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A bunch of stars (1)

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龍池 Long Chi

- Yang Water

- betokens 科甲 kējiǎ = imperial examinations

      The person of Long Chi is intelligent, bright, and smart. He or she has accomplishments; to do something worthwhile. The individual is elegant, refined, and polished. This star puts forth reputation, standing, fame, prestige. Long Chi assists Tian Xiang and Tian Fu doing good. With Long Chi there is an increase in the opportunity to enjoy food and drink; luck and good timing when tasty food is involved; fortuitous knack for getting to eat excellent food.

The person of Long Chi is beautiful, and arty; to be of the arts. The individual is proud of his or her reputation, and sensitive about losing prestige; to worry about losing face. The native is delicate and pretty.

鳳閣 Feng Ge

- Yang Earth

- represents 科甲 kējiǎ = imperial examinations

      The individual is nimble, agile, and shrewd. The native is fond of dress and personal adornment; dress and finery. He or she is exquisite and aesthetic. Literary works, articles, essays, writing, will also be beautiful and very satisfactory. The person tends toward 風流 fēngliú = amorous, romantic, licentious, dissolute; refined, tasteful, elegant; unrestrained in spirit and behaviour. Feng Ge enables prestige, standing, fame, reputation. The individual is polished and refined.

Should Long Chi and Feng Ge be sandwiching Ming, and Tian Fu and Tian Xiang be related to the Career palace, necessarily the native will be greatly talented in literature and art.

Feng Ge gives the means to beauty; to be pretty, lovely, fair, glamorous. The person of this star is arty; to have a character that shows sign of the arts. The individual is sensitive about losing prestige and worries about losing face; to be proud of one's reputation. He or she is pretty and delicate.

天才 Tian Cai

- Yin Water

      Tian Cai is one of the stars engendering wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence.

Tian Cai assists Tian Ji doing good. The native is talented, bright, smart, acute of sight and hearing, and quick-witted. The person is of an awareness of upholding justice. He or she is benevolent, kind, and merciful. But, the individual has rather weak nerves.

If Tian Cai is in Ming, certainly the native has some kind of natural gift or talent. With the presence of sha stars the person has no opportunity of displaying his or her talents; to be a hero with no chance of using one's might. Meeting Fu Bing the individual is unclear what with logic and speech. And planning matters, or looking for a job, there are difficulties succeeding.

In thought and thinking the individual is swift, fast-moving, brisk.

天壽 Tian Shou

- Yang Earth

      This star assists Tian Tong doing good. In behaviour and conduct the person is hard-working and industrious; mild and gentle; and honest and tolerant. Tian Shou effectuates longevity. In the event of the native becoming critically ill, Tian Shou comes to the rescue and prolongs the individual's life. With this star everything is lucky and auspicious. If in Ming, Tian Shou is able to transform sha and dissolve and remove disaster and distress.

Tian Shou is capable of assisting both Tian Liang and Tian Tong. Should Tian Shou be alone in the Ming palace, it is rather powerless.

The person of this star is good-natured, friendly, and harmonious.

解神 Jie Shen

      Meeting with disaster or calamity, Jie Shen comes to the rescue and supports the person, doing away with what's ominous and inauspicious. Jie Shen is the most fond of being together with Long Chi and Feng Ge and sandwiching Tian Fu or Tian Xiang. This star is capable of getting rid of the ominous stuff of Yin Sha. There is beneficial development and expansion.

Jie Shen is associated with 解開 jiěkāi = to untie, unfasten, unwind, unbutton, undo, unravel; 解除 jiěchú = to remove, relieve, free, get rid of, lift, raise; 和解 héjiě = to become reconciled, to make peace, to settle out of court; a compromise, a reconciliation; 化解 huàjiě = to ease off, defuse, neutralise, dispel.

Tian Liang + Jie Shen makes for a doctor, physician, surgeon.

天傷 Tian Shang [always in the Friends palace]

- Yang Fire

This star stands for 破耗 pòhaò = wear and tear; to waste, spend, consume, squander; 破財 pòcái = to lose money, to suffer financial loss; 竊取 qièqǔ = to steal, grab, poach, usurp; 虛耗 xūhào = to use up for nothing, to squander in vain.

天使 Tian Shi [always in Health]

- Yin Fire

Signifies 破耗 pòhaò = to squander, spend, waste, consume; wear and tear; 破財 pòcái = to suffer financial loss, to lose money; 竊取 jièqǔ = to poach, grab, usurp, steal; 虛耗 xūhào = to use up in vain, to squander for nothing.

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