Sunday, 13 March 2011

天刑 Tian Xing

Translated from here.

- Yang Fire

- represents 孤克 gūkè = Separation and loneliness.

- signifies 刑夭 xíngyāo = [?]

- with a high rating... [?]

- meeting Tai Yang, military ennoblement

      Tian Xing is one of the stars engendering injury, harm, and hurt. It stands for disputes and quarrels. Tian Xing betokens disaster, calamity, catastrophes, misfortune, and accident.

In behaviour and action the individual of this star keeps going to the end; to carry out and implement to the end. The person sticks to his or her principles, which means much toil and hard work. It is seemingly not easy approaching the native's true character, and there is predestined affinity with religion.

The individual of this star is related to the way, path, and dao of the monk. In conduct and character the person is upright and outspoken; to be firm and straightforward. The native comes into contact with 法律 fǎlǜ = law, legislation; 命理 mìnglǐ = fortune-telling; 醫術 yīshù = medical skill, the art of healing. The individual is especially fond of stuff to do with Buddhism.

With Tian Xing the person easily encounters lawsuits and legal proceedings.

Should Tian Xing be in the Health palace, the native is liable to have an operation; to perform or have an operation. Or there could be injury and wound to the limbs.

The palace position of Tian Xing indicates and area of life where one meets with injury, wound, ailment, disaster, calamity.

The individual of this star is partial to self-discipline and self-regulation; to hold oneself in check, to be at the wheel. However, in the event of the presence of Hua Ji or xiong stars [凶星], the person gets out of control and starts aiding and abetting the evil-doer; to assist King Zhou in his tyrannical rule.

When Tian Xing is in Ming the native has a very strong rebel nature; to be rebellious, to revolt against.  Vis-à-vis other people the individual is a little bit proud and aloof, and... [?]. In action and conduct the person carries through to the end. The native of this star ought to beware disasters to do with lawsuit and prison, and official/governmental litigation.

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