Saturday, 26 March 2011

陰煞 Yin Sha

Translated from here.

- signifies 小人 xǎorén = individual of low social status, nasty person, vile character

      Yin Sha indicates 暗計 ànjì = ... [?]; and 小人 xǎorén = a base person, a vile character.

This star engenders what's demonic and nefarious. It has to do with 暗藏 àncáng = to conceal, hide; 晦暗不明 huì'àn bùmíng = dark and gloomy and not known, bright, and clear; 潛伏 qiánfú = to lie low, to lurk; 骯髒 āngzāng = dirty, filthy; vile, mean, foul.

Yin Sha ought not being in Ming, Shen, or Property.

In Health, there is easily ... [?], for example cancer, mental problems, or... [?]. Etcetera.

The palace position of Yin Sha points to an area of life where one is liable to have an accident or meet with a mishap.

With Yin Sha there is emphasis on the thinking faculty, the use of the mind.

The person of this star is liable to being in low spirits; to mope, to be unhappy, to feel dejected and low; to worry, to fret; to become sad, to sulk. There is not often happiness and joy. The individual of Yin Sha does very rarely admit defeat. He or she is moreover sensitive and susceptible; to have a thin skin. The native is skeptical, suspicious, and mistrustful. The person tends toward jealousy and envy.

The individual can quite easily detect what are the thoughts and inclinations of other people, and... [?].

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