Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tan Lang in Ming

Translated from here.

Tan Lang in Ming means that the person is of strong desires, appetites, passions, greed and lust. The individual is moreover fond of changes and variation. Therefore, the native is worldly-wise, crafty, smooth and evasive, and slick and sly.

The person does love pleasure and enjoyments. He or she has numerous indulgences and a fondness for much. Especially gambling, alcohol and sex.

Tan Lang # Lu: There is peach blossom. The individual is furthermore intelligent, clever, bright and smart. He or she has luck re 偏財 piāncái = unexpected money, jackpot, a stroke of luck, windfall, easy money, to win a prize. Thus the native becomes excessively opportunistic; to speculate in a risky adventure; to gamble.

Tan Lang # Quan: The person is capable and competent. He or she has accomplishments and achievements. The individual possesses eloquence. He or she is able to wield power.

Tan Lang # Ji: Tan Lang stands for inexhaustible cravings and desires. Involving Hua Ji the native tends toward daydreaming and fantasies. He or she becomes unrealistic and impractical. Thus Tan Lang # Ji is fond of 玄學 Xuan Xue. The person is suited to research and study 命理 and 五術.

Tan Lang is a peach blossom star. In the cycle charts one ought to guard against peach blossom causing loss of money, or a sexually transmitted disease.

Tan Lang and Zi Wei: In conduct and behaviour the person tends toward the romantic. He or she appreciates 酒色財氣 jiǔsècáiqì = the four cardinal vices: alcoholism, sex, greed and avarice. The individual is brisk, lively, spry and cheery. And enthusiastic, zealous and ardent. The native possesses specialised expertise/skill, and... [?]. When Tan Lang and Zi Wei are in the Ming palace the person is of numerous dreams, but isn't enough down-to-earth and realistic and practical. The individual is lovable and charming and thus has good predestined affinity with the opposite sex.

Tan Lang and Wu Qu: This star combination in Ming signifies development and growth when middle-aged and not when young. When middle-aged the native is able to thrive and prosper. With Tan Lang and Wu Qu in this palace the person is of a powerful self-confidence. In behaviour and conduct the individual is hardworking and diligent and has to labour and toil with both mind and body. Always the native relies on him- or herself and doesn't ask other people for help. Regularly the person measure's life worth by whether there are accomplishments and success in his or her career.

Tan Lang and Lian Zhen: The native is rather wavering and unsettled. The person appreciates daydreaming and fantasy; an airy notion, a Utopian idea, a vain speculation; to build castles in the air. He or she is fanciful, impractical and unrealistic. However, the individual has literary talent that can come forth. The native is of a pretty good literary or artistic talent. The person has a strong ability to engage in social life. But, the individual somewhat lacks persistent determination and perseverance.

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