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長生十二星 The Chang Sheng series of stars

Translated from here.

長生 Chang Sheng

- represents 生發 shēngfā = to emerge and grow, to develop

      The individual of this star has an imposing or impressive appearance; to be impressive looking. He or she is gentle, meek, good-natured, and kind-hearted. Chang Sheng puts forth lots of good fortune and longevity. The person is of a vigorous and robust vitality. The native of this star is staunch and resolute. The individual does not fear what's difficult, hard, and challenging. Handling matters and working, the person is patient and has perseverance and willpower. The native is also easily obstinate and self-opinionated; to be self-willed and headstrong.

沐浴 Mu Yu

- 桃花 táohuā = peach blossom

      With Mu Yu there is toil and labour. The native of this star is partial to wanting sex; to be given to lust; to be horny, lecherous, and lascivious. He or she likes the new and hates the old; to be enamoured with new people and bored with the old; to be fickle in affection. The person's nature and temperament are extremely unstable. The individual is romantic and dissolute. The native tends toward what's beautiful and amorous.

冠帶 Guan Dai

- 喜慶 xǐngqìng = a joyous event, festivities; to celebrate, congratulate

      The person of Guan Dai is optimistic and hopeful and sanguine. He or she is eager to make progress; to keep forging ahead; to be enterprising, to be up-and-coming. The native possesses a will to fight; to have a fighting spirit. The individual is energetic, vigorous, proactive, and tries to improve him or herself; to advance, develop, grow, expand. With this star the person wants to succeed, wishing for success.

臨官 Lin Guan

- 喜慶 xǐngqìng = festivities, a joyous event; to congratulate, celebrate

      The individual is independent and autonomous; to maintain control over one's own affairs; to be one's own master. The native has patience and endurance. He or she is proactive, energetic, and works hard; to exert oneself, to rouse to vigorous action. Lin Guan makes for a meteoric rise; to rapidly go up in the world. There is fame and prestige, a good reputation, renown, stature, celebrity, popularity. The individual is revered by other people. Lin Guan gives the means to a lifetime of glory, splendour, wealth and rank; a high position and great wealth.

帝旺 Di Wang

- 旺壯 wàngshèng = vigorous, robust, exuberant

      The native meets with success in his or her career and profession. The person tends toward both fame and fortune. The individual of Di Wang is a pinnacle of virtue and ability; to stand out among one's fellows; to become outstanding, to come to the front, to make one's mark. Regarding technical skills or scholastic achievements the native attains the height of perfection; to reach the peak of perfection. The person of this star is vigorous and energetic; to be in high spirits and fresh with energy. He or she is resourceful and intelligent, and flourishes. The individual is revered and held in high esteem by others.


- 頹敗 tuíbài = to decay, decline, to become corrupt

      With this star the body and mind begin to deteriorate and decay. The person of Shuai is mild, moderate, gentle, compromising, and conceding. The individual is inactive, passive, dispirited, hidebound, and standpat. There is the occurrence of being satisfied with the existing state of affairs; to take things as they are; to leave a situation as it is; to be happy with the status quo. The native lacks the will to fight; to be short of a fighting spirit.


- 疾病 jíbìng = disease, illness, condition, complaint, ailment, sickness

      Bing represents deteriorating with age; to be old and weak, decrepit, senile, senescent. And has to do with being frail, weak, in poor health. This star signifies excessive toil and hard work. Disease and illness break out everywhere. The person of Bing is of an indeterminate nature, sometimes overcast and gloomy, now and then feeling sunny and clear. Working and handling matters the individual has a strong start but a weak finish; a tiger's head and a snake's tail; to start off with a bang but end up with a whimper. The native has dreams and ideals but they are hardly every carried out by practical efforts. With Bing it is not easy meeting the needs of the current situation.


- 喪亡 sàngwáng = to die, meet one's death

      The native is timid, fearful, and cowardly. He or she lacks vigour and daring, being short of boldness of vision and breadth of spirit. Handling stuff and working the individual is indecisive and hesitant. The person doesn't have a strong willpower. The native is comparatively gloomy and grey; to be quiet and designing. He or she mopes; to have pent-up emotions or thoughts. In behaviour and conduct the individual of this star is inactive, sluggish, careless, indolent, lazy, and negligent. The person is fond of solitude; to stay alone, to live alone.


- 欽藏 qīncáng = the emperor's depository

      The individual of Mu is eccentric, odd, bizarre. In manners and mien the person is exceptional, unusual. For the most part the native is inherently stingy and frugal; to economise, to scrimp and save. He or she is greedy in getting money. Treating other people and handling affairs and dealing with stuff the individual is fond of sticking to conventions; to be hidebound by convention; to stick to established practice. The person does not easily go beyond rules and regulations.


- 絕滅 huémiè = to exterminate, annihilate; extinction

      This star engenders ups and downs, changes, alterations. The person of Jue is self-willed, headstrong, wayward, frivolous and giddy. He or she likes the new and hates the old; to be fickle in affection; enamoured with new people and bored with the old. The individual is impetuous and impulsive; to explode, to lose one's head. The person has ideas, views and opinions that make him or her a solitary. The native does not very much so get on well with others. The individual lacks good relations with people.


- 喜 xǐ = to be happy, to feel pleased; happiness, delight

      This star stands for what's bright and promising. There are wishes and hopes. And change and transformation, shifts. The person of this star takes to making progress along new directions; to make headway along a new path to follow. The individual is rather lively, vigorous, animated, cheery, spry. He or she is active, restless, and energetic, and does not enjoy what's still, calm, and not moving. Although the native is of an intention to be of help, he or she frequently tends toward prattle and idle chit-chat.


- 福 fú = good fortune, happiness, luck

      With Yang there are development, growth, expansion. This star has to do with moving out of one's parents' house and initiating a career; to separate and live apart. The individual has self-determination and acts independently; to maintain control over one's own affairs; to do one's own thing, to stand on one's own two feet. The person of Yang is quite mild, moderate, placid, steady, and earnest. He or she is unlikely to take to indiscriminate and haphazard action. The native has extremely good relations with others.

博士十二神煞 The Bo Shi star series

Translated from here.

博士 Bo Shi

- Water

- signifies 聰敏 cōngmǐng = intelligent, quick, bright, brilliant, clever

This star enables longevity. The individual of Bo Shi is acute of sight and hearing, bright, smart, and intelligent. He or she is of ability and talent. With this star there are power and authority. Bo Shi signifies influential officials, bigwigs.

力士 Li Shi

- Fire

-  權 quán = authority, power, right

The native is good at help and assistance. The person is is partial to managing things, handling stuff; to make arrangements, to plan and prepare.

青龍 Qing Long

- Water

- 喜慶 xǐqìng = to celebrate, congratulate; a joyous event, festivities

With this star situations and circumstances are excellent, superb, wonderful. Qing Long betokens a happy and joyous occasion. There is a joyful atmosphere; to be full of joy and cheery. The person... [?]. The native is perceptive, sharp-witted, alert, mercurial, and changeable.

小耗 Xiao Hao

- Fire

- 地耗 dìhào = [?]

Xiao Hao has to do with loss of money and damage to wealth. It represents depletion, wear and tear, consumption; to use up. And bankruptcy; to suffer financial loss. The individual is unable to accumulate money.

將軍 Jiang Jun

- Wood

- 武 wǔ = military; of the martial arts; brave and daring

In the matters of this star circumstances are both urgent and pressing and good and well. The person of Jiang Jun is brave and fierce; powerful and valiant. With this star there are might, power, and an awe-inspiring display of military force. The individual is firm, staunch, tough, short-tempered, irascible, fiery, explosive, and hot-headed.

奏書 Zou Shu

- Metal

- 福 fú = luck, happiness, good fortune

Zou Shu has to do with being well-informed. This star represents good fortune, happiness, and luck. There are delight and gladness what with documents, official dispatch, archives, records, diplomas, written stuff.

飛廉 Fei Lian

- Fire

- 孤克 gūkè = separation and loneliness

Fei Lian gives the means to destruction and damage; to knock the bottom out of, to spoil. And disputes and spats; to quarrel right and wrong. This star betokens loneliness; to be lonely. And 克害 --> 残害 cánhài = to cruelly injure, slaughter, devastate.

喜神 Xi Shen

- Fire

- 延壽 yánshòu = to prolong one's life, to extend life

With Xi Shen circumstances and situations are auspicious and harmonious. This star represents 延嗣 yánsì = continuing posterity; 延續 yánxù = to continue, go on, extend, last; 吉慶 jíqìng = a happy event, an auspicious occasion.

病符 Bing Fu

- Water

- 災病 zāibìng = misfortune and calamity what with an illness, ailment, disease

Bing Fu effectuates disaster and misfortune to do with disease, sickness, ailments. And quarrels and disputes. Meeting with stuff, the person is not vigorous and energetic. Bing Fu allows for sickness, disease, suffering.

大耗 Da Hao

- Fire

- 損耗 sǔnhào = wear and tear; loss, wastage

With this star there is disaster what with squandering money and wealth. Da Hao signifies... [?]. And loss of money and damage to wealth and valuables; to spend, waste, and squander money.

伏兵 Fu Bing

- Fire

- 暗 àn = hidden, secret; dark, dull, dim; unclear, hazy, concealed

Fu Bing is associated with trouble, danger, worry or misfortune that are hidden, concealed, masked, covert. There are spats, disputes and quarrels, possibly quarrels that are concealed and hidden, not in the open.

官府 Guan Fu

- Fire

- 刑 xíng = punishment, sentence, penalty; torture, corporal punishment

Guan Fu brings about litigation. And lawsuits. There are disputes and quarrelling; legal proceedings; and prison and jail.

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A bunch of stars (1)

Translated from here.

龍池 Long Chi

- Yang Water

- betokens 科甲 kējiǎ = imperial examinations

      The person of Long Chi is intelligent, bright, and smart. He or she has accomplishments; to do something worthwhile. The individual is elegant, refined, and polished. This star puts forth reputation, standing, fame, prestige. Long Chi assists Tian Xiang and Tian Fu doing good. With Long Chi there is an increase in the opportunity to enjoy food and drink; luck and good timing when tasty food is involved; fortuitous knack for getting to eat excellent food.

The person of Long Chi is beautiful, and arty; to be of the arts. The individual is proud of his or her reputation, and sensitive about losing prestige; to worry about losing face. The native is delicate and pretty.

鳳閣 Feng Ge

- Yang Earth

- represents 科甲 kējiǎ = imperial examinations

      The individual is nimble, agile, and shrewd. The native is fond of dress and personal adornment; dress and finery. He or she is exquisite and aesthetic. Literary works, articles, essays, writing, will also be beautiful and very satisfactory. The person tends toward 風流 fēngliú = amorous, romantic, licentious, dissolute; refined, tasteful, elegant; unrestrained in spirit and behaviour. Feng Ge enables prestige, standing, fame, reputation. The individual is polished and refined.

Should Long Chi and Feng Ge be sandwiching Ming, and Tian Fu and Tian Xiang be related to the Career palace, necessarily the native will be greatly talented in literature and art.

Feng Ge gives the means to beauty; to be pretty, lovely, fair, glamorous. The person of this star is arty; to have a character that shows sign of the arts. The individual is sensitive about losing prestige and worries about losing face; to be proud of one's reputation. He or she is pretty and delicate.

天才 Tian Cai

- Yin Water

      Tian Cai is one of the stars engendering wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence.

Tian Cai assists Tian Ji doing good. The native is talented, bright, smart, acute of sight and hearing, and quick-witted. The person is of an awareness of upholding justice. He or she is benevolent, kind, and merciful. But, the individual has rather weak nerves.

If Tian Cai is in Ming, certainly the native has some kind of natural gift or talent. With the presence of sha stars the person has no opportunity of displaying his or her talents; to be a hero with no chance of using one's might. Meeting Fu Bing the individual is unclear what with logic and speech. And planning matters, or looking for a job, there are difficulties succeeding.

In thought and thinking the individual is swift, fast-moving, brisk.

天壽 Tian Shou

- Yang Earth

      This star assists Tian Tong doing good. In behaviour and conduct the person is hard-working and industrious; mild and gentle; and honest and tolerant. Tian Shou effectuates longevity. In the event of the native becoming critically ill, Tian Shou comes to the rescue and prolongs the individual's life. With this star everything is lucky and auspicious. If in Ming, Tian Shou is able to transform sha and dissolve and remove disaster and distress.

Tian Shou is capable of assisting both Tian Liang and Tian Tong. Should Tian Shou be alone in the Ming palace, it is rather powerless.

The person of this star is good-natured, friendly, and harmonious.

解神 Jie Shen

      Meeting with disaster or calamity, Jie Shen comes to the rescue and supports the person, doing away with what's ominous and inauspicious. Jie Shen is the most fond of being together with Long Chi and Feng Ge and sandwiching Tian Fu or Tian Xiang. This star is capable of getting rid of the ominous stuff of Yin Sha. There is beneficial development and expansion.

Jie Shen is associated with 解開 jiěkāi = to untie, unfasten, unwind, unbutton, undo, unravel; 解除 jiěchú = to remove, relieve, free, get rid of, lift, raise; 和解 héjiě = to become reconciled, to make peace, to settle out of court; a compromise, a reconciliation; 化解 huàjiě = to ease off, defuse, neutralise, dispel.

Tian Liang + Jie Shen makes for a doctor, physician, surgeon.

天傷 Tian Shang [always in the Friends palace]

- Yang Fire

This star stands for 破耗 pòhaò = wear and tear; to waste, spend, consume, squander; 破財 pòcái = to lose money, to suffer financial loss; 竊取 qièqǔ = to steal, grab, poach, usurp; 虛耗 xūhào = to use up for nothing, to squander in vain.

天使 Tian Shi [always in Health]

- Yin Fire

Signifies 破耗 pòhaò = to squander, spend, waste, consume; wear and tear; 破財 pòcái = to suffer financial loss, to lose money; 竊取 jièqǔ = to poach, grab, usurp, steal; 虛耗 xūhào = to use up in vain, to squander for nothing.

A bunch of stars (2)

Translated from here.

天官 Tian Guan

- Yang Earth

Tian Guan is a supportive star similar in function to Tian Kui and Tian Yue.

In particular Tian Guan assists Tian Liang.

The native of this star has intelligence and knowledge. He or she is of much ability and wisdom. The individual is fond of leisure; to have all the time one needs. The person is lazy, inactive, and negligent. The native of this star is extremely bright, but lacks drive and resolution.

天福 Tian Fu

- Yang Earth

Tian Fu is a helping star similar in function to Tian Kui and Tian Yue.

In particular Tian Fu assists Tian Tong.

The person is optimistic, hopeful, and sunny. He or she is impatient, quick-tempered, honest, fair, and upright. The individual of this star lacks flexibility. And the native meddles in other people's business. Tian Fu brings about 財祿 cáilù = to get rich, to take an official post. The person appreciates supporting what's honourable, glorious, flourishing, thriving.

截空 Jie Kong [截路 Jie Lu and 空亡 Kong Wang]

This star represents 阻障 zǔzhàng = to hinder, block, obstruct, hold back, lie in the way. Striving for stuff and seeking after things, one is not able to obtain them. Jie Kong... [?].

Jie Kong is a Kong Wang star.

旬空 Xun Kong

With Xun Kong, in the end, when all is said and done, things fall through; to come to naught.

Xun Kong is a second class Kong Wang star.

天巫 Tian Wu

The individual of this star is eager to make progress; to forge ahead vigorously, to dedicate oneself to progress. He or she tries hard and puts in a great effort. If Tian Wu is in Wealth together with a Lu star, the native is intent on nothing but profit; to plan solely for benefit, being self-seeking.

Tian Wu enables being promoted. This star also has to do with religion, faith.

天月 Tian Yue

This star facilitates a small illness or disease, for example catching a cold.

There are concerns, worries, aches, and pain.

台輔 Tai Fu

This star is beneficial (good for position, office, title, rank). In particular Tai Fu assists Zuo Fu. The person of this star is upright, sincere, firm, and staunch. The native emphasises feelings, emotions, affections. In behaviour and action the individual is steady and calm. The person is determined and has willpower. And literary works are beautiful.

封誥 Feng Gao

This star is auspicious (good for office, position, rank, title). In particular Feng Gao assists You Bi. The native puts heavy emphasis on emotions, affections, feelings. The person of this star is mild, gentle, moderate, and considerate of other people's needs. The individual is elegant, refined, cultured, graceful, reserved, and reticent. With Feng Gao the native is clever and keen of judgement. He or she is able and competent. In bearing and mien the person is steady and unflustered. The individual is intelligent and bright. He or she moreover appreciates art.

三台 San Tai

- Yang Earth

This is a favourable star (good for rank, title, office, position). San Tai assists Tai Yang and Tai Yin being radiant. The native is honest, frank, altruistic, and unselfish. He or she is of a majestic presence.

八座 Ba Zuo

- Yin Earth

This star is advantageous (good for title, rank, position, office). Ba Zuo assists Tai Yang and Tai Yin being radiant and bright. The individual of this star is straightforward and outspoken. The person is irascible and impetuous. The native says what he or she thinks without much deliberation. However, the individual is kind-hearted and tends toward justice and righteousness.

恩光 En Guang

- Yang Metal

En Guang... [?]. In particular this star assists Tian Kui. The native is bright, smart, intelligent, and has much wisdom and knowledge. He or she is optimistic, cheerful, open-minded, and hopeful. Handling affairs and dealing with stuff, the person is cautious and prudent; to be careful, to take care. The individual emphasises affections, likes and dislikes, emotions, feelings. The native is fond of his or her self-respect and outer surface reputation; to worry about losing face. The person is open-hearted, frank, upright. The individual is of numerous talents, and... [?].

天貴 Tian Gui

- Yang Earth

Tian Gui... [?]. In particular Tian Gui assists Tian Yue. The person of this star is solid, sturdy, sincere, and sound. The individual is trustworthy. Words and actions coincide; to live up to one's word. However, the native is also a little bit unsociable and eccentric, and extreme. The person is moreover frequently selected for a promotion by his or her boss or elders.

天廚 Tian Chu

This star gives the means to 福祿 fúlù = [?].

蜚廉 Fei Lian

- Fire

Fei Lian is akin to Gu Chen and Gua Su, and effectuates harm and calamity.

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紅鸞 Hong Luan

Translated from here.

- Yin Water

- represents wedding and marriage and jubilation and festivities

      Hong Luan betokens congregating for the joyous events of marriage and wedding. It has to do with 流蕩 liúdàng = to roam about, to rove; to float, to flow; 虛榮 xūróng = vanity, pomp, empty glory; to be vainglorious. The individual of this star is frank and straightforward. The native meets with numerous changes and alterations. The person is easy to approach and getting close to. When Hong Luan is in Ming the individual is seriously vain.

When young Hong Luan stands for joy and delight re marriage and wedding. When in the middle of one's life, Hong Luan signifies having a child, peach blossom, celebration, and reunion. When old Hong Luan betokens the death of one's wife, and tripping and falling, to stumble and fall, to pitch one's head; to make a mistake, to suffer a setback. Meeting peach blossom stars, sexual desire and lust. Encountering Da Hao, inevitably there will be financial losses, or bankruptcy. Seeing Qing Yang, blood due to a blade or knife.

Hong Luan has to do with seeking passion and chasing after love and affection (the beginning part of romance).

The native of this star has a pretty good appearance. The person has very good relations with others.

The individual of Hong Luan is straightforward and outspoken. He or she tends toward exchange, closeness, communication; to eliminate estrangement. The native has also extraordinary predestined affinity with the opposite sex. The odds are high that the person will marry too early. Hong Luan meeting with other peach blossom stars is inadvisable, because it could lead to complications in the matter of feelings, likes and dislikes, affections, emotions.

天喜 Tian Xi

Translated from here.

- Yang Water

- signifies marriage and wedding and festivities and jubilation

      Tian Xi stands for assembling for the joyous events of wedding and marriage. This star represents 熱鬧 rènao = to have a jolly good time, to bustle with noise and excitement, to liven up; a spectacle, a scene of bustle and excitement, a thrilling sight; cheerful, animated; prosperous, flourishing; 衝動 chōngdòng = to be emotionally impulsive; to explode, to lose one's head; an impulse, a compulsion. Together with other people the native is both festive and lonely. He or she accepts circumstances with good will; to be at home wherever one is; to be ready to adapt; to reconcile oneself to one's situation; to make the best of things; to take the world as it is. The individual of this star is fond of making friends and doing stuff together with them. The person has good predestined affinity with the opposite sex.

When young the native is loved by the older generation; to be a favourite of one's elders. When in the middle of one's life Tian Xi betokens making friends. When old there is much loneliness, and contact with the younger generation.

When Tian Xi is in Ming, an early engagement does not necessarily mean an early marriage. Encountering sha stars denotes 開刀 kāidāo = to perform or have an operation.

Tian Xi signifies actual marriage (the outcome of chasing after love).

All one's life this star signifies 逢凶化吉 féngxiōnghuàjí = to turn an inauspicious start to good account; to land on one's feet; to turn ill luck into good. The individual of Tian Xi keeps an optimistic spirit constantly; to grin all the time; to be constantly laughing. He or she appreciates having a jolly good time; to bustle with noise and excitement; festivities. The person is fond of showing off and displaying him- or herself. The native is greatly capable of activities and actions; to move about. The individual enjoys telling and listening to dirty jokes.

孤辰 Gu Chen

Translated from here.

- Yang Fire

- represents 孤 gū = alone, isolated, solitary; (of a child) fatherless or orphaned

- Gu Chen ought not entering the Wife palace and palaces to do with one's kin

      The person of this star is somewhat stubborn, persistent, antisocial, eccentric, and reclusive. Concerning... [?]. Gu Chen is not suitable in the Parents palace, because it's liable to effectuating weak predestined affinity with one's close relatives; late marriage; or seldom congregating and being away from each other a lot. Etcetera.

Gu Chen and Gua Su have to do with 強勢 qiángshì = a strong momentum; a strong power or force; possessing more advantages than the rival. In the middle of a crowd the native is the one who has more talents than others. There is a relation to 獨佔鰲頭 dúzhànáotóu = to emerge first in the civil service examination in former times; to come out first, to be the champion; to emerge as the winner.

The individual of this star has an unusually strong self-awareness. He or she is also very subjective. The person is rather proud and aloof. Even if the native doesn't intend to behave in that manner, when in silence among others, he or she comes across as very proud, aloof, withdrawn. Therefore, the individual will often feel lonely. He or she... [?]. The person of this star does not enjoy being restricted and constrained. Regarding work and career, there is one area where the native can do excellent; to be the most talented.

寡宿 Gua Su

Translated from here.

- Yin Fire

- betokens 寡 guǎ = widowed; few, scant; tasteless, bland

- this star should not enter the Husband palace or Ming

      The native of Gua Su is somewhat lonely and unreasonable; not amenable to reason. The person is easily self-opinionated and smug; to be full of oneself, to have a firm belief in one's own opinions, to regard oneself as infallible. There are weak family relationships. Gua Su is not appropriate in Ming, Happiness and Virtue, or Spouse. The individual of this star views him or herself highly, and on the outside the native appears haughty and arrogant. But on the inside the person is altogether fragile, brittle, and vulnerable.

Gu Chen and Gua Su are related to 強勢 qiángshì = a strong power or force; to possess more advantages than the rival; a strong momentum. In the middle of a crowd or group the individual is the one with more talents than the others. Gu Chen and Gua Su have to do with 獨佔鰲頭 dúzhànáotóu = to be the champion, to come out first; to emerge as the winner; to come first in the civil service examination in former times.

The native of Gua Su is of an exceptionally strong self-awareness. The person is moreover very subjective. The individual is quite proud and aloof, offish. Even if he or she does not mean to behave in such a manner, when not speaking among other people, the native comes across as very aloof and proud. As a result, the person frequently feels lonely. The individual... [?]. The native does not appreciate being constrained and restricted. Concerning work, career, job, there is one area within which the person can do excellent; to have the most talent.

破碎 Po Sui

Translated from here.

- Yin Fire

- betokens wear and tear, stuff not being whole and complete

      With Po Sui... [?], and there is easily the instance of 坐立不安 zuòlìbù'ān = restless, fidgety; to feel uneasy whether sitting or standing; to be on tenterhooks; to lie on a bed of thorns; to have ants in one's pants; to be restless with anxiety. Working and handling matters, accomplishments turn into disputes and crises, and stuff become broken, damaged, worn out. Po Sui effectuates little success and much defeat and loss.

In Ming or in the cycle chart(s), the individual will when handling matters and working often fail within sight of success; to fall at the last hurdle; to suffer defeat when victory is within one's grasp. Frequently the native errs at the very last minute. The person of Po Sui is unable to have it after his or her own heart; incapable of getting it according to one's wishes.

Sometimes Po Sui represents destruction and ruin; to perish, to destroy. When angry or mad the individual throws things, smashing them. There is damage to materials, articles, goods.

Po Sui is additionally related to 寧為玉碎、不為瓦全 nìngwéiyùsuì bùwéiwǎquán = rather be a broken piece of jade than a whole tile; better to die in glory than live in dishonour.

陰煞 Yin Sha

Translated from here.

- signifies 小人 xǎorén = individual of low social status, nasty person, vile character

      Yin Sha indicates 暗計 ànjì = ... [?]; and 小人 xǎorén = a base person, a vile character.

This star engenders what's demonic and nefarious. It has to do with 暗藏 àncáng = to conceal, hide; 晦暗不明 huì'àn bùmíng = dark and gloomy and not known, bright, and clear; 潛伏 qiánfú = to lie low, to lurk; 骯髒 āngzāng = dirty, filthy; vile, mean, foul.

Yin Sha ought not being in Ming, Shen, or Property.

In Health, there is easily ... [?], for example cancer, mental problems, or... [?]. Etcetera.

The palace position of Yin Sha points to an area of life where one is liable to have an accident or meet with a mishap.

With Yin Sha there is emphasis on the thinking faculty, the use of the mind.

The person of this star is liable to being in low spirits; to mope, to be unhappy, to feel dejected and low; to worry, to fret; to become sad, to sulk. There is not often happiness and joy. The individual of Yin Sha does very rarely admit defeat. He or she is moreover sensitive and susceptible; to have a thin skin. The native is skeptical, suspicious, and mistrustful. The person tends toward jealousy and envy.

The individual can quite easily detect what are the thoughts and inclinations of other people, and... [?].

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祿存 Lu Cun

Translated from here.

- Yin Earth (Ji 己)

- puts forth 爵禄 juélù = rank of nobility and its salary; ranks and stipends; titles and stipends; dignities and emoluments

- Lu Cun signifies rank, wealth, and long life

- this star has the ability to dissolve and remove adversity and distress

Looks, appearance: The person of Lu Cun is generously proportioned. He or she is well-rounded, plump.

Disposition: The native is abundantly compassionate, kind, gentle, and merciful. He or she is gifted in many ways; to be multi-faceted and versatile.

Individuality: The person is learned and erudite. Lu Cun signifies riches and honour; wealth and rank. The native is brittle, vulnerable, and delicate. This star has to do with money, wealth, fortune. And there are many twists and turns.

      Lu Cun is a star having to do with 孤. Lu Cun gives the means to 貴 guì = expensive, costly, dear; highly valued, valuable; noble, of high rank. This star represents money, riches, wealth, property, valuables. And official pay; to draw government pay; the salary of an official. Lu Cun is capable of removing and doing away with difficulties and adversity. Lu Cun is also a guiren star.

Lu Cun has the ability to dissolve and remove calamity, disaster, and suffering. It enables 錦上添花 jǐn​shàng​tiān​huā = to make perfection still more perfect; to add flowers to the brocade; to gild refined gold; to give something additional splendour; to give an added grace to what is already beautiful.

Lu Cun is a money star and is appropriate in Ming or the Wealth palace. The individual will not run short of the basic means of subsistence; not having to worry about food and clothing.

With this star the person is comparatively liable to meet with bullying; to domineer humiliatingly; to treat somebody high-handedly; to take advantage of (somebody's weakness, etc.). The native is easily lonely and without someone to turn to. The individual is relatively isolated, solitary, reclusive.

Lu Cun is also a star enabling obtaining and getting hold of things, objects, stuff. Therefore... [?].

This star is able to remove and eliminate ominous and inauspicious stuff brought into existence by Po Jun, Lian Zhen, and Ju Men.

Lu Cun is the most afraid of Di Kong and Di Jie. Encountering those stars is called 祿逢冲破. Meeting with Hua Ji is also unlucky, things becoming broken, damaged, worn out.

Should Lu Cun be alone in the palace, prosperity will enter slowly, and in the evening. Qing Yang and Tuo Luo are always sandwiching Lu Cun. Hence the plenty and good fortune put forth by this star will arrive late, not rapidly.

With Lu Cun there is help and assistance that is steady, calm, stable, secure. Lu Cun provides with support in the capacity of being a money star.

Seeing Wu Qu # Hua Lu signifies the person becoming a miser, a Scrooge, a skinflint. If it's merely the case of Lu Cun being in the Ming palace, the native doesn't know money luck.

天馬 Tian Ma

Translated from here.

- Yang Fire

- gives the means to 驛馬 yìmǎ = post horse

- Tian Ma is a star having to do with good fortune; and emolument, an official's salary in feudal China

- betokens movement and change

Disposition: The native of Tian Ma is active, restless, and energetic; to be up-and-about. He or she is fond of change and getting moving, and is not capable of enduring what's calm, still, and motionless.

      In Ming or Shen Tian Ma can effectuate military display. Tian Ma is a money star, facilitating wealth, riches, valuables. It does also signify 驛馬. The individual of this star is partial to motion and mobility; to use, act, move, change. Tian Ma has furthermore to do with emolument and good fortune.

The person of Tian Ma appreciates motion, activity, and shifts. He or she is unable to dwell, stay, and stop. The native does not take to what is at a standstill, fixed, settled, calm. The individual is comparatively lively, brisk, active, and vivacious. The person is fond of running about doing something; to run errands; to run a race.

Regarding health, Tian Ma represents a [venereal] disease that spreads. In the case of the horoscope of a man, he's liable to overlook it and miss it. In the instance of the chart of a woman, there are easily adversities what with her menstruation.

The native of this star tends toward the outside and external. He or she is good at communication and social functions; to socialise, communicate with, circulate.

Should Tian Ma be meeting with Qing Yang or Tuo Luo, the individual will constantly be on the move and busy and bustling. If Tian Ma meets with Huo Xing or Ling Xing, the person ought to seek development and prosperity in foreign lands or parts of the country other than where he or she is born, or go for a military position.

Tian Ma is the most happy when meeting with Lu Cun or Hua Lu.

Tian Ma represents 動能 dòngnéng = kinetic energy; 上進 shàngjìn = to go forward, to make progress; 精進 jīngjìn = to be eager to make progress, to continue deeper ahead; 努力 nǔlì = to make great efforts, to try hard, to exert oneself; endeavour, effort.

If Tian Ma encounters Di Kong, it is called 天馬行空, and means that the native will be destined to a lifetime of drifting; to lead a wanderer's life. The person is without a target, goal, objective.

天刑 Tian Xing

Translated from here.

- Yang Fire

- represents 孤克 gūkè = Separation and loneliness.

- signifies 刑夭 xíngyāo = [?]

- with a high rating... [?]

- meeting Tai Yang, military ennoblement

      Tian Xing is one of the stars engendering injury, harm, and hurt. It stands for disputes and quarrels. Tian Xing betokens disaster, calamity, catastrophes, misfortune, and accident.

In behaviour and action the individual of this star keeps going to the end; to carry out and implement to the end. The person sticks to his or her principles, which means much toil and hard work. It is seemingly not easy approaching the native's true character, and there is predestined affinity with religion.

The individual of this star is related to the way, path, and dao of the monk. In conduct and character the person is upright and outspoken; to be firm and straightforward. The native comes into contact with 法律 fǎlǜ = law, legislation; 命理 mìnglǐ = fortune-telling; 醫術 yīshù = medical skill, the art of healing. The individual is especially fond of stuff to do with Buddhism.

With Tian Xing the person easily encounters lawsuits and legal proceedings.

Should Tian Xing be in the Health palace, the native is liable to have an operation; to perform or have an operation. Or there could be injury and wound to the limbs.

The palace position of Tian Xing indicates and area of life where one meets with injury, wound, ailment, disaster, calamity.

The individual of this star is partial to self-discipline and self-regulation; to hold oneself in check, to be at the wheel. However, in the event of the presence of Hua Ji or xiong stars [凶星], the person gets out of control and starts aiding and abetting the evil-doer; to assist King Zhou in his tyrannical rule.

When Tian Xing is in Ming the native has a very strong rebel nature; to be rebellious, to revolt against.  Vis-à-vis other people the individual is a little bit proud and aloof, and... [?]. In action and conduct the person carries through to the end. The native of this star ought to beware disasters to do with lawsuit and prison, and official/governmental litigation.

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天姚 Tian Yao

Translated from here.

- Yin Water (Gui 癸)

- signifies 風流 fēngliú = amorous, romantic, licentious, dissolute; refined, tasteful, elegant; unrestrained in spirit and behaviour

- with a high rating Tian Yao indicates being elegant, refined, graceful, and spending money; with a low rating, to indulge in debauchery, to be easy in one's morals

    Tian Yao is associated with 風流 = refined and tasteful; to be unrestrained in spirit and behaviour; romantic, licentious. This star effectuates peach blossom. Tian Yao represents 愛慕 àimù = to adore, admire, fancy; adoration, worship, affection, attachment. The individual tends toward what is wanton, lewd, obscene, pornographic. Tian Yao signifies unreasoning passion; infatuation; blind passion and love. The native is moreover prone to eloquence.

The person of this star is precocious. He or she is refined and cultured. The native is dainty and elegant and humorous. The individual is intelligent, bright, clever, and smart. In reactions and replies the person is quick and acute. The native of Tian Yao has good relations with people. He or she is fond of chatting and gossip. With regard to art and singing and dancing, the individual is unusually talented. The person of this star is partial to 玩世不恭 wán​shì​bù​gōng = to be frivolous, to disdain worldly affairs; to take everything lightly; to make a playful use of life; to thumb one's nose at the world. The native is fond of drinking. To the individual of Tian Yao the human world is recreation and games. The person enjoys communication and social functions.

The native of this star has lots of feelings and emotions; to be moved emotionally. He or she is of considerable lust, desire, sexual passion, concupiscence.

Tian Yao beckons marriage.

Tian Yao has to do with all kinds of amorous feelings and flirtatious expressions. The individual tends toward 不拘小節 bù​jū​xiǎo​jié = to not bother about trifles; to be free and at ease. In the instance of the presence of Hua Ji, ... [?].

A woman having Tian Yao in Ming means that her style of conversation and appearance are beautiful; to be appealing; to arouse interest or passion; to attract attention. She is altogether flirty and coquettish. The woman is fond of dressing up and stroking her hair in coquetry; to posture and preen oneself. But... [?].

If a man has Tian Yao in Ming, he is an expert at 獵豔 liè​yàn = to chase women; to express oneself in a pompous flowery style. He is disposed to being a womaniser, skirt-chaser; to be fickle in love. The man appreciates at all places frequenting brothels; to toy with flowers and grass, to dally with women; to sow one's wild oats. He makes a playful use of life; to take everything lightly; to disdain worldly affairs.

天哭 Tian Ku

Translated from here.

- Yang Metal (Geng 庚)

- signifies 刑克 xíngkè = injury, wound; disease, sickness; disaster, calamity; to be separated in life and death, to be parted forever

- stands for 憂傷 yōushāng = distressed, weighed down with sorrow, laden with grief

      Tian Ku puts forth 哭 kū = to cry, weep; 憂傷 yōushāng = grieved, sorrowful, distressed, blue; 傷心 shāngxīn = sad, broken-hearted; to feel deeply hurt, to be sick at heart, to break one's heart; 哭喪 kūsāng = to wail at a funeral, to wail while offering sacrifice to the departed.

The native of Tian Ku is a little bit antisocial, reclusive, eccentric. The person is fond of 庸人自擾 yōng​rén​zì​rǎo = to worry about troubles that do not exist; to fret unnecessarily; to get upset over nothing. Tian Ku represents toil and what's tiring. Should the major star sharing palace with Tian Ku be favourable, there is instead the likely instance of the individual becoming well-known for something; to make one's mark, to make a name for oneself. If there are many sha stars present, the native will rather meet with defeat and ruin. Tian Ku seeing Tian Xu indicates the person grieving, being broken-hearted, and/or having to tend to funeral arrangements, etc.

Tian Ku assists Ju Men effectuating what's ominous and vicious.

This star brings about trouble and disturbances what with love, romance, and relationships. There is wear and tear to affections and love affairs.

If the major star sharing palace with Tian Ku is inauspicious as regards Tian Ku (for example Ju Men or Tai Yin), the individual has a sour expression on his or her face; to pull a long face, to look sullen.

天虛 Tian Xu

Translated from here.

- Yin Earth (Ji 己)

- represents 空亡: Kong Wang

- betokens 憂傷 yōushāng = laden with grief, distressed, weighed down with sorrow

      The individual of Tian Xu is disposed to 好大喜功 hào​dà​xǐ​gōng = ambitious for great achievements; to rejoice in grandiose deeds; to strive to achieve extraordinary things. He or she does not prefer reality and what is practical and realistic. There is the instance of 華而不實 huá​'ér​bù​shí = flashy and without substance; to be superficially clever; to be showy without real worth; a handsome exterior but a hollow inside; flower but no fruit. The person of this star does not receive much help and assistance from close relatives.

Tian Xu signifies 毛病 máobìng = trouble, breakdown, mishap; fault, mistake, defect; bad habit, shortcoming; illness; 錯誤 cuòwù = mistake, error, blunder; erroneous, incorrect, false, wrong; 失敗 shībài = to fail; be defeated, lose, go under, flop; failure, loss, miss, breakdown; to come apart at the seams, to break down, to come to grief, to drop or fall through; 虛弱 xūruò =  in poor health, debilitated, fragile, weak; feeble, frail; weakness, infirmity; 生病 shēngbìng = to fall ill, ail, sicken with, to become ill; a disorder of the body.

This star assists Po Jun facilitating what's inauspicious and ominous. A woman having this [pronounced] in her horoscope is really unfavourable and disadvantageous.

Tian Xu stands for wear and tear to materials and substances, physical things.

When Tian Xu is in Ming the native has an innately weak constitution; to be apt to fall ill; to suffer from many diseases. The individual easily errs and incurs defeat, loss, failure.