Sunday, 20 November 2011

Zi Wei in Happiness

Translated from here.

In behaviour and conduct the individual is diligent and industrious. When meeting with adversity and disaster the native is capable of self-restraint; to be able to control oneself; to show virtue of patience. The person has a wide circle of friends. He or she has numerous friends. When Zi Wei is in this palace the individual is profoundly liked and trusted by the great bulk of the population. The native's share of good fortune and happiness is large.

Zi Wei # Quan: During his or her later years the person is fond of life and living being quiet and tastefully laid out, and noble and virtuous; to be aloof from politics and material pursuits.

Zi Wei # Ke: When old the individual can be together with and be accompanied by his or her offspring and descendants; children and grandchildren.

Zi Wei and Tian Fu: The native receives a lifetime of not having to worry about clothes and food. The person comes across life and living being easy and comfortable, and happy and blessed.

Zi Wei and Tan Lang: The individual's early years are laborious and exhausting, and there isn't good luck and happiness to be enjoyed. During his or her later years the native can have happiness and good fortune and an easy life.

Zi Wei and Tian Xiang: These two stars in the Happiness and Virtue palace mean a lifetime of ease and comfort, and bliss and well-being.

Zi Wei and Qi Sha: The early years are toilsome. The individual has to rush about and be constantly on the move. When old the native can live in ease and comfort.

Zi Wei and Po Jun: The person's lot of happiness and good fortune is rather small. He or she has to labour and toil with both mind and body. When old the individual can have a life of ease and comfort.

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