremely much work and being busy and bustling. Although the individual has enough food and clothes, etc., he or she lacks moments being sunny and optimistic and hopeful.

地空 Di Kong

Time and again there are setbacks and blows re money and wealth. If Di Kong is alone in this palace, the person has a lifetime of being ineloquent and inarticulate. He or she is not fond of associating with other people. The native is fickle and changeable and mercurial. The individual's mood and state of mind are variegated.

地劫 Di Jie

Di Jie is not beneficial for money and wealth, and feelings and emotions. Throughout his or her life the native's luck is indeterminate. There are gains and losses re money and feelings, and the person's mental state becomes unbalanced.

化祿 Hua Lu

When Hua Lu is in Happiness and Virtue it is easy having enjoyment of ease and comfort. The individual's portion of good fortune is deep and profound. When old the native has very good luck.

化權 Hua Quan

The person is fond of wielding power; to be in power. He or she tends toward 霸道 bàdào = despotic rule; to rule by might; tyranny; to be overbearing. The individual... [?]. The native should take note of... [?]. The person appreciates enjoyment and pleasure.

化科 Hua Ke

There is emphasis on enjoyment of ease and comfort. Still, the native is temperate, moderate, restrained. He or she is partial to 量入為出 liàngrùwéichū = to keep expenditures within the limits of income; to live within one's means.

化忌 Hua Ji

During his or her later years the individual does not come across a happy and prosperous life. Possibly when old the person still has to work hard to make money.

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