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Zi Wei in Ming

Translated from here.

Regardless of whether there are sha stars present or inauspicious stuff, Zi Wei is capable of overpowering it. Zi Wei is able to decrease injury, harm, damage and loss.

When Zi Wei is in Ming the person's appearance and features are honest and sincere, simple and plain. In demeanour and mien the individual is elegant and in good taste; noble and graceful. Treating other people the native is polite and modest and partial to propriety and etiquette. Working and handling matters the person with Zi Wei in this palace is prudent and careful, and calm and unhurried. The individual is greatly inquisitive and curious, and possesses outstanding supervising abilities; to administer, manage.

The native of this star is fond of holding authority and power. He or she loves bossing people around; to issue orders; to call the shots; to lay down the law.

The person does have a fairly soft ear. He or she is also quite ruthless, cold-blooded and inexorable.

The individual with Zi Wei in Ming is moreover fond of making friends with influential officials and bigwigs. The native tends toward self-glory and pride; to be too big for one's shoes; stuck-up, cock-sure; arrogant, conceited. The person appreciates 奉承 fèngcheng = flattery; to ingratiate oneself; to fawn on to get the desired outcome; to win favour by fawning on somebody.

Zi Wei in this palace betokens an all-round and versatile person, and not a specialist. But, should the individual take to literary works and writings, he or she can have academic or artistic attainments.

Therefore, when Zi Wei is in Ming the native can go for whichever profession and business. The person does pretty good seeking employment or starting a major task; to begin an undertaking, to venture; entrepreneurship. However, going for an industry or business to do with writings or literary works, the individual will do even better.

Zi Wei # Quan: The native is of powerful capabilities. There is the case of 大權在握 dàquánzàiwò = to hold power in one's hands; to have the staff in one's own hand; to hold immeasurable power; to have the power in one's grip. With the presence of Zuo Fu and/or You Bi these circumstances are even better.

Zi Wei # Ke: There is guiren. This Ke is able to dissolve and do away with adversity and difficulties. Zi Wei is also capable of removing what's distressing and precarious. Zi Wei in Shen [身] is also like this.

Zi Wei and Tian Fu: Material life is fine, the person being well-off and affluent. However, stuff to do with the mind and spirit is fairly hollow and meaningless. The person is good at financial management. In behaviour and conduct the individual is upright and decent. Working and handling matters the native tends toward 一板一眼 yībǎnyīyǎn = to follow a prescribed pattern in speech or action; scrupulous and methodical; to be very careful of rules. The person is trustworthy; to keep one's word. When these two stars are in Ming it is important for the individual that both him- or herself and the family/household come across enjoyments and pleasure.

Zi Wei and Tan Lang: In behaviour and conduct the native tend toward the romantic . He or she is fond of 酒色財氣 jiǔsècáiqì = the four cardinal vices: alcoholism, sex, greed and avarice. The person is lively, brisk, cheery and spry. And ardent, enthusiastic and zealous. The individual has specialised skill/expertise and... [?]. When Zi Wei and Tan Lang are in Ming the native is of numerous dreams, but isn't enough realistic and practical and down-to-earth. The person is charming and lovable and thus has good predestined affinity with the opposite sex.

Zi Wei and Tian Xiang: The individual is honest and considerate, and decent and upright. He or she possesses specialised skill or technique. The native is fond of issuing orders and commands. Frequently the person presents ideas and opinions to his or her boss or senior officials. Still, the individual abides by the rules and is warm-hearted and ardent. He or she appreciates being of assistance and help to other people.

Zi Wei and Qi Sha: On the outside the native is calm and placid and serene. On the inside he or she is firm and staunch and unyielding. When Zi Wei and Qi Sha are in Ming love and hate are clearly demarcated. The person is awfully valiant, fierce, intrepid, overpowering. The individual is not fond of opposing opinions. But, he or she is amenable to reason and logic. The person is naturally gifted in art, and his or her endurance is strong.

Zi Wei and Po Jun: In behaviour and conduct the individual is domineering and bossy. He or she is partial to 獨來獨往 dúláidúwǎng = coming and going all alone; unsociable, aloof; to keep to oneself. The native does not appreciate being restrained and supervised by others. Regarding social life and social activities the person is of much finesse and skill. Speaking and talking and working and handling matters the individual is awfully bold and fearless; brazen and outrageous. He or she is daring in love and daring in hate. The native advances bravely and does not worry about offending other people.

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