Saturday, 26 March 2011

寡宿 Gua Su

Translated from here.

- Yin Fire

- betokens 寡 guǎ = widowed; few, scant; tasteless, bland

- this star should not enter the Husband palace or Ming

      The native of Gua Su is somewhat lonely and unreasonable; not amenable to reason. The person is easily self-opinionated and smug; to be full of oneself, to have a firm belief in one's own opinions, to regard oneself as infallible. There are weak family relationships. Gua Su is not appropriate in Ming, Happiness and Virtue, or Spouse. The individual of this star views him or herself highly, and on the outside the native appears haughty and arrogant. But on the inside the person is altogether fragile, brittle, and vulnerable.

Gu Chen and Gua Su are related to 強勢 qiángshì = a strong power or force; to possess more advantages than the rival; a strong momentum. In the middle of a crowd or group the individual is the one with more talents than the others. Gu Chen and Gua Su have to do with 獨佔鰲頭 dúzhànáotóu = to be the champion, to come out first; to emerge as the winner; to come first in the civil service examination in former times.

The native of Gua Su is of an exceptionally strong self-awareness. The person is moreover very subjective. The individual is quite proud and aloof, offish. Even if he or she does not mean to behave in such a manner, when not speaking among other people, the native comes across as very aloof and proud. As a result, the person frequently feels lonely. The individual... [?]. The native does not appreciate being constrained and restricted. Concerning work, career, job, there is one area within which the person can do excellent; to have the most talent.

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