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The major stars and suitable professions

 Translated from here.

The major stars in the Career palace.

Zi Wei

學者: Scholar.

教授: Teacher, lecturer, professor.

工程師: Engineer.

公教界: The domain of state run education, teaching.

政界: Political and governmental circles.

外交: Diplomacy, foreign affairs.

獨立性: Work that entails independence.

Tian Ji

學術: Academia, learning, science.

藝術: Art.

宗教: Religion.

印刷: Printing.

設計: To design, devise; plan, lay out.

服飾: Dress and personal adornment. Apparel.

顧問: Consultant, adviser, counsellor.

教師: Teacher.

出版: Publishing.

木器: Wooden articles; wooden furniture.

裝潢: To decorate, embellish; decoration, adornment, upholstery.

傳播: Communication; to disseminate.

Tian Ji and Tian Liang: The native should go for religion or welfare work. Tian Ji and Ju Men: The person could become engaged in work that encompasses eloquence, technology and processing. Also professions that have to do with planning/hatching/masterminding, or being a manager/director. With a low rating: work entailing technology; of a technical nature.

Tian Ji is associated with 木 Wood, hence the individual could also go for 印刷製版: [?]; 紡織: spinning and weaving; 針織: knitting; 搖紗: [?]; 雕刻: carving, engraving. Etc.

If the circumstances of the Career palace are auspicious, the extent of the person's career will be high level and high-ranking. If the circumstances are not that favourable, average or low.

Tai Yang

企業: Corporation, company, firm.

政界: Political and government circles.

貿易: Trade, commerce.

獨立: Work that involves being independent; to stand alone.

If with a low rating, it is appropriate for the person to go for 勞力工作: physical work; 勞動: physical labour; 駕駛: pilot (of a ship or plane), driver; 運輸: transport, haulage; 貿易: commerce, trade; 加工: manufacturing, processing. In general, physical labour.

If the Career palace circumstances are good, the individual can strive for glory and honour in political and government circles.

Wu Qu

金融: Finance, banking.

實業: Industry and commerce; a large-scale industry or business.

運輸: Transport, haulage, conveyance, carriage, air carrier, lift.

保險: Insurance; indemnity.

財經界: The domain of finance and economics.

會計: Accounting, treasurer.

商界: Commercial circles, business community.

軍警: Police, army, military.

Meeting Qing, Yang, Tuo Luo, Huo Xing, Ling Xing, it is appropriate for the person going for a profession wherein he or she can use technology/technique/skill to do with metal hardware, or a job involving the use of a knife or a pair of scissors.

Wu Qu and Tan Lang: When being opportunistic and speculating financially it is important to be careful and cautious. ...[?]... it is important to tend toward 腳踏實地 jiǎotàshídì = to have one's feet planted on solid ground; to be steady and serious, earnest and down-to-earth. Especially after the onset of middle age.

Wu Qu and Tan Lang sandwiched by Tai Yang and Tai Yin: It is possible for the individual to strive for splendour in a career to do with real estate. ...[?]. With the presence of many sha stars the native should give priority to technology/skill/technique.

Tian Tong

政教: [?].

企業界: The domain of enterprises, businesses.

財經界: The domain of economics and finance.

大眾服務: Providing with service to masses/multitudes.

有關人生享福: Engaging in a profession to do with enabling people to live in ease and comfort; to enjoy a happy life.

裝飾方面的事業: A career related to 裝飾: to decorate, adorn; to embellish, dress up; ornament.

With the presence of several inauspicious stars, the domain of physical labour.

Lian Zhen

企業界: The domain of businesses, enterprises.

電器: Electronic equipments and appliances.

工業界: The domain of manufacturing.

警界: The domain of the police force.

司法: Administration of justice; judicature.

理髮: Hairdressing; haircuts.

美容: Beauty treatments.

Meeting Wen Chang/Wen Qu, the domain of the written language; writing; culture; the humanities. It is appropriate going for [?]; wholesale; import and export, overseas/foreign trade and commerce; smelting, minting, casting.

Meeting sha stars it is appropriate going for... [?].

Tian Fu

政界: Political and government circles.

房地產業: Housing and land.

財經企業: Finance and economics business/operation.

礦業: Mining industry.

銀樓: Silverware shop, jewellery centre.

當舖: Pawnbroker; pawn shop.

倉庫業: Storehouse; storage magazine.

地上物農產品業: Agricultural produce.

畜牧業: Livestock husbandry, animal husbandry.

Meeting Wen Chang/Wen Qu, it is appropriate going for 公門: state business, government office, bureaucracy.

Tai Yin

政界: Political and government circles.

實業界: The domain of industry and commerce, large-scale industry or business.

建設公司: Building/construction company.

不動產業: Real estate; immovable property.

化粧: Make-up, cosmetics.

廚具: Kitchen and cooking utensils/appliances.

水電: Water and electricity.

服飾: Dress, finery; dress and personal adornment.

自由業: A profession wherein the individual can make his or her own decisions.

建築: Construction, building.

與衣食住行有關的行業: An industry or business related to 衣食住行 yīshízhùxíng = food, clothing, shelter and transportation - people's basic needs, basic necessities of life.

With the presence of sha stars, it is felicitous to go for 生活必需品 shēnghuóbìxūpǐn = daily necessities, necessaries of life.

Tan Lang

商界: Business community, commercial circles, business circles.

運輸: Transport, haulage, air carrier, carriage, lift.

娛樂: Entertainment, amusement, recreation; to have fun.

餐旅業: [?].

運動界: The domain of movement, motion, sports, athletic activities, exercise; to start, launch, mobilise.

服飾: Dress and personal adornment; dress, finery.

藝術界: The domain of art.

軍警: Police, military, army.

農產品加工業: A profession to do with processing agricultural produce.

裝潢業: To dress up, embellish, adorn, decorate.

Meeting sha stars, it is appropriate going for a factory/mill/plant that manufactures/makes.

Ju Men

出版: Publishing; publication.

印刷: Printing; print.

法律: Law, statute.

醫界: The domain of medicine.

獨立性與口才有關的事業: A profession where the person can be independent and use eloquence.

教育界: Academia; educational circles, the educational world.

廢物處理: Handling/processing waste material, trash, emissions.

清潔業: Cleaning.

整修業: Renovate, rebuild, refurbish.

服裝設計: Designing clothes; dress, costume, gear, kit.

Tian Xiang

政壇: Political circles.

律師: Lawyer; barrister, solicitor; attorney.

外交: Diplomacy, foreign affairs.

推銷業: To market, to sell.

醫藥: Medicine; medical skill, the art of healing; pharmaceuticals, materia medica, medicines, drugs, medication.

高級餐旅業: [?].

學者: Scholar.

經理: Manager.

攝影: Photographer.

錢莊: [?].

股票投資: Investment in stock.

Tian Liang

企業: Enterprise, business, operation.

出版界: The domain of publishing; print.

醫療: Treatment, healing; to cure.

傳播: Wide ranging dissemination; extensive communication.

公教: State run education, teaching.

顧問: Counsellor, adviser, consultant.

政壇: Political circles.

福利事業: Welfare work.

慈善事業: Philanthropic work.

外務保險業: [?].

律師: Lawyer; solicitor, barrister; attorney.

代書: To write on behalf of somebody else.

法官: Judge, justice, recorder.

股票投資: Investment in stock.

Qi Sha

農林水產: Agriculture and forestry; aquatic products.

直接與衣食住行有關的行業: Work that has to do with [?] and food, clothing, shelter and transportation - the basic necessities of life; people's basic needs.

獨立經營之加工業: Manufacturing/processing wherein the person can be independent and self-reliant and stand alone.

警界: The domain of the police force.

軍人: Soldier, army man, serviceman, military personnel.

Po Jun

批發: Selling by wholesale.

推銷: To market, to sell.

市場商品: Offering commodity/goods/merchandise at market/marketplace/bazaar.

外務: [?].

交通: Communication, traffic; post and telecommunications; correspondence, communications.

運輸: Transport, transit, haulage, conveyance, lift, air carrier, carriage, portage.

化學製品: Chemical products/goods.

土木建築: Building constructions; civil engineering.

加工企業: Manufacturing, processing.

牙模: Dental cast.

食品: Foodstuff, provisions; food.

雜物: Sundries, junk, various bits and bobs, items of no value.

流動性事業: Work that means 流動 liúdòng = mobility, flux; frequent changes/alterations.

攤販: Street peddler; street vendor.

夜市: Night market.

破壞整修之事業: A profession that entails destruction and rebuilding; tear down and refurbish; break and reconstruct.

The minor stars and suitable professions

Translated from here.

The minor stars in the Career palace.

Huo Xing and Ling Xing

重工鋼鐵鑄造: Heavy industry dealing with the casting/smelting of steel/iron.

演藝: The performing arts.

商界: Business circles, commercial circles, business community.

燃燒性: Work that has to do with 燃燒: Burn, flame, burning, fire.

教師: Teacher.

音樂: Music.

技術性工作: Work entailing technology, skill, technique.

Meeting Tian Yao, Ju Men, it is appropriate for the person to go for 水溶性.

Wen Chang and Wen Qu

作者: Author, writer.

攝影: Photographer.

公教: State run teaching, education.

圖書: Books; picture album; stamp/seal.

出版: Publishing.

公教界: The domain of state run education, teaching.

廣告: Advertising; commercials.

海產: Marine products.

飲食: Food and drink; diet.

Qing Yang and Tuo Luo

外科醫生: Surgeon.

針灸: Acupuncture and moxibustion.

法官: A judge; justice.

律師: Lawyer.

軍警: Police; army; military.

機械: Machinery; mechanical; machine.

一般商品加工: Processing of goods, commodities, merchandise.

輕型工業: Work entailing light machinery.

五金技術工作: Technology/technique to do with metal hardware.

Hua Ji

加工業: The production of manufactured goods.

自由業: A profession wherein the individual can make his or her own decisions.

醫師: Physician, doctor.

學者: Scholar.

記者: Journalist, reporter, newsman.

宗教界: The domain of religion.

哲理研究: Researching philosophic theory; philosophy.

律師: Lawyer.

流動性: Work that encompasses mobility and flux.

消耗性: A profession that entails 消耗: consumption, expenditures; to use up, exhaust, deplete.

破壞性之行業: An industry/business that has to do with 破壞: to demolish, destroy; destruction, breaking.

Di Jie and Di Kong

宜雜亂忙碌之加工事業: It is appropriate choosing a profession related to manufacturing/processing work that is chaotic and bustling.

消耗性事業: A profession that entails 消耗: to deplete, exhaust, to use up; expenditure, consumption.

飲食業: Food and drink; diet.

介紹: Present, introduce; introduction, presentation.

買賣掮客: Agent/broker what with buying and selling, business transactions.

路攤: Roadside vendor.