Saturday, 12 March 2011

天姚 Tian Yao

Translated from here.

- Yin Water (Gui 癸)

- signifies 風流 fēngliú = amorous, romantic, licentious, dissolute; refined, tasteful, elegant; unrestrained in spirit and behaviour

- with a high rating Tian Yao indicates being elegant, refined, graceful, and spending money; with a low rating, to indulge in debauchery, to be easy in one's morals

    Tian Yao is associated with 風流 = refined and tasteful; to be unrestrained in spirit and behaviour; romantic, licentious. This star effectuates peach blossom. Tian Yao represents 愛慕 àimù = to adore, admire, fancy; adoration, worship, affection, attachment. The individual tends toward what is wanton, lewd, obscene, pornographic. Tian Yao signifies unreasoning passion; infatuation; blind passion and love. The native is moreover prone to eloquence.

The person of this star is precocious. He or she is refined and cultured. The native is dainty and elegant and humorous. The individual is intelligent, bright, clever, and smart. In reactions and replies the person is quick and acute. The native of Tian Yao has good relations with people. He or she is fond of chatting and gossip. With regard to art and singing and dancing, the individual is unusually talented. The person of this star is partial to 玩世不恭 wán​shì​bù​gōng = to be frivolous, to disdain worldly affairs; to take everything lightly; to make a playful use of life; to thumb one's nose at the world. The native is fond of drinking. To the individual of Tian Yao the human world is recreation and games. The person enjoys communication and social functions.

The native of this star has lots of feelings and emotions; to be moved emotionally. He or she is of considerable lust, desire, sexual passion, concupiscence.

Tian Yao beckons marriage.

Tian Yao has to do with all kinds of amorous feelings and flirtatious expressions. The individual tends toward 不拘小節 bù​jū​xiǎo​jié = to not bother about trifles; to be free and at ease. In the instance of the presence of Hua Ji, ... [?].

A woman having Tian Yao in Ming means that her style of conversation and appearance are beautiful; to be appealing; to arouse interest or passion; to attract attention. She is altogether flirty and coquettish. The woman is fond of dressing up and stroking her hair in coquetry; to posture and preen oneself. But... [?].

If a man has Tian Yao in Ming, he is an expert at 獵豔 liè​yàn = to chase women; to express oneself in a pompous flowery style. He is disposed to being a womaniser, skirt-chaser; to be fickle in love. The man appreciates at all places frequenting brothels; to toy with flowers and grass, to dally with women; to sow one's wild oats. He makes a playful use of life; to take everything lightly; to disdain worldly affairs.


baby jane said...

what does it means when one has only tian yao in health palace? thank you very much

Viktor said...

Hi baby jane.

If there aren't major stars in a palace, the major stars in the opposite palace are reflected in to become major stars of the empty palace.

Tian Yao is yin water. Which could imply a health issue related to Water (see TCM), and specifically yin water, Gui 癸.

Tian Yao is additionally a peach blossom star, and perhaps there's a venereal disease, a sexually transmitted disease. Something to do with peach blossom, romance, love, sex, etc.