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The minor stars and suitable professions

Translated from here.

The minor stars in the Career palace.

Huo Xing and Ling Xing

重工鋼鐵鑄造: Heavy industry dealing with the casting/smelting of steel/iron.

演藝: The performing arts.

商界: Business circles, commercial circles, business community.

燃燒性: Work that has to do with 燃燒: Burn, flame, burning, fire.

教師: Teacher.

音樂: Music.

技術性工作: Work entailing technology, skill, technique.

Meeting Tian Yao, Ju Men, it is appropriate for the person to go for 水溶性.

Wen Chang and Wen Qu

作者: Author, writer.

攝影: Photographer.

公教: State run teaching, education.

圖書: Books; picture album; stamp/seal.

出版: Publishing.

公教界: The domain of state run education, teaching.

廣告: Advertising; commercials.

海產: Marine products.

飲食: Food and drink; diet.

Qing Yang and Tuo Luo

外科醫生: Surgeon.

針灸: Acupuncture and moxibustion.

法官: A judge; justice.

律師: Lawyer.

軍警: Police; army; military.

機械: Machinery; mechanical; machine.

一般商品加工: Processing of goods, commodities, merchandise.

輕型工業: Work entailing light machinery.

五金技術工作: Technology/technique to do with metal hardware.

Hua Ji

加工業: The production of manufactured goods.

自由業: A profession wherein the individual can make his or her own decisions.

醫師: Physician, doctor.

學者: Scholar.

記者: Journalist, reporter, newsman.

宗教界: The domain of religion.

哲理研究: Researching philosophic theory; philosophy.

律師: Lawyer.

流動性: Work that encompasses mobility and flux.

消耗性: A profession that entails 消耗: consumption, expenditures; to use up, exhaust, deplete.

破壞性之行業: An industry/business that has to do with 破壞: to demolish, destroy; destruction, breaking.

Di Jie and Di Kong

宜雜亂忙碌之加工事業: It is appropriate choosing a profession related to manufacturing/processing work that is chaotic and bustling.

消耗性事業: A profession that entails 消耗: to deplete, exhaust, to use up; expenditure, consumption.

飲食業: Food and drink; diet.

介紹: Present, introduce; introduction, presentation.

買賣掮客: Agent/broker what with buying and selling, business transactions.

路攤: Roadside vendor.

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