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天馬 Tian Ma

Translated from here.

- Yang Fire

- gives the means to 驛馬 yìmǎ = post horse

- Tian Ma is a star having to do with good fortune; and emolument, an official's salary in feudal China

- betokens movement and change

Disposition: The native of Tian Ma is active, restless, and energetic; to be up-and-about. He or she is fond of change and getting moving, and is not capable of enduring what's calm, still, and motionless.

      In Ming or Shen Tian Ma can effectuate military display. Tian Ma is a money star, facilitating wealth, riches, valuables. It does also signify 驛馬. The individual of this star is partial to motion and mobility; to use, act, move, change. Tian Ma has furthermore to do with emolument and good fortune.

The person of Tian Ma appreciates motion, activity, and shifts. He or she is unable to dwell, stay, and stop. The native does not take to what is at a standstill, fixed, settled, calm. The individual is comparatively lively, brisk, active, and vivacious. The person is fond of running about doing something; to run errands; to run a race.

Regarding health, Tian Ma represents a [venereal] disease that spreads. In the case of the horoscope of a man, he's liable to overlook it and miss it. In the instance of the chart of a woman, there are easily adversities what with her menstruation.

The native of this star tends toward the outside and external. He or she is good at communication and social functions; to socialise, communicate with, circulate.

Should Tian Ma be meeting with Qing Yang or Tuo Luo, the individual will constantly be on the move and busy and bustling. If Tian Ma meets with Huo Xing or Ling Xing, the person ought to seek development and prosperity in foreign lands or parts of the country other than where he or she is born, or go for a military position.

Tian Ma is the most happy when meeting with Lu Cun or Hua Lu.

Tian Ma represents 動能 dòngnéng = kinetic energy; 上進 shàngjìn = to go forward, to make progress; 精進 jīngjìn = to be eager to make progress, to continue deeper ahead; 努力 nǔlì = to make great efforts, to try hard, to exert oneself; endeavour, effort.

If Tian Ma encounters Di Kong, it is called 天馬行空, and means that the native will be destined to a lifetime of drifting; to lead a wanderer's life. The person is without a target, goal, objective.

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