Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Ju Men in Ming

Translated from here.

The individual is an eloquent and fluent speaker; to have a tongue in one's head. However, when young the person's life is rugged and rough. He or she is full of frustrations and dashed hopes; to be down on one's luck. The native has to be diligent and industrious and strive and struggle. Otherwise he or she will be without success and prosperity.

When Ju Men is in the Ming palace the individual is good at rhetoric and polite speech. But, he or she does not in the least rave and talk nonsense. Rather the person presents wise sayings that are of substance and depth and arrangement and order.

The native is intensely subjective. Re thinking and scheming the individual is deep and profound. The person of Ju Men is of a suspicious frame of mind. He or she is moreover callous, unfeeling, grim, bleak and ruthless. Therefore, the native is easily short-sighted; to lack foresight.

These shortcomings can be improved by engaging in many-sided scholarship and wisdom and knowledge. If not, ... [?].

Ju Men # Lu: The person is good at eloquence. Together with Wen Chang or Wen Qu, peach blossom.

Ju Men # Quan: Taking to... [?]. The individual can make money by opening his or her mouth and start talking. The person... [?]. He or she... [?].

Ju Men # Ji: There are verbal disputes and quarrels. Hua Ji moreover signifies appreciating being too inquisitive about other people's business. The native quarrels right and wrong what with human affairs and the ways of the world. It is difficult escaping from disagreements and bickering in the family and household.

Ju Men and Tian Ji: The individual is good at eloquence and appreciates debating, arguing, discussing. The person is of unusual/particular technical ability or skill, and is learned in a lot of subjects and capable of plenty. However, stuff to do with romance and relationships is fairly perplexing and complicated. The native has much endurance and is capable of becoming an expert and establishing him- or herself empty-handed. Always the individual is fond of doing things by him- or herself. However, speaking and talking the person is rather liable to offend other people.

Ju Men and Tai Yang: The native is enthusiastic and cordial, and straightforward and candid. The individual is, at heart, stubborn and persistent. The person is furthermore good at eloquence. Working and handling matters the native is industrious, diligent and of a desire to do better; an urge for improvement. However, these two stars in the Ming palace denote too much hard work. Often the individual pursues an impractical and overly ambitious goal, and there is the instance of 有頭無尾 youtóuwúwěi = to start but not finish; to give up something halfway; to fail to carry things through; to leave something unfinished; to have a beginning but no end.

Ju Men and Tian Tong: The person is mild, gentle, moderate and good at social activities, social life, social contact. The native has a strong ability to deal with external affairs. His or her interpersonal skills are quite satisfactory. The individual is bright, intelligent and acute of sight and hearing. The person is tender and soft and sentimental and emotional. Stuff to do with romance and relationships is intricate and complicated. Re philosophy of life and values, the native emphasises seeking pleasure and holding wealth and money.

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