Saturday, 26 March 2011

破碎 Po Sui

Translated from here.

- Yin Fire

- betokens wear and tear, stuff not being whole and complete

      With Po Sui... [?], and there is easily the instance of 坐立不安 zuòlìbù'ān = restless, fidgety; to feel uneasy whether sitting or standing; to be on tenterhooks; to lie on a bed of thorns; to have ants in one's pants; to be restless with anxiety. Working and handling matters, accomplishments turn into disputes and crises, and stuff become broken, damaged, worn out. Po Sui effectuates little success and much defeat and loss.

In Ming or in the cycle chart(s), the individual will when handling matters and working often fail within sight of success; to fall at the last hurdle; to suffer defeat when victory is within one's grasp. Frequently the native errs at the very last minute. The person of Po Sui is unable to have it after his or her own heart; incapable of getting it according to one's wishes.

Sometimes Po Sui represents destruction and ruin; to perish, to destroy. When angry or mad the individual throws things, smashing them. There is damage to materials, articles, goods.

Po Sui is additionally related to 寧為玉碎、不為瓦全 nìngwéiyùsuì bùwéiwǎquán = rather be a broken piece of jade than a whole tile; better to die in glory than live in dishonour.

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