Saturday, 26 March 2011

孤辰 Gu Chen

Translated from here.

- Yang Fire

- represents 孤 gū = alone, isolated, solitary; (of a child) fatherless or orphaned

- Gu Chen ought not entering the Wife palace and palaces to do with one's kin

      The person of this star is somewhat stubborn, persistent, antisocial, eccentric, and reclusive. Concerning... [?]. Gu Chen is not suitable in the Parents palace, because it's liable to effectuating weak predestined affinity with one's close relatives; late marriage; or seldom congregating and being away from each other a lot. Etcetera.

Gu Chen and Gua Su have to do with 強勢 qiángshì = a strong momentum; a strong power or force; possessing more advantages than the rival. In the middle of a crowd the native is the one who has more talents than others. There is a relation to 獨佔鰲頭 dúzhànáotóu = to emerge first in the civil service examination in former times; to come out first, to be the champion; to emerge as the winner.

The individual of this star has an unusually strong self-awareness. He or she is also very subjective. The person is rather proud and aloof. Even if the native doesn't intend to behave in that manner, when in silence among others, he or she comes across as very proud, aloof, withdrawn. Therefore, the individual will often feel lonely. He or she... [?]. The person of this star does not enjoy being restricted and constrained. Regarding work and career, there is one area where the native can do excellent; to be the most talented.

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