Sunday, 20 November 2011

Tian Xiang in Happiness

Translated from here.

The native's amount of good fortune and happiness is very big. The person has longevity above average. Consequently, the individual has a lifetime of days being cosy, snug, easy and comfortable. If Tian Xiang has a high rating in the Happiness and Virtue palace, the native's lifespan is increased. The person receives a lifetime of joy and delight.

Tian Xiang and Zi Wei: The individual has a lifetime of ease and comfort, and well-being and bliss.

Tian Xiang and Wu Qu: Middle-aged the native has days being not too bad and there is comfort and ease.

Tian Xiang and Lian Zhen: The person is of luck and good fortune, and there is old age and long life. The individual has days being merry and happy.

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