Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Po Jun in Ming

Translated from here.

The person is fiery and forthright, upright and unyielding. The individual is bold, heroic and courageous. He or she... [?]. The native offends other people, yet does not know it. The person attaches great importance to friendships, and could stand risk or sacrifice for friends, and regardless of whether the friend is good or evil.

In unusual and exceptional times often the individual of Po Jun is able to put forth his or her strong points of being resolute, steadfast, firm, decisive, brave, courageous, upright and upstanding. The native is not one to be neglected or ignored.

When Po Jun is in Ming there's the case of 離鄉背井 líxiāngbèijǐng = to depart one's hometown and relatives; to tear oneself away from one's native place; to live far from home; to leave for a foreign land. Then the person is rather capable of displaying his or her literary or artistic talents and brilliance of mind and shine and win success and recognition.

Po Jun # Lu: This star combination in Ming betokens change and alterations. Re money luck and love, the individual can have it according to his or her wishes.

Po Jun # Quan: There is 驛馬 yìmǎ = post horse, courier horse [in ancient China, imperial courier horses of indelible feats]. In Yin, Shen, Si or Hai, changes and alteration.

Po Jun and Zi Wei: In behaviour and conduct the native is bossy and domineering. He or she tends toward  獨來獨往 dúláidúwǎng = coming and going all alone; to keep to oneself; unsociable, aloof. The person is not fond of being restrained and supervised by others. Re social life and social activities the individual has much finesse and skill. Speaking and talking and working and handling stuff the native is awfully fearless and bold; outrageous and brazen. He or she is daring in love and daring in hate. The person advances bravely and doesn't worry about offending other people.

Po Jun and Wu Qu: The individual is staunch, firm and tough. The native has an adventurous spirit; to tempt one's fate; to risk danger; to take a risk or chance; to run the hazard. He or she is easily impetuous; to have an urge. The person appreciates wielding power. When Po Jun and Wu Qu are in Ming the individual has a lifetime of hard work and toil and being busy running about. Success and failure are not at all stable; to undulate greatly; to move up and down. Taking risk and chances the native is fond of staking everything on one throw; to put all one's eggs in one basket; to risk everything on a single venture; to win the horse or lose the saddle. He or she takes no account of what would be the consequences.

Po Jun and Lian Zhen: The person is of the drive and vigour to take risks and chances and start and initiate stuff. The individual is someone who is innovative and brings forth new ideas and instigates reform; to break new or fresh ground. The native has high ideals and dreams and is diligent and hardworking. The person is able to start from scratch and build up from nothing; from rags to riches; to rise in life by one's own efforts. The individual considers life's worth depends on unceasing self-affirmation.

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