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A bunch of stars (2)

Translated from here.

天官 Tian Guan

- Yang Earth

Tian Guan is a supportive star similar in function to Tian Kui and Tian Yue.

In particular Tian Guan assists Tian Liang.

The native of this star has intelligence and knowledge. He or she is of much ability and wisdom. The individual is fond of leisure; to have all the time one needs. The person is lazy, inactive, and negligent. The native of this star is extremely bright, but lacks drive and resolution.

天福 Tian Fu

- Yang Earth

Tian Fu is a helping star similar in function to Tian Kui and Tian Yue.

In particular Tian Fu assists Tian Tong.

The person is optimistic, hopeful, and sunny. He or she is impatient, quick-tempered, honest, fair, and upright. The individual of this star lacks flexibility. And the native meddles in other people's business. Tian Fu brings about 財祿 cáilù = to get rich, to take an official post. The person appreciates supporting what's honourable, glorious, flourishing, thriving.

截空 Jie Kong [截路 Jie Lu and 空亡 Kong Wang]

This star represents 阻障 zǔzhàng = to hinder, block, obstruct, hold back, lie in the way. Striving for stuff and seeking after things, one is not able to obtain them. Jie Kong... [?].

Jie Kong is a Kong Wang star.

旬空 Xun Kong

With Xun Kong, in the end, when all is said and done, things fall through; to come to naught.

Xun Kong is a second class Kong Wang star.

天巫 Tian Wu

The individual of this star is eager to make progress; to forge ahead vigorously, to dedicate oneself to progress. He or she tries hard and puts in a great effort. If Tian Wu is in Wealth together with a Lu star, the native is intent on nothing but profit; to plan solely for benefit, being self-seeking.

Tian Wu enables being promoted. This star also has to do with religion, faith.

天月 Tian Yue

This star facilitates a small illness or disease, for example catching a cold.

There are concerns, worries, aches, and pain.

台輔 Tai Fu

This star is beneficial (good for position, office, title, rank). In particular Tai Fu assists Zuo Fu. The person of this star is upright, sincere, firm, and staunch. The native emphasises feelings, emotions, affections. In behaviour and action the individual is steady and calm. The person is determined and has willpower. And literary works are beautiful.

封誥 Feng Gao

This star is auspicious (good for office, position, rank, title). In particular Feng Gao assists You Bi. The native puts heavy emphasis on emotions, affections, feelings. The person of this star is mild, gentle, moderate, and considerate of other people's needs. The individual is elegant, refined, cultured, graceful, reserved, and reticent. With Feng Gao the native is clever and keen of judgement. He or she is able and competent. In bearing and mien the person is steady and unflustered. The individual is intelligent and bright. He or she moreover appreciates art.

三台 San Tai

- Yang Earth

This is a favourable star (good for rank, title, office, position). San Tai assists Tai Yang and Tai Yin being radiant. The native is honest, frank, altruistic, and unselfish. He or she is of a majestic presence.

八座 Ba Zuo

- Yin Earth

This star is advantageous (good for title, rank, position, office). Ba Zuo assists Tai Yang and Tai Yin being radiant and bright. The individual of this star is straightforward and outspoken. The person is irascible and impetuous. The native says what he or she thinks without much deliberation. However, the individual is kind-hearted and tends toward justice and righteousness.

恩光 En Guang

- Yang Metal

En Guang... [?]. In particular this star assists Tian Kui. The native is bright, smart, intelligent, and has much wisdom and knowledge. He or she is optimistic, cheerful, open-minded, and hopeful. Handling affairs and dealing with stuff, the person is cautious and prudent; to be careful, to take care. The individual emphasises affections, likes and dislikes, emotions, feelings. The native is fond of his or her self-respect and outer surface reputation; to worry about losing face. The person is open-hearted, frank, upright. The individual is of numerous talents, and... [?].

天貴 Tian Gui

- Yang Earth

Tian Gui... [?]. In particular Tian Gui assists Tian Yue. The person of this star is solid, sturdy, sincere, and sound. The individual is trustworthy. Words and actions coincide; to live up to one's word. However, the native is also a little bit unsociable and eccentric, and extreme. The person is moreover frequently selected for a promotion by his or her boss or elders.

天廚 Tian Chu

This star gives the means to 福祿 fúlù = [?].

蜚廉 Fei Lian

- Fire

Fei Lian is akin to Gu Chen and Gua Su, and effectuates harm and calamity.


yue sheng shi said...

福祿 = luck and official salary? from some literature,
Tianchu represents cooking skill, or interest in culinary arts

Viktor said...


That's what is a bit confusing. Tian Chu is associated with enjoying and being good at cooking etc. Still I can't find 福禄 in the dictionaries, let alone that it refers to cooking.