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Sources of income

Translated from here.

The stars in the Wealth palace.

紫微 Zi Wei
薪津: [Something to do with] Salary; remuneration; wages.

寶石: Precious stones, gems, jewels.

技術: Skill; technique.

天機 Tian Ji
宗教: Religion, faith.

五術: Wu Shu.

教育: To educate, teach, train.

太陽 Tai Yang
主管: Person in charge. Manager; chief; supervisor; director.

著作: Writings, written work; scripture, book, opus.

貿易: Trade and commerce.

武曲 Wu Qu
會計: Treasurer; accounting.

現金: Cash, finance.

軍警: The army, military; the police force.

天同 Tian Tong
公教: Public/state education.

服務: Service.

手藝: Handwork; manual skill. Handicraft, mechanics, workmanship.

廉貞 Lian Zhen
科技: Science and technology.

外交: Diplomacy; foreign affairs.

電器: Electrical equipments and appliances.

天府 Tian Fu
財經: Finance and economics.

土地: Ground, land, soil, acres.

農牧: Plowing, agriculture. Breeding livestock.

太陰 Tai Yin
飯店: Restaurant. Tavern, inn, hotel.

建築: To build, construct. Building, edifice, structure. Architecture.

交通: Contact, association; dealings. Communication, traffic.

貪狼 Tan Lang
傳播: To disseminate, spread, transmit.

娛樂: Entertainment, amusement, recreation.

餐廳: Dining hall, dining room; lunch room, canteen.

巨門 Ju Men
專技: Specialised skill.

司法: Judicature; administration of justice.

學術: Science, learning, academia.

天相 Tian Xiang
攝影: Photography.

服務: Service.

衛生: Health, hygiene, sanitation.

天梁 Tian Liang
宗教: Religion, faith.

農林: Agriculture and forestry.

醫藥: Medicine.

七殺 Qi Sha
加工: Manufacturing, processing.

重工: Heavy industry.

軍警: The army, military; the police force.

破軍 Po Jun
批發: Buying and selling in wholesale.

軍警: The army, military; the police force.

水產: Aquatic products.

火鈴 Huo Xing and Ling Xing
速記: Shorthand; stenography.

電機: Electrical machinery.

科技: Science and technology.

昌曲 Wen Chang and Wen Qu
學術: Academia, science, learning.

傳播: To disseminate, transit, spread.

教育: To educate, teach, train.

祿存 Lu Cun
服務: Service.

銀樓: Silverware store; jewellery centre.

左右 Zuo Fu and You Bi
介紹: To give a presentation; to introduce something to someone.

中間人: Contact person, go-between, mediator.

仲介: Middleman, broker, agent.

羊陀 Qing Yang and Tuo Luo
軍警: The army, military; the police force.

護士: A nurse.

天姚 Tian Yao
手工藝: Handicraft art.

演藝工作: Performing arts.

天刑 Tian Xing
法官: A judge.

警官: Police officer, constable.

醫生: Doctor.

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