Sunday, 20 November 2011

Tian Liang in Happiness

Translated from here.

The native is not suited to being someone who controls and steers the direction of events. If attempting to being in the limelight and conducting the way the wind blows, the person won't have it according to his or her wishes. Things won't go smoothly. However, if the individual makes use of the secondary position, certainly her or she... [?], and the native can expect the manifestation of 功成名就 gōng​chéng​míng​jiù = to achieve success and win recognition and fame. The person can spend life being joyful and delighted.

If Tian Liang is in this palace with a high rating, necessarily the person can enjoy a lifetime of pleasure and happiness. The individual's lifespan is moreover increased. Of all the stars in ZWDS Tian Liang is the one which engenders the longest lives.

Tian Liang # Lu: There is longevity. The person's health is good; to be in good condition.

Tian Liang # Quan: The native appreciates compliments what with the younger generation. When old the individual is furthermore fond of additional studies; to take a refresher course; to pursue additional education.

Tian Liang # Ke: The person is fond of showing consideration for and looking after the younger generation. When old the native is moreover accompanied by his or her children and grandchildren; posterity, descendants.

Tian Liang and Tian Ji: The individual's amount of happiness and good fortune in life is large. The person comes across a lifetime of comfort and ease and happiness and merry.

Tian Liang and Tai Yang: The native has a lifetime of living comfortably and being cheery and happy.

Tian Liang and Tian Tong: Throughout his or her life the individual has ease and comfort, quiet and peace, being happy and glad.

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