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The four Hua stars

Translated from here.

化祿 Hua Lu

Hua Lu represents 發展 fā​zhǎn = advance, development, expansion, growth, progress. Things go smoothly and without a hitch. This star has to do with financial resources; finance.

Hua Lu is Yin (Earth). It enables the person becoming rich and making a fortune. There is available good fortune and luck. The individual can take to enjoyments and treats. With Hua Lu extreme adversity is the beginning of prosperity; out of the depth of misfortune comes bliss; extreme sorrow turns to joy. The native has good relations with others. There is post-natal help and assistance.

Hua Lu is a beneficial influence what with finance and money, and gives the means to making it all more concrete and definite, and concerning career and undertakings things go smoothly and the person sees development and growth and expansion.

Good actions mean material well-being and money.

Hua Lu is fond of seeing Lu Cun.

化權 Hua Quan

Hua Quan stands for 權力 quán​lì = power and authority. The individual is of aspirations, cravings, desires. He or she tends toward attempting, trying.

Hua Quan is Yang (Wood). The native is partial to entrepreneurship, to initiate an undertaking; to do pioneering work; to venture. This star allows force and influence. And power and position. The individual has the ability and strength to be a leader. He or she receives respect, esteem, and regard from other people. The native is of the vigour and vitality of shouldering heavy responsibilities; the burden is heavy and the road is long; to make an all-out effort.

With this star there is emphasis on power and influence, competitive strength, and desire and aspirations.

Hua Quan... [?].

Hua Quan appreciates the presence of Ju Men or Wu Qu.

化科 Hua Ke

Hua Ke effectuates 名聲 míng​shēng = renown, reputation, fame, celebrity, standing. The individual possesses wisdom and knowledge and is intelligent. Hua Ke has also to do with human relationships.

Hua Ke is Yang (Water). This star represents imperial examinations, and scholarly honour and fame and glory won in imperial examinations. It has to do with exams; to take an exam. Hua Ke will enable guiren. And reputation, renown, status, and standing. This star has to do with documents, official correspondence, agreements, contracts, records, archives, diplomas. Hua Ke is of the ability to turn bad luck into good fortune; to land on one's feet; to turn an inauspicious start to good account.

With this star the native is of a cheerful and happy mood. Hua Ke is associated with taking an exam; examinations. And literary talent; literary works, writings. This star is able to increase the native's intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge, his or her reason and rationality, and relations with others.

Taking an exam, Hua Ke represents the use of the written language.

Hua Ke is fond of seeing Tian Kui and Tian Yue.

化忌 Hua Ji

Hua Ji instigates 阻礙 zǔ​'ài = obstacles and obstructions; to hinder, restrict, hamper, block. In the matter of life and living there are twists and turns, setbacks, obstacles in one's way. This star will allow anxiety and worry; to be concerned, worried, unhappy, troubled.

Hua Ji is Yang (Water). It represents quarrels and disputes. There are changes and alterations. Hua Ji will effectuate suffering, disasters, calamity, catastrophes. There is damage and destruction; to wreck, devastate, disrupt. The person becomes troubled, depressed, worried. Hua Ji can also give the means to disease or illness due to an accident or a mishap, something unexpected. With this star the individual has to toil and work very hard; to rush about, to be busy running about. There is suffering and hard work.

This star betokens unfavourable twists and turns. It has the ability to reduce the good luck engendered by lucky stars. And it will strengthen and increase the malevolence allowed by the ominous ones. Hua Ji generates quarrelling right and wrong, and disputes or misunderstanding caused by gossip. Hence the native could meet with a rumour, or an unfounded report, or a groundless allegation, and have to face official/governmental litigation.

Hua Ji signifies 嫉妒 jí​dù = to be jealous; to envy, to hate.

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四化 Si Hua

Translated from here.

The four transforming stars

四 sì = four

化 huà = to change, turn, transform; to influence, convert; melt, dissolve; digest

化祿 Hua Lu

祿 lù = good fortune, happiness, prosperity; an official's salary in feudal China, emolument

Hua Lu represents the bustle of the harvest of autumn, and the time prior to the setting of the sun.

Hua Lu is associated with Metal, West, and trigram Dui.

Hua Lu gives the means to:

喜悅: happiness, joy; delight, gratification

收穫: harvest, crop; acquisition, profit, gain, bonus, success, reward

忙碌: to be busy, to bustle about

珍惜: to treasure, value, cherish

財祿: to get rich, to make a fortune

食祿: to draw government pay, to be in public service, the salary of an official

智慧: wisdom, understanding, knowledge, intelligence

源源不斷: a steady flow, in unbroken succession, an unending stream

化權 Hua Quan

權 quán = power, authority, right

This star betokens the vigour and vitality of summer, and the blazing sun of the summer solstice.

It is associated with Fire, South, and trigram Li.

In the horoscope Hua Quan effectuates:

勢力: force, influence, power

權威: authority, power and prestige

爭執: to stick to one's position, to dispute, disagree, to argue opinionatedly

虛榮: to be vainglorious

自負: to think highly of oneself, to be conceited; to take responsibility for one's actions

揮霍: to spend freely, to squander, to blow; to be extravagant, prodigal

剛強: to be firm, staunch, unyielding

鋒芒畢露: to make a display of one's abilities; to demonstrate or display acumen; to show one's intelligence, ability, or knowledge, etc., to the full extent; to be hard-edged

化科 Hua Ke

科 = a branch of academic or vocational study; a division or subdivision of an administrative unit

Hua Ke stands for the 'hundred flowers bloom' of spring; to let the arts have free expression; free development of different forms and styles in the arts. It represents dawn and the rising of the sun.

This star is associated with Wood, East, and the Zhen trigram.

In the horoscope Hua Ke permits:

生長: to grow; growth

名望: renown, stature, celebrity, popularity, good reputation, fame and prestige

功名: scholarly honour or official rank; achievement, fame, glory

情緣: predestined love between man and woman

科甲: imperial examinations

貴人: guiren

桃花: peach blossom

清白高尚: pure and noble and clean-living

化忌 Hua Ji

忌 jì = to be jealous of, envy; to fear, scruple, dread: to shun, avoid, abstain from; to quit, to give up

Hua Ji signifies the cold weather and frozen ground of winter. With this star darkness comes before dawn.

Hua Ji is associated with Water, North, and trigram Kan.

In the horoscope Hua Ji enables:

收藏: to hoard, collect, store up

凶險: dangerous, perilous, critical; in a very dangerous state; ruthless and treacherous

變遷: changes, vicissitudes

沉迷: to be confused, bewildered

災禍: calamity, disaster, catastrophe, misfortune, accident; curse

死亡: death, demise, fatality, doom

是非: dispute, quarrel

奔波勞累: exhaustion and toil from being constantly on the move and rushing about

The use of the Shen palace

Translated from here.

In addition to Ming and the other 11 palaces, there is Shen Gong. Shen is an auxiliary palace. The Shen palace will always overlap with either Ming, Happiness and Virtue, Career, Travel, Wealth, or Spouse.

The impact of Shen in the horoscope can be divided into three main influences:

1) Revision [修正 = to revise, correct, amend]

To find out about one's fate, the Ming palace is primarily scrutinised. It will be operative from start to finish. It is one's pre-natal fate. But Shen will gradually become more and more important, and at the age of 35 onwards it will be in full effect.

For example - If a person's Ming palace is weak, but Shen is strong, the individual will experience toil and unfavourable circumstances during his or her younger years [the first half of life], but with the arrival of the impact of a vigorous Shen palace [the second half], gradually the native will enter the most pleasant and enjoyable stage of his or her life.

Conversely, should Ming be strong and Shen weak, first the person will meet with magnificence and abundance, afterwards experiencing a decline and the coming of feebleness.

2) Increase [加強 = to strengthen, augment, enhance, reinforce, intensify]

The position of Shen in the horoscope will mean an increase in good and bad luck in the matters of that area of life.

For example - Should the Shen palace share palace with the Spouse palace, the auspicious and unfavourable regarding that area of life, i.e. love, romance, and relationships, etc., will become more pronounced compared to the other palaces in the chart.

3) Contrast [對比 = to contrast, balance; a contrast, comparison; a ratio]

Ming and Shen will be important throughout one's life. But it is also possible to use these two palaces concerning stuff to do with everyday living. During the course of an undertaking, endeavour, venture, activity, there are frequently changes in the way one goes about conducting the matter. The Ming palace is then a representative of the first half of the process, Shen the latter half.

For example - An individual has Wu Qu and Tan Lang in Ming, also seeing Di Kong. Zi Wei and Qi Sha are in Shen. During the first half of the undertaking, the native is... [?], and hesitant and indecisive. But during the second half, the person becomes persistent and will be of the ability to implement stuff and carrying out things.

However, should the case be the other way around, there will be the instance of 虎頭蛇尾 hǔ​tóu​shé​wěi = a strong start, but a weak finish; a tiger's head, but a snake's tail; to start off with a bang, but end up with a whimper; to begin with a flourish, but peter out towards the end.

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身宫 Shen Gong

Translated from here.

The Shen palace represents one's post-natal fortune/destiny. With great effort and striving hard, frequently one is able to transform and remold one's fate. Shen Gong is a supplementary palace to Ming.

Shen will invariably pair with either Ming, Spouse, Wealth, Travel, Career, or Happiness and Virtue.

Shen with Ming

When Shen shares palace with Ming, the direction of the individual's fate will be the most forthright and clear-cut. In behaviour and conduct the person is intensely subjective. He or she does not easily receive and accept external influences. Regarding merits and demerits, contributions and errors, the native has for the most part to take sole responsibility. In the instance of Shen pairing with Ming, it is rather not easy altering fate.

Shen with Spouse

The individual is very much so partial to love, romance, and relationships. The person emphasises home life. He or she has a sense of responsibility towards the family and the household. The native will be very influenced by marriage and the spouse.

Shen with Wealth

The person emphasises wealth and money. In behaviour and action, money making will be the objective. The individual is easily influenced by economic stuff.

Shen with Travel

The native is easily affected by changes and circumstances in the environment and his or her surroundings. There are easily changes in the person's circumstances and environment at work or where he or she lives. The individual with Shen together with Travel does frequently take to travelling; to go out, to go away, to take a trip.

Shen with Career

The person has lots of professional ambition and is seriously devoted to his or her work. In behaviour and action seeking professional success will be the goal; a lifetime of pursuing accomplishments and results in one's career. The individual is easily influenced by the stuff happening at work or in his or her vocation. The person feels strongly about fame and position, official rank.

Shen with Happiness and Virtue

The native is rather fond of what's enjoyable and brings pleasure. The individual tends towards a happy and prosperous life; to live comfortably. He or she pays attention to living quality. The person is seemingly a bit short of being eager to make progress, to keep forging ahead, to be energetic, enterprising, and proactive. The native is somewhat selfish and self-absorbed. The individual will easily be influenced by 祖德 zǔdé = ancestral virtue, ethics, kindness, favour; 因果 yīn​guǒ = karma, preordained fate; and 精神生活 jīng​shén​shēng​huó = spiritual or moral life. However, the person does not necessarily take to being extravagant and squandering money.

Friday, 19 November 2010

破軍 Po Jun

Translated from here.

- Yin Water (Gui 癸)

- engenders 耗 hào = to consume, cost; to waste, to squander; to waste time, dawdle

- re Po Jun disaster and happiness go together

- related to Spouse, Children, and Friends/Servants

Looks, appearance: The eyebrows are wide/broad, the lips big. When walking or sitting, the lower back is slanting.

Disposition: The person of Po Jun does not join in with others a whole lot. The native is stubbornly contentious. The individual is fond of gambling and... [?]. The person is hugely opportunistic; to speculate in a risky adventure. The native is partial to using up much; to consume quite a lot; to deplete.

Personality type: Initiator (taking the initiative; to do something of one's own accord).

Individuality: Po Jun represents 破壞 pòhuài = rupture; damage and destruction; to disrupt, sabotage, corrupt; to change (a social system, custom, etc.) completely or violently; to violate (an agreement, regulation, etc.), to break; to decompose, to destroy (the composition of a substance). The individual of this star tends toward change and variation. The person takes to consumption and expenditure; to consume, to use up. The native overturns and overthrows; to undermine, to subvert, to topple. Po Jun enables disrepair; damaged things. The individual is inclined to gambling. He or she is opportunistic. The person drifts and floats; to flutter in the wind; to lead a wanderer's life. This star allows the native being daring, audacious, and bold, and cowardly and weak, hence a contradiction. The individual of this star takes an energetic, vigorous and proactive stance toward things and situations, and does not accept stuff passively.

Romance: In love the person of Po Jun wants novelty and variation.

Merits: The native practises what he or she preaches; to set an example by personally taking part. The individual seeks what's new and wants change and transformation. He or she is able to bear hardships and work hard. The person is brave enough to accept appointment to an important post. The native of this star does not fear the unexpected and sudden. In the instance of Po Jun good and evil are clearly demarcated. In responses and reactions the individual is fast and nimble. The person is candid, frank, and straightforward.

Shortcomings: The native is obstinate and self-opinionated; to act according to one's own will regardless of the opinion of others; to ignore advice. The individual likes the new and hates the old; to be fickle in one's affections; to be enamoured with new people and bored with the old. The person is stubborn and unbending. The native is disposed to rebellion and revolt. Cooperating with the individual of this star is difficult. The person lacks flexibility. Meeting with matters and situations and stuff, there are many disputes. The native becomes hostile to family and relatives; to be self-centred and not making any allowances for the needs of one's relatives.

      Po Jun is akin to 戰將 zhànjiàng = a war/battle general/commander/leader. But in this capacity Qi Sha is slightly better because the Qi Sha commander is able to receive instructions and assignments from the emperor and is just and honourable; without tricks. When Po Jun is to receive instructions from the emperor, there is contention; to be out of tune with each other, to be incompatible. Therefore... [?].

The person of this star has resolution, boldness, courage, and daring. The native prefers taking care of every single thing personally; to see or attend to everything oneself. Po Jun enables 耗 hào = expenditures; to spend, waste, squander, consume. And 禍福 huò​fú = misfortune and happiness go together; sometimes there is good fortune, sometimes disaster. In behaviour and action and thought and thinking the individual is self-opinionated and obstinate; to persist whatever others say. He or she is of an intensely subjective consciousness.

Po Jun gives the means to rupture, destruction, damage, violations, decomposition. This star has to do with 殘暴 cán​bào = cruel and ferocious; ruthless, brutal, and savage. There are atrocities, massacres, outrages. The person is disposed to power and authority. And autocratic rule; a dictatorship. The native consumes, uses up, and depletes. In the case of Po Jun, first there is destruction, afterwards reconstruction. The individual of this star is of an extremely strong bent to start new things, to initiate new stuff. He or she ought to engage in being a pioneer or trail-breaker.

Because... [?].

The native is subjectively assertive. The individual is rather overbearing and dictatorial; to rule by force; to take to despotic rule.

The person is seriously selfish. He or she easily falls out with other people.

In the occasion of Po Jun it is not appropriate trying to preserve the status quo, the accomplishments of previous generations.

In Ming or Shen, the native's state of mind and mood are never settled; to turn something over indefinitely. The individual tends toward taking risks and chances, and trials and tribulations.

There is weak predestined affinity with family and close relatives. Regarding spouse and children, the fate or chance that brings people together is hollow and fruitless. There is... [?]. This star facilitates 離鄉背井 lí​xiāng​bèi​jǐng = to tear oneself away from one's native place; to live far from home; to leave for a foreign land.

With regard to both the mind and the body, there will be much rushing about and labour and toil. This star means a lifetime of comparatively large changes and alterations and ups and downs. The individual does not join in with others very much. The person has a resentful and dissatisfied attitude toward actual circumstances and reality.

The native is irascible, short-tempered, fiery, hot-headed, impulsive, and daring and valiant. He or she takes chances and risks. Po Jun brings about undulations, fluctuations, rises and falls. However, other people do also become fond of the Po Jun person because he or she is frank, straightforward, firm and persistent, having unswerving determination and leadership abilities.

Po Jun signifies changes and alterations, and regardless of there being good or bad, or success or defeat, the individual will have to work diligently and go through hardships. He or she will meet with setbacks, frustrations, disappointments.

When Po Jun is in Ming the person is not able to stay idle and be unoccupied and do nothing. The native has that many things going on simultaneously the day ought to have 48 hours.

Lu Cun and Hua Lu are able to bring Po Jun under control. If there isn't the presence of a Lu star, Po Jun becomes a representative of war of attrition.

Apart from Tai Yin and Tan Lang, Po Jun allows for a beautiful woman, a big-eyed belle. However, Po Jun is still unfavourable what with her relationships to family and close relatives.

The palace position of Po Jun in the horoscope indicates an area of life that is broken, damaged, destroyed. The palace of Po Jun becomes extremely unstable.

Preserving the accomplishments of previous generations, being content with the status quo, is not appropriate. Tian Luo [Chen palace] and Di Wang [Xu palace] are optimal for Po Jun.

The individual of this star takes to consuming extremely much. He or she... [?].

The person is not fond of... [?] with other people. There is a bit of the mysterious, secret and confidential about the native of this star. In fact, the individual is actually very emotional and sentimental. Therefore, it may happen often that the person scares or intimidates his or her spouse/significant other.

Consequently, as regards love, romance, and relationships, it is important that the native tempers him- or herself and learns self-control. Otherwise... [?].

Because the individual of Po Jun puts him- or herself first, and not romance and love, marrying late is the most applicable.

Pros and cons

- The person looks for what's new, fresh and modern, wanting change.

- The individual abandons the old for the new; to reject the old and crave for the new.

- The native of this star is very opinionated; to have one's own strong views.

- He or she has a strong rebel nature; to resist, to react against, to hit back, to be in revolt against.

- The person is frank and candid.

- The individual... [?].

- The native is good at seizing the initiative; to understand something well and know how to use it.

- The person enjoys being in control.

- In reactions and responses the individual is nimble and flexible.

- The native isn't principled.

- As regards Po Jun the person pursues efficiency.

- He or she is without endurance and patience.

- The individual continues in his or her own way; to follow one's usual way of doing things no matter what others say.

- The native doesn't stick to etiquette.

- The person is good at voicing his or her opinions.

- The individual is argumentative and quarrelsome.

- The native is somewhat insistent; to persist, adhere, stick.

- He or she is oppressive and overwhelming.

- The person is good at asking questions; to put a question to; to quiz, to poll.

- The individual is aggressive and overbearing.

Additional associations (personages):

- 紂王 Zhou Wang

- 張飛 Zhang Fei

- 敢死隊 a dare-to-die corps, a suicide squad, a kamikaze unit

- 天生革命家 a natural revolutionary

- lion

- 勇士 a warrior, a brave person

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七殺 Qi Sha

Translated from here.

- Yin Fire or Metal (Ding 丁, Xin 辛)

- effectuates 將星 = 大將 dàjiàng = a senior general, a high-ranking officer [將 jiàng = a general; commander in chief, the chief piece in Chinese chess; to command, to lead]

- this star betokens sternness, harshness; meeting Zi Wei Qi Sha becomes a representative of authority and power

Looks, appearance: The eyebrows are slanting, the eyes big. The person has the appearance of bull-headed heroism; to fight tigers bare-handed and wade rivers.

Disposition: The individual of Qi Sha vacillates between happiness and anger, delight and fury. The native is impatient and not disposed to changelessness. Although the person can be of power and influence, he or she is also a bit too intense, vehement, and fierce.

Personality type: Initiator (having the ability to make wise judgments).

Individuality: Qi Sha enables might and bravery. There is emphasis on... [?]. The person is particular about justice and righteousness. The individual is firm, unwavering, and resolute. He or she is stern, austere, and harsh. The native is fiery and forthright, upright and unyielding. The person is also short-tempered, irritable, hot-headed, and explosive. Qi Sha gives the means to 戰出 zhànchū = warfare, fights, battles. And 權威 quán​wēi = authority and power and prestige. The individual additionally acts impetuously; to be swayed by one's emotions. When something becomes necessary and pressing, the person of this star is able to very quickly make a strategic decision and come through.

Romance: The native is partial to 率性而為 shuàixìngérwéi = [?].

Merits: The individual of Qi Sha is broad-minded, being open and upright. The person is unafraid of challenges, not fearing throwing down the gauntlet or challenging to battle. In bearing and mien the native is magnanimous and easy-mannered; natural and relaxed. Reacting and responding the individual is clever, quick, and sharp. The person has a strong sense of justice and is ready to help the weak; to be chivalrous. The individual does not bother about trifles.

Shortcomings: The native is impulsive. He or she is... [?]. The person takes risks and chances, being opportunistic and inclined to gambling. The individual does not take into account what are the consequences of action taken; to disregard the aftermath. Speech and talk easily lead to conflict and contention. There are difficulties distinguishing between good and evil. The native has to go through great changes in life. The person can hardly avoid loneliness.

      Qi Sha brings about 成敗 chéng​bài = success or failure; 生死 shēng​sǐ = life and death; 權柄 quán​bǐng = command and authority. Etc. This star signifies 威勇 wēiyǒng = power, might, and bravery. The person is akin to a person devising strategies in a military tent. The individual is rational and independent; to stand alone. The native tends toward 衝鋒陷陣 chōng​fēng​xiàn​zhèn = to charge forward; to charge and break through the enemy lines; to charge and shatter enemy positions; to fight bravely for a just cause; to go through water and tread on fire. The person takes risks and chances, and... [?]. The individual is trustworthy; to speak and keep one's promise; to be as good as one's word; to always stand by one's word. Should there be a hesitancy over something, the native is able to very rapidly resolve the situation.

The person of this star is fierce, ferocious, vigorous, energetic, and proactive. Qi Sha effectuates standing alone, being independent and self-ruling. Therefore, the individual will feel lonely and that nothing or no one is capable of offering solace or meaning. Family relationships are indifferent, cold in manners, weak.

In style and mode the individual is straightforward, outspoken, sprightly, lucid and lively. He or she is efficient; neat and tidy.

The native is extremely capable of getting used to stuff; to be adaptable to circumstances.

The person is rather moved by justice and fairness. The individual loathes dallying and following routines without thinking about improvements. The native is unable to stay fixed at home; to be discontented with one's home; to be promiscuous, to sleep around; the red apricot tree leans over the garden wall. The person of this star has strong desires, longings, cravings.

Qi Sha signifies army statutes. The individual is awe-inspiring and imposing. With Qi Sha the native is unable to make up his or her mind; to mutter to oneself irresolutely. The person is subject to changing moods; to have an unpredictable temper.

In Ming or Shen the individual is of an indefinite frame of mind. Psychologically the native is sullen and heavyhearted, and feels perplexed and puzzled. Working and handling matters, he or she is liable to impulsiveness; to be impetuous, to have an urge.

Qi Sha in Ming when the person is young means being down on one's luck, to be full of frustrations and dashed hopes. And there could be a defect or fault what with the body.

The individual is not only particular about what has practical utility, what is functional. The native also emphasises famous brands.

The person has a great craving for money and wealth. There is the probability that the individual will earn a fortune. But the odds are even higher that the native will charge and break through enemy lines and die in battle.

The individual is seriously devoted to his or her work; to have professional ambition. Handling matters and working the native is determined, firm, decisive, rapid, and prompt. Regarding marriage... [?].

This star gives the means to a whole lot of adversity; to be separated in life and death; to part forever. It is appropriate visiting and supporting the parents.

Chen and Xu are called Tian Luo and Di Wang. These two palaces are favourable what with Qi Sha's unfolding.

Qi Sha is the most fond of Tian Kui, Tian Yue, Zuo Fu, and You Bi.

The Lu stars are capable of lessening the viciousness of Qi Sha. But so is Zi Wei, which transforms Qi Sha into a star betokening power and authority.

Pros and cons

- The individual is chivalrous and valiant.

- The person does not care about the consequences.

- The native loves taking risk and chances.

- He or she has a strong gambling nature.

- The individual of Qi Sha is good at seizing the initiative; to understand something well and know how to use it.

- The person appreciates being in control.

- The native has breadth of mind and is open and upright.

- The individual... [?].

- The person is of a great ability to take action and get about.

- The native is overly impulsive and impetuous; to explode, to lose one's head.

- The individual is disposed to loyalty.

- He or she doesn't separate between good and evil.

- With this star the person is brimming with self-confidence.

- The native is conceited and arrogant; to be bloated with pride; to feel high and mighty.

- In reactions and responses the individual is quick, plain-spoken and forthright.

- The person is overbearing and aggressive.

- The native pursues efficiency.

- The individual is without patience and endurance.

- The person is unafraid of... [?].

- He or she... [?].

Additional associations (personages):

- 黃飛虎 Huang Feihu

- 關羽 Guan Yu

- 遠征大將軍 an important general of a military expedition

- 殺氣凌人的大俠客 a ferocious fangs baring big/great chivalrous person/knight-errant

- tiger

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

天梁 Tian Liang

Translated from here.

- Yang Earth (Wu 戊)

- permits 蔭 yīn = to shelter, protect; sunless, damp and chilly; a hereditary rank or privilege granted somebody as a recognition of the services of his or her ancestors

- represents long life and old age

- Tian Liang has the ability to dissolve, remove and regulate adversity and distress

Looks, appearance: The person looks steady, stable, and dignified. The native of Tian Liang has the appearance of being mature, experienced, sophisticated, and composed.

Disposition: The individual of this star is unselfish and altruistic. The person enjoys being of help; to grant, give, bestow. The native does have the ability to direct and lead and being a commander-in-chief, but he or she can also be somewhat despotic, tending towards autocracy.

Personality type: Collaborator (providing with willpower).

Individuality: The individual of Tian Liang emphasises conscience. The person shows care. He or she is honest and frank. The native exercises self-discipline and self-management. The person is steady and earnest. This star enables 長壽 cháng​shòu = longevity. With Tian Liang there's the occasion of 逢凶化吉 féng​xiōng​huà​jí = misfortune turns to blessings; to turn an inauspicious start to good account. The individual is aloof from politics and material pursuits; to be above politics and worldly interests. The native also takes to being despotic and dictatorial. He or she does not appreciate restrictions and limitations. Tian Liang is associated with medical care and medicines. With this star the person is partial to tactics and trickery; to change according to the situation. The individual is capable of staying in a job or hold a position for a long period of time until the goal is reached or there is no longer anything to be obtained.

Romance: The native possesses unswerving determination, being firm and persistent.

Merits: The person is merciful and compassionate. He or she is mature and steady. In thought and thinking the individual is impartial, unbiased, and cool-headed. The native is objective and just and fair. The person possesses a strong sense of justice; to be chivalrous and benevolent. The individual is capable of sacrificing his or her own life in a crisis; to give up one's life at the critical moment. When being of help and bestowing favour and grace on someone, the native of this star does not demand anything in return. The person values volunteer health or relief work, being civic-minded; to attach importance to public welfare and the public good.

Shortcomings: The individual takes to being arrogant on account of his or her seniority; to lack in youthful vigour; to act as an elder; to be proud of one's age and experience. The native is extremely concerned about outer surface honour and reputation. He or she does dread losing face. The person acts impetuously; to be swayed by one's emotions. With Tian Liang the individual is fond of flattery. There is present excessive enthusiasm and warm-heartedness. The native hardly ever comes by leisure and relaxation. The person... [?]. The individual meets with concerns and worries.

      Tian Liang engenders 壽 shòu = longevity and old age. It also permits 貴 guì = ennoblement, to be of an honoured rank or position. Tian Liang is a star representing the parents. It provides with shade and protection. And it betokens the number one in order of seniority, be it the eldest child in a family, the leader of a group, or the captain of a boat. The individual is aloof from politics and material pursuits, and is generous and liberal. Tian Liang has the ability to bring luck and good fortune into existence. Therefore, even though meeting with disaster and much to worry about, there is the instance of 逢凶化吉 féng​xiōng​huà​jí = to turn an inauspicious start to good account; misfortune turns to blessing. Especially when adversity strikes the upper part of the body. With Tian Liang one's vitality may be increased, strengthened.

In behaviour and conduct the individual is fond of taking care of and showing consideration for other people. The native is partial to justice and righteousness. Should the person come across an injustice or unfairness, he or she... [?]. The individual appreciates living free and easy, being unfettered.

Tian Liang stands for 清官 qīngguān = an honest and upright official. There is predestined affinity with 五術 Wu Shu.

The native of this star is willing to bear the burden of office; to work hard regardless of criticism.

With this star good fortune and old age prolong life.

The person has a strong interest in religion.

With Tian Liang a disaster or catastrophe may be turned into something auspicious, but demanding insistently on a desired outcome won't be best. Instead, caring for neither gains nor losses the reward will be even bigger.

In Ming or Shen, the individual is fond of being the eldest, the leader, boss, captain. He or she loves being a 'nosy Parker'; to be too inquisitive about other people's business; to be meddlesome, to be a busybody. The person appreciates exercising leadership and being in control. With this star the native is precocious.

The individual of Tian Liang is kind and dignified, modest and courteous. There is much predestined affinity with one's elders and the older generation. The native also shows concern and care for subordinates and the younger generation. In the matters of handling work and dealing with stuff the person has resolution and decisiveness. The individual is inherently predisposed to literature and art . Amongst other people the native is fond of striving for an honourable reputation. However, the person can hardly avoid being somewhat arrogant and haughty.

What with wedding and marriage, the individual... [?].

Tian Liang does not effectuate a whole lot of money. Even Hua Lu in the Wealth palace won't be able to be of much help.

The native of this star is a fussy consumer. The person has confidence in products that are of public praise, taking to shops, firms or brands of merchandise that have a long-established reputation.

The individual is very easily captivated by persons of the opposite sex who are simple and honest. But this does not mean that the native hasn't got high aims. The person is simply fond of leisure and free time. Moreover, ... [?].

The inherent qualities of Tian Liang come to the fore only after there has been a disaster or calamity. Although there is the ominous and vicious right through to the end, at the last minute it is dissolved and removed.

Tian Liang is not very fond of Hua Lu. This star treasures Hua Ke, which is the most capable of bringing about Tian Liang's favourable sides. Should there be the presence of Zuo Fu, You Bi, Wen Chang, Wen Qu, Tian Liang's intrinsic quality of enabling shade and protection will be the more so capable of presenting itself. After a crisis things are even better than prior to the predicament.

Pros and cons

- The individual of Tian Liang is mature and steady.

- The person is lacking in vigour; to be arrogant and haughty because of one's seniority.

- The native has compassion and mercy.

- The individual is swayed by his or her emotions; to act impetuously.

- The person is good at responding and answering.

- He or she stoops to flattery; to ingratiate oneself into somebody's favour; to fawn upon.

- The native makes allowances for other people; to show understanding and sympathy.

- The individual lacks self-confidence.

- The person has a strong ability to adapt.

- With this star the native doesn't have definite opinions.

- The individual is thoughtful of public welfare and public good; to be civic-minded; volunteer health or relief work.

- The person becomes concerned and worried.

- The native is of the vigour and drive to experiment; to conduct experiments.

- He or she is without a goal or target.

- The individual is willing to help others.

- The person is overly warm-hearted and enthusiastic.

- The native is flexible; to be good at accommodating and adapting to circumstances.

- The individual lacks principles.

- The person is modest and humble and tends toward etiquette and propriety.

- The native underrates and devalues him- or herself; to be self-deprecating.

Additional associations (personages):

- 李靖 Li Jing

- 司馬懿 Sima Yi

- 教主 the founder of a religion

- 善良慈悲單純的老農夫或好母親 and old and venerable farmer or good mother who is kind-hearted, merciful, and simple

- ox

- 老人 an old man or woman; the elderly; one's aged parents or grandparents

天相 Tian Xiang

 Translated from here.

- Yang Water (Ren 壬)

- engenders 印 yìn = a seal, stamp, chop; a print, trace, mark; to engrave, print; to conform, tally

- lord of the Career palace

- is able to control and regulate the wicked and vicious stuff allowed by Lian Zhen

Looks, appearance: The looks of the Tian Xiang native is honest and sincere; natural and simple. The person's appearance is discreet, pure, clean, and stainless.

Disposition: The individual of this star is prudent and cautious. The native takes pleasure in clothes and food. He or she is eager to be of service. The person is overly partial to 犧牲 xī​shēng = to sacrifice oneself; to lay down one's life; to die a martyr's death.

Personality type: Leader (the ability to assign jobs to people).

Individuality: This star has to do with allegiance. The person is devoted, loyal, faithful, committed, upright, and fair-minded. He or she emphasises appreciating what are one's tastes in food and drink, fashion, literature, music, etc. The individual tends toward enjoyments of ease and comfort. The native is fond of coming to the aid of someone suffering an injustice; to be the champion of the oppressed; to fight for justice. Tian Xiang gives the means to 印信 yìn​xìn = a legally binding seal; an official seal. And 擔保 dān​bǎo = to vouch for; to guarantee, assure, warrant; to give one's word; to engage/give one's faith; to swear for. Faced with a task or duty the person of this star is capable of rapid decision-making and distributing to others who should be assigned to what.

Romance: The individual is disposed to 豔冠群芳 yànguànqúnfāng = beauty surpassing all flowers.

Merits: The native is refined, cultured, polite, gentle, being inclined to propriety and etiquette. In replies and responses the person is appropriate to the occasion; to be graceful and seemly. The individual is cautious, prudent, practical, down-to-earth, realistic, and steadfast. Thinking something through the native is thorough. The person is of a great ability to connect with and link up with others; to communicate with, to understand each other. There are harmonious human relationships.

Shortcomings: The native lacks determination and willpower. The individual takes to pretending that everything is going well; to present a false picture of peace and prosperity. The person is fastidious but incompetent; to have high standards but little ability; to overestimate one's capabilities. The native has numerous theories and talks a lot, but actually produces little. With Tian Xiang the individual is easily consenting. The person of this star is seriously vain.

      The native's appearance is regular and proper. The person of Tian Xiang tends toward 谨言慎行 jǐnyánshènxíng = to speak and act cautiously; to be discreet in word and deed; to be prudent in making statements and careful in personal conducts; to mind one's p's and q's. The individual takes responsibility and is conscientious. He or she is kind, tolerant, considerate, straightforward, and well-behaved. With this star the native is sincere and faithful and has an awareness of upholding justice. He or she is mild, gentle, and moderate. The individual happily helps and assists other people, enthusiastically and warm-heartedly offering service. The person is graceful and optimistic. The native is fond of mediating disputes and restoring balance and equilibrium. The individual seems loyal and steadfast, law-abiding and docile, and kind-hearted, thus making for favourable interpersonal relationships.

The person lacks vim and vigour. Therefore the native enjoys meddling; to be too inquisitive about other people's business. But the individual is also timid and afraid of getting into trouble; to be afraid of getting involved. He or she... [?].

The native is outspoken and straightforward, bold and uninhibited. The person is of a grand and expensive and noble demeanour. He or she appreciates harmony and peaceful relations. With Tian Xiang there is compassion. The individual is fond of fame, honour, popularity, and prestige.

The native of this star is able to sacrifice him- or herself for the benefit of others; to give thought to others. He or she is always tolerant, generous, magnanimous, and considerate of other people's needs. The individual is able to put him- or herself in someone else's shoes. Without the slightest hesitation the person helps and assists other people. The heart and mind are cordial, honest, generous, and tolerant. The native is strict with him- or herself, yet lenient with others. He or she is fond of... [?]. The person of this star is the ideal aid and advisor to a top official.

With Tian Xiang the native... [?]. The person is... [?]. Buying stuff, the individual looks for quality instead of quantity. The person... [?]. The native does also attach great importance to the outward appearance of friends and associates, their way or style of dressing, and decoration and ornaments.

Tian Xiang is extremely susceptible to other stars. Tian Xiang dreads Huo Xing and Ling Xing the most.

Pros and cons

- The native is prudent and circumspect.

- The person is excessively careful and cautious.

- The individual is down-to-earth, realistic, steadfast and practical.

- He or she lacks imagination.

- Thinking things through the native is thorough.

- The person is short of the ability to get about and take action.

- The individual of Tian Xiang is tenacious and tough and durable.

- The native is too stubborn and obstinate.

- The person has harmonious interpersonal relationships.

- He or she presents a false picture of peace and prosperity; to pretend that everything is going well.

- The individual is particular about methods and means.

- The native becomes exhausted due to concerns and bothers; to be a tax on one's mind.

- The person has a strong ability to analyse.

- The individual nitpicks; to be fastidious, hypercritical, fussy.

- With this star the native attaches importance to outward appearance.

- The person is overly vain.

- The individual emphasises facts.

- He or she has to deal with a whole lot of information and data.

- The native is rational and pragmatic.

- The person is good at scheming; to calculate, plan, figure, consider.

Additional associations (personages):

- 聞仲 Wen Zhong

- 魯肅 Lu Su

- 媒婆 matchmaker

- 勤勞樸實的老里長 [?]

- horse

- 宰相 chancellor

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巨門 Ju Men

Translated from here.

- Yin Water (Gui 癸)

- effectuates 暗 àn = hidden, secret; dark, dull, dim; unclear, hazy

- represents quarrels, disputes

Looks, appearance: The person of Ju Men looks unfriendly. The individual appears not easy getting close to.

Disposition: Working and handling matters, the native has a sense of propriety; to know when to come and when to leave. The person learns a lot of subjects, but is only refined in a few of them. Handling things and dealing with stuff the individual is careful, cautious, and attentive. The native does not often join in with others; there are disputes and quarrelling.

Personality type: Assistant (providing with oral communication, the spoken language).

Individuality: This star has to do with entanglements, disputes, quarrels. With Ju Men the person is inclined to deep thought, contemplation; to do some hard thinking; to chew the cud; to think or reflect deeply. The individual is sceptical and distrustful. The native takes to debating, arguing, disputing, discussing. The person is moreover insistent, possessing perseverance. Ju Men signifies 猜忌 cāi​jì = to be suspicious and jealous of. This star represents the use of the mouth and the tongue, and disputes or misunderstandings caused by gossip. Also 食祿 shí​lù = to draw an official's salary; to occupy a high position in administration. Ju Men engenders turmoil, unrest, disturbance, confusion. There could easily be a lawsuit; to quarrel right and wrong. The individual is attentive and careful, and good at analysis. The native of this star is an effective communicator both face to face with somebody and within a group, team, or organisation.

Romance: The person is honest and frank, and fond of discussions and debating.

Merits: The individual is meticulous in thinking and detailed in analysis. The native is frank and straightforward. He or she possesses the ability to concentrate. The person is of a powerful ability to understand things and grasp ideas. The individual is fair and impartial; to do stuff according to the rules. The native is unlikely to speak vaguely around a topic without getting to the point. He or she does not beat about the bush.

Shortcomings: The person is inordinately proud of his or her abilities; to be conceited and contemptuous. The individual of Ju Men is suspicious and mistrustful and good at arguing. The native has a razor sharp mouth on the outside, but is soft and mushy on the inside. There is seldom a helping hand or assistance. Convincing the person of this star is not easy.

      Ju Men puts forth 暗 àn = darkness, things are hidden and obscure, secret; dim, hazy, unclear. The individual takes to quarrelling right and wrong, and there are disputes or misunderstandings caused by gossip. This star betokens 明爭暗鬥 míng​zhēng​'àn​dòu = both open strife and veiled scuffle; overt contention and covert struggle; to be locked in constant strife; struggling in the light, fighting in the dark. Ju Men is a star that facilitates lots and lots of changes in a native's life. There are twists and turns.

The person is inclined to quarrelling what's right and wrong. Ju Men is associated with 虛偽 xū​wěi = insincerity, sham, hypocrisy, what's false and artificial. The individual keeps things in the dark, concealing stuff. The native is sceptical, mistrustful, and swift to suspect. Ju Men also stands for 陰刑 yīnxíng = castration.

Should the person take to malevolence, Ju Men will effectuate disagreements, quarrels, gossip. If the individual opts for benevolence, he or she becomes honest and sincere, warm and kind, and Ju Men will bestow the native with eloquence and the ability to expertly handle public relations.

The person is a specialist, possessing specialised technical ability or skill. Researching and studying the individual is awfully attentive and careful. With this star capability invites laboriousness. Nevertheless, the native is learned in a lot of subjects, but proficient in only a few of them. In behaviour and conduct... [?].

The individual is not altogether sociable. The native is not the one who gets on well with others the most. The person of this star tends toward 斷章取義 duàn​zhāng​qǔ​yì = to quote and interpret out of context; to take meaning from cut segment; to focus attention on one phrase without regard to the meaning of the whole piece; to quote out of context to suit one's purpose. He or she makes a fuss over a trifle; to make a mountain out of a molehill. And tends to meddle in other people's business; to be a busybody; to have a finger in every pie. The individual of Ju Men appreciates arguing and debating with others. The native easily offends people lower than him- or herself. With this star there is a little bit of the mysterious about the person. He or she is sceptical and mistrustful, and good at duping and hoodwinking other people. The individual is suspicious and jealous.

In eloquence the native is sharp and penetrating. The person does usually not have good relations with others.

Because there is rather much of debating and quarrelling, the individual is fairly often suspicious, mistrustful; and hesitant and irresolute.

Ju Men also represents eloquence. Ju Men # Hua Lu or Hua Quan means the native can make a living off of reliable and sound eloquence; to earn a living from oratorical ability.

With Ju Men marrying too early is not appropriate.

This star is indicative of toil and pains. It betokens a childhood that is full of frustrations and dashed hopes; to be down on one's luck; a bumpy road. The person will necessarily have to be hard-working and industrious and only later meet with gain, profit, and success.

If saving money... [?].

The native of Ju Men is the one who has the most doubts, possessing a suspicious frame of mind, hence he or she is a cautious and prudent consumer.

Ju Men represents being good at eloquence and the person may be an expert at sweet speech and honeyed words; to practise cajolery; to be smooth-tongued. However, sometimes the individual takes to thinking too much, and there's the occurrence of 鑽牛角尖 zuān​niú​jiǎo​jiān = to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem; to bash one's head against a brick wall; to split hairs. Therefore the native will easily become engaged in religion or other such practices indicative of arrangements of ideas, thoughts, the use of the mind, etc.

Pros and cons

- Thinking something through, the person is careful and thorough.

- The individual is too cautious and circumspect.

- The native does things according to the rules.

- The person is not enough flexible and accommodating.

- The individual of Ju Men seeks after what's splendid and outstanding.

- The native is partial to perfectionism.

- The person is disposed to loyalty.

- He or she takes to blind devotion.

- The individual is blunt, direct, and straightforward.

- The native is too honest and frank.

- The person is brimming with dreams and ideals.

- The individual is unrealistic, impractical, and fanciful.

- The native is diligent and industrious; to concentrate one's attention on.

- He or she is conceited and contemptuous; to be arrogant because of one's talent and ability.

- The person observes and examines down to the smallest detail; to be thorough-going; fine and detailed.

- The individual is mistrustful and suspicious.

- The native of this star is modest and humble.

- The person reduces or devalues him- or herself.

- The individual is an eloquent and fluent speaker.

- He or she... [?].

Additional associations (personages):

- 馬千金 Ma Qianjin (wife of Jiang Ziya [Tian Ji])

- 華陀 Hua Tuo

- 演講家 orator, lecturer, speaker

- 大嘴巴的長舌婦 the big mouth of a meddler/busybody

- 啄木鳥 woodpecker

- 專家 expert, specialist

- 三姑六婆 [?]

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貪狼 Tan Lang

Translated from here.

- Yang Water or Wood (Ren 壬, Jia 甲)

- engenders 桃花 táohuā = peach blossom

- with Tan Lang disasters and happiness go together; sometimes there is happiness and good fortune and sometimes disaster; to rise and fall intertwiningly

Looks, appearance: The eyebrows are high and exposed, the ears are big and protruding.

Disposition: The person of Tan Lang is of an inconstant nature and temperament. He or she has many plans and projects going simultaneously. The native tends toward reality and what is actual and real. The individual can hardly avoid having much to worry about.

Personality type: Initiator (taking risks and chances).

Individuality: The native is of desires, longings, cravings. He or she absorbs, assimilates, takes up, digests. The person appreciates communication and social intercourse; to socialise, to engage in social functions. The individual is opportunistic, taking to gambling and speculating in risky adventures; to seize a chance to seek private gain. He or she is inquisitive and full of curiosity. The person emphasises the physical, matter, material things. The native is fond of having and owning; to possess, to occupy, to hold. This star stands for 官非 guān​fēi = lawsuit; to quarrel with officials. Tan Lang also represents 邪惡 xié​'è = wicked, vicious, vile; and 凶狠 xiōng​hěn = cruel, vengeful, fierce and malicious. The individual strives for achievements. The person tends toward social niceties, dinner parties, social interaction. Confronting difficulties and challenges the native uses estimates and logic.

Romance: The individual is of an heroic spirit, being bold, daring, and fearless.

Merits: The person is multi-talented and versatile; to be gifted in many ways, all-round. The native is smart, clever, quick, and sharp. And ingenious, tactful, and shrewd. He or she is good at communication and social intercourse. The person of Tan Lang is of a strong ability to learn and study. The individual is resourceful and full of stratagems. The native is out-and-out ambitious. In the matters of life and living the person is variegated and multifarious; to be multicoloured and of many postures. The individual will often receive help and assistance from the opposite sex.

Shortcomings: The native is greedy, wanting too much too soon. The individual does not enjoy being thorough and penetrating something deeply. He or she is self-willed, unruly, wayward, and stubborn. The person lacks perseverance. The native likes the new and hates the old; to be enamoured with new people, bored with the old; to be fickle in affection. The individual appreciates learning new things, but is refined and proficient in few subjects. He or she has a voracious desire for pleasure and what's joyous. The person is of powerful appetites, desires, and longings.

      Tan Lang signifies 慾望 yù​wàng = cravings, longings, desires. The native is licentious and wanton; to be easy in one's morals. This star facilitates a whole lot of peach blossom. The individual is versatile and multi-talented. Tan Lang means emphasis on love, romance, and relationships. The person has a voracious desire for sensual pursuits; wine and women; unrestrained indulgences. The native lusts after physical things. The individual is insatiably avaricious; to have an unlimited desire for more; to be greedy and never satisfied. The person is restless, energetic, and sly. He or she is smooth and slick establishing social relations; to be pleasant all round; to be all things to everybody.

The native of this star is of multiple masks and guises. He or she is clever, intelligent, bright, and smart. The individual is careful and attentive.

The person is suited for the performing arts.

With Tan Lang the native emphasises interpersonal relationships.

The individual appreciates freedom and does not enjoy being restricted and restrained.

In the horoscope the palace position of Tan Lang indicates and area of life where one has cravings and desires.

Tan Lang is one of the stars enabling a person being wise and resourceful. Tan Lang is the number one peach blossom star. The native is fond of literature and art. The person possesses the gift of the gab; to be an eloquent and fluent speaker. The native is of the courage to display him- or herself; to show off; to perform. The individual is inherently enthusiastic, passionate, lively, brisk, and active. The person is capable of truly super-sweet and honeyed words and speech. Commonly the native brings about vitality and esprit.

The person of this star is an expert at communication, social interaction, dinner parties, social niceties. In the case of the chart of a man he loves frequenting pleasure houses. In a woman's horoscope she'll have trouble being satisfied with only one partner.

Because Tan Lang is a peach blossom star, the individual has excellent predestined affinity with the opposite sex. The odds are high that he or she will tend toward 逢場作戲 féng​chǎng​zuò​xì​ = to join in the spirit of the occasion; to chime in with others; to play along according to local conditions.

This star enables the native with a whole lot of vitality. He or she is capable of being hard-working and enduring hardships. Regarding life and living, the individual's desires and longings are quite strong. The native emphasises what's actual and real. In love and hate the individual is fickle, variable, changeable. The person also has selfish motives and is stingy and parsimonious.

Tan Lang does additionally represent 修道 xiū​dào = to practise Daoism. During his or her later years the individual is liable to engage in the practice of Daoism; to make full-time efforts to cultivate one's spiritual and religious life; to enter into religion.

The native is not especially good at saving money. The person is partial to hedonism, spending money on the pleasures of the senses.

What's beautiful makes a very strong impression on the individual. The native will therefore attach great importance to exterior beauty. The person also holds physical and material life in very high regard.

Hua Lu will deepen the individual's craving for material things. Hua Ji will decrease the native's desires.

Pros and cons

- The native is versatile and multi-talented; to be gifted in many ways.

- The individual is greedy, wanting too much too soon.

- The person is nimble, dexterous, quick-witted and sharp.

- He or she is highly changeable and mercurial, and not stable and settled.

- The native of Tan Lang loves taking risks and chances.

- The individual has a strong gambling nature.

- The person is good at seizing the initiative; to understand something well and know how to use it.

- The native is fond of being in control.

- In reactions and responses the individual is plain-spoken, forthright, rapid and quick.

- He or she is impulsive and impetuous; to lose one's head, to explode.

- The person is altogether ambitious.

- The native is of too many desires and wishes.

- In the matters of Tan Lang the individual pursues efficiency.

- The person lacks endurance and patience.

- The native is of a strong ability to implement things and carrying out stuff.

- The individual is oppressive and constricting.

- The person has extensive and wide ranging interests.

- He or she is learned in a lot of subjects but refined in few of them.

- The native is good at communication and engaging in social functions; to socialise.

- The individual is excessively slick and sly; smooth and evasive.

Additional associations (personages):

- 妲己 Daji

- 周瑜 Zhou Yu

- 好動兒 an active and restless child

- 多才多情多慾望的一匹狼 a wolf who is multi-talented, passionate, and of numerous cravings and desires

- wolf

- 社交名媛 a young lady of note partial to social interactions and dinner parties

- 花花公子 a playboy

太陰 Tai Yin

 Translated from here.

- Yin Water (Gui 癸)

- enables 富 fù = resource, property; riches, wealth

- lord of both the Property palace and the Wealth palace

- represents mother, wife, female(s)

Looks, appearance: The native is delicate, pretty, and graceful. In appearance the person is refined and elegant.

Disposition: The individual of Tai Yin is intelligent, bright, smart, and learned and erudite. This star signifies 花酒 hu
ājiǔ = drinking and making merry by courtesans; and 文章 wénzhāng = literary works, writings. Although the person is bright and clever, the native tends toward mysophobia; to have an abnormal fear or distaste for contamination or uncleanliness.

Personality type: Collaborator (providing with responses).

Individuality: Tai Yin represents 貞潔 zh
ēnjié = chaste and undefiled; chastity, virtue, purity. The person is romantic. He or she emphasises what's clean and sanitary. The individual is introverted by nature and not apt to pour out his or her inner thoughts; to have deep-running emotions. The native is smooth and evasive, slick and sly. The person has an unhealthy obsession with cleanliness. He or she is partial to merrymaking with singsong girls in attendance; feasts and drinking in the company of harlots. Tai Yin signifies wealth and riches. And property. The individual... [?].

Romance: The person is tender and amiable, graceful and restrained, and subtle and concise.

Merits: The native keeps to the working routine; to follow the prescribed order. He or she demands perfection. The individual of this star is modest and self-effacing. Treating other people the person is friendly and polite. The native is greatly able to get on well with others, being sociable. The individual is brave enough to be in charge and take responsibility. He or she is fond of learning, studying, and research. In conduct in society the person is smooth, steady, and appropriate.

Shortcomings: The native is emotional and sensitive, sentimental, melancholy and moody. The individual evade
s reality, shirking away from actual circumstances. The person lacks self-confidence. He or she is indecisive and irresolute and hesitant. The native takes to self-pity; to feel sorry for oneself; to look at one's shadow and lament one's lot. The individual is easily pessimistic. In the matters of feelings, moods, and sentiments there are twists and turns, undulations. Frequently... [?].

      Tai Yin is lord of the Property palace. It represents what is calm, still, quiet, and not moving. This star enables the ability to collect and assemble. It betokens 富 fù = property, resource, riches, wealth.

Tai Yin stands for being chaste and undefiled.

This star signifies
母親 mǔ​qīn = mother.

The person of Tai Yin is fond of
詩情畫意 shī​qíng​huà​yì = picturesque charm; what's idyllic; qualities suggestive of poetry and painting. He or she loves fantasy and stuff of the imagination.

The individual is considerate and thoughtful, and polite, gentle, and cultured. He or she understands other people's views. The native is above average able to act in concert with and cooperate with others. The person of this star is awfully capable of team work, of being part of a group or organisation.

Tai Yin has to do with attending to and looking after one's home and family.

The individual is so careful and attentive that he or she tends to nitpick; to blow apart the hairs upon a fur to discover any defect; to be fastidious. And there is also present mysophobia.

The person appreciates steadiness and stability.

The native is irresolute and hesitant, indecisive. He or she is slow to come to the fore.

Since Tai Yin is associated with the moon, being born during the night is the most appropriate, because then the stuff allowed by this star will be readily available. In the horoscope Tai Yin is the most happy in Shen, You, Xu, Hai, Zi, and Chou. The star ought to avoid Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, Wu, and Wei.

A female with Tai Yin in Ming will be a standard woman, and beautiful. Tai Yin in Ming in a man's chart is less propitious, as he'll be lacking in courage, drive, resolution, boldness.

Tai Yin transformed by Hua Ji in a man's chart means he's liable to take to homosexuality.

Tai Yin represents
談情說愛 tán​qíng​shuō​'ài = billing and cooing; to discuss passion and talk of love; to express love with terms of endearment. Thus should Tai Yin be pronounced in the cycle chart(s), it is favourable talking about marriage.

Tai Yin # Ji in the cycle chart(s) easily means the loss of one's love; to break up; to feel jilted. Or unrequited love.

With Tai Yin the native spends money on stuff having to do with romance and love.

Pros and cons

- The individual is modest, humble, unassuming, and reasonable.

- The native lacks self-confidence.

- The person follows the prescribed order; to keep to the old conventional ways of doing things.

- The individual of this star doesn't dare taking risks and chances.

- The native is of the vigour and drive to experiment; to conduct experiments.

- The person is without a target or goal.

- Thinking things through the individual is cautious and prudent.

- He or she is lacking in the ability to take action and get about.

- The native is gregarious and sociable; to get on well with others.

- The person easily compromises.

- The individual is of much adaptability.

- The native is short of definite opinions.

- The person is fond of peace and harmony.

- The individual is too weak and feeble.

- The native is of exquisite perception
s and sensibility.

- He or she is sentimental and oversensitive; always melancholy and moody.

- The person is disposed to perfection and ideals.

- The individual is not enough pragmatic and down-to-earth.

- The native is good at socialising; to engage in social functions.

- He or she... [?].

Additional associations (personages):

- 賈夫人 Jia Furen (wife of Huang Feihu [Qi Sha])

- 賈寶玉 Jia Baoyu

- 白面書生 a pale-faced scholar; a pasty-faced bookworm; an inexperienced young scholar

- 陰柔善變又溫暖的月亮小姐 [?]

- 綿羊 sheep

- 溫柔女人 a gentle and soft woman/wife

天府 Tian Fu

Translated from here.

- Yang Earth (Wu 戊)

- gives the means to 賢能 xiánnéng = a virtuous and talented person

- lord of both the Wealth palace and the Property palace

Looks, appearance: The forehead is square, the jaw/palate round. The lips are red, the teeth white.

Disposition: The person of this star is mild, gentle, and moderate. He or she is intelligent, bright, smart, and delicate and pretty. Regarding learning and studying the person is very flexible and adaptable; to change according to the situation. He or she is moreover considerably talented.

Personality type: Leader (the ability to administer and supervise).

Individuality: Tian Fu denotes 財富 cái​fù = wealth and riches. The individual of this star tends toward the status quo; to preserve the accomplishments of previous generations; to carry on the good work of one's predecessors. The native is conservative, orthodox, standpat. The person is partial to what's stable, quiet, settled, calm and orderly. He or she gives alms, being charitable, this star being associated with Dāna. With Tian Fu the individual knows how to supervise, administer, being a manager. The native is very talented and capable. And merciful. The person emphasises what is respectable and honourable. He or she is generous and dignified. The individual... [?].

Romance: The native is calm and cool-headed, tending toward reason and what is rational.

Merits: The person is magnanimous and tolerant. The individual does not bother about trifles. He or she is innately optimistic and hopeful. The person is warm-hearted, enthusiastically helping other people. The native does not strive for fame and profit. With Tian Fu... [?].

Shortcomings: The person is careless and sloppy; boorish; rough and ready. The native drifts along according to customs; to follow the tide. The individual lacks vigour. He or she has a voracious desire for joy, happiness, and pleasure. There is a shortage of courage, boldness, daring, and resolution. The person lacks patience and endurance.

      Tian Fu signifies 財庫 cáikù​ = a storehouse for money, wealth, riches.

The native of this star appears reliable, credible, responsible, tolerant, and forgiving. The person is fond of listening attentively to the worries of friends. He or she loves taking care of and showing consideration for the small and the weak. Thus the individual appears trustworthy.

In behaviour and conduct the native is comparatively conservative and standpat. He or she lacks the ability to take the initiative, to be spontaneous, to do something of one's own accord. The person is soft on the outside, hard on the inside, and intelligent, smart, and bright. The individual is particular about principles. He or she is greatly able to adapt to circumstances. The native is very talented in learning and studying. With this star the person is awfully concerned about saving face; to worry about losing face; to be proud of one's reputation and sensitive about losing prestige. The individual appreciates asserting his or her own thoughts and ideas. Working and doing a task the native is of the ability to follow the prescribed order, to keep to conventional ways, to accomplish the goal. The Tian Fu person is beneficial for when preserving the accomplishments of the previous generations; to carry on the good work of one's predecessors. Initiating things and starting and founding stuff is unfavourable and detrimental. The native is fond of smooth and steady progress to achieve growth and success.

Tian Fu permits the individual being steady, earnest, easy-mannered, and natural and relaxed. He or she is moderate, mild, good and honest, and kind-hearted. The person takes to rules and regulations, and emphasises personal integrity. In manners and temperament the native is elegant, gracious, and tasteful.

The individual displays utter loyalty to his or her duties. The person takes responsibility. The native tends toward 任勞任怨 rèn​láo​rèn​yuàn = to undertake a task despite criticism; to bear the burden of office willingly. He or she is of an outstanding ability to assist a ruler in governing a country. The individual does also have leadership talent.

Sometimes the person appears to be lacking ambition. Doing stuff the native is conservative, sticking to convention and the established practice, staying in a rut. He or she is irresolute and hesitant. Handling matters and working the individual spends too much time thinking things over, deliberating, making plans. Therefore, others can misread the person thinking he or she is self-centred and only concerned with material life.

Tian Fu is able to control and restrain sha stars. Tian Fu is the most afraid of both Di Kong and Di Jie, but especially Di Jie.

When trying to get hold of money or managing it, the native adheres to his or her own philosophy. The Tian Fu star enables a pretty good ability to deposit and save money. The person enjoys spending money on stuff to do with one's tastes in music, fashion, literature, food and drink, etc. He or she is fond of what is elegant and in good taste.

... [?].

Pros and cons

- The person does not bother about trifles.

- He or she is sloppy and careless; to do things carelessly.

- The native is fond of enjoyments and pleasure.

- The individual of Tian Fu lacks drive and vigour and enthusiasm for doing things.

- The person learns numerous subjects and is capable of much.

- The native is extensive but shallow in knowledge; to know something about everything.

- The individual is down-to-earth, realistic, practical, and steadfast.

- The person lacks imagination.

- With this star the native emphasises efficiency.

- The individual is not enough careful and cautious.

- The person attaches importance to appreciating life.

- He or she seeks after physical things.

- The native is principled.

- The individual is stubborn and obstinate.

- The person is good at planning and scheming; to consider, to figure.

- The native is excessively shrewd and calculating.

- The individual is partial to freedom and satisfactions.

- The person is short of patience and endurance.

- The native pursues position, standing, rank, importance, status.

- The individual has high standards but little ability; to be fastidious but incompetent; great ambitions but little talent.

Additional associations (personages):

- 姜後 Jiang Hou (first wife of Zhou Wang [Po Jun])

- 孫權 Sun Quan

- 財務長 a leader/chief of financial affairs

- 穩重的法官大人 [?]

- 鳳 phoenix

- 皇后 empress, imperial consort

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廉貞 Lian Zhen

Translated from here.

- Yin Wood (Yi 乙)

- permits 囚 qiú = imprison; convict, prisoner

- in Shen or Ming, the number two peach blossom star

- in the Career palace, lord of the Career palace

Looks, appearance: The eyebrows are wide/broad, the eyes big. The mouth is moist/glossy, the ears... [?].

Disposition: The person of Lian Zhen is firm, hard, tough, and impetuous. He or she is fond of taking part in disputes. Even though the individual is clever and intelligent, the native is partial to 邪惡 xié​'è = wicked, sinister, vicious.

Personality type: Initiator (having patience and fortitude).

Individuality: Lian Zhen represents 公關 gōng​guān = public relations. The native possesses perseverance and willpower, stamina and tenacity. He or she is unyielding and unbending. The individual is insistent. The person does not accept losing. The native is sinister, wicked, fiendish, and ferocious. Lian Zhen enables peach blossom. The person is devious, crafty, and cunning. This star signifies fomenting 惡勢力 è​shì​li = evil forces and criminal elements. The individual tends toward 貞烈 zhēn​liè = ready to die to preserve one's chastity. The native is stubborn and persistent. Even under pressure the person is able to steadily complete a goal.

Romance: The native knows him- or herself and has self-confidence.

Merits: The person takes responsibility and is conscientious. The individual possesses knowledge and experience out of the ordinary. In thought and thinking the native is new and original, imaginative and innovative. The person is able to distinguish right from wrong. Lian Zhen permits the individual being daring to act and courageous enough to take responsibility for it. The person is energetic and proactive, wanting to advance and go forward.

Shortcomings: The native is proud and arrogant. The person is fickle what with likes and dislikes. The individual views him- or herself too highly. The native obstinately clings to his or her own course; to be isolated and stubborn. The individual is too cutting edge. He or she is unyieldingly eager to win; to want to demonstrate one's own abilities and surpass others. The person is too stern and strict, requesting too much. The individual is unrestrained, short-tempered, sudden and violent, hot-tempered, savage and fierce.

      Lian Zhen is one of the stars effectuating lots of change and variation. There are two sides enabled by this star: one that is upright and honourable, and one that is deplorable and vicious. Thus the individual of Lian Zhen is elusive and hard to pin down. There are fairly great changes in good and bad luck.

The person has much devotion to his or her work; to have a whole lot of professional ambition. The native is an eloquent and fluent speaker; to possess the gift of the gab. He or she is shrewd, taking to tactics or strategies designed for variable conditions, being of uncanny wisdom and knowledge. The individual of this star is talented in public relations. In the matters of social interaction the person has finesse and skill and is considerably sharp and penetrative. In reactions and responses the native is unusually quick, forthright, and plain-spoken. With Lian Zhen the individual is multi-talented, versatile, gifted in many ways, all-round. The person demands perfection from him- or herself. The native moreover takes to being harsh and severe. The individual easily offends people lower than him- or herself. The person cares thinly about non-professional social relationships and human interaction. The native does not prioritise marriage life. He or she is determined by work performance, being concerned about career achievements.

Lian Zhen is the number two peach blossom star. It effectuates a whole lot of peach blossom. The predestined affinity with the opposite sex is pretty good.

When Lian Zhen is in Ming the individual is awfully suited to engage in politics. He or she can easily become a government functionary. An official position or carrying out commercial activities are professional areas where the native will be energetically interested in making progress. Working and handling matters the person is fairly conscientious; to do one's duty. It is improbable that the individual of this star will first bother about the outcome/result. He or she will always start with investing time and energy in a task or job, and only afterwards request rewards. The native is unlikely to do something half-heartedly or just for show, to be a cheat or a scam. The person... [?]. Also, because there is such an excessive disposition to tend toward the outside world, the individual can expect a lifetime of a whole lot of debates and quarrelling.

With Lian Zhen there is emphasis on love, romance, and relationships, the native lacking rationality. In behaviour and conduct the individual is impatient and short-tempered, and of a vigorous intention to win, being strongly competitive. The person does not very much so get on well with others, not being especially sociable. He or she easily offends other people. The native of Lian Zhen is rather unwilling to let others discover his or her inner world. The individual is [thus] indeterminate and hard to fathom and ascertain.

Lian Zhen is the most fond of Tian Kui and Tian Yue.

Lu Cun and Tian Xiang are able to dissolve the baleful things that Lian Zhen puts forth in the horoscope. But... [?].

Lian Zhen... [?].

Pros and cons

- The person is of much self-confidence.

- The individual is proud and arrogant.

- The native of Lian Zhen is persistent and tenacious.

- The person is oppressive; to repress, constrict.

- The individual is fond of being in control.

- The native is very manipulative.

- The person is of the vigour and drive to take risks and chances.

- He or she has a strong gambling nature.

- In reactions and responses the individual is quick and clever, forthright and plain-spoken.

- The native is impulsive; to explode, to lose one's head.

- Love and hate are clearly demarcated.

- The person is too extreme.

- The individual of this star is energetic and proactive and forges ahead; to go forward.

- The native flaunts his or her superiority and loves to outshine others; to seek to do others down; to have a desire to excel.

- The person seeks what's new, requesting change.

- He or she isn't stable.

- The individual... [?].

- The native lacks patience and endurance.

- In thought and thinking the person is new and original.

- The individual is very subjective.

Additional associations (personages):

 - 費仲 Feizhong

- 呂布 Lü Bu

- 通緝犯 wanted criminal

- 有潔癖的公務人員 a government functionary... [?]

- leopard, panther

- 貞潔烈女 [?]

- 禮官 [?]


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天同 Tian Tong

 Translated from here.

- Yang Water (Ren 壬)

- enables 福 fú = good fortune, happiness, blessing

- lord of the Happiness and Virtue palace

- capable of removing difficulty and adversity

Looks, appearance: The eyebrows are gentle and soft, the eyes elegant and graceful. The lips are lush, the teeth neat and even.

Disposition: In behaviour and conduct the individual is modest and self-effacing, unassuming and humble. In the matters of the affairs of the world the person of Tian Tong is partial to peace and harmony. Not only is the native docile, gentle, and mild, but he or she also drifts toward 軟弱 ruǎn​ruò = weak and feeble; to be short of strength.

Personality type: Collaborator (providing with sensitivity).

Individuality: The Tian Tong star allows the individual to enjoy good fortune. The person is optimistic and happy-go-lucky. He or she is ingenuous, artless, naive, and innocent. The individual is simple and not complicated. The native of this star is sluggish, indolent, inactive, and lazy. The person resists pressure or stress, being feeble and fragile. With Tian Tong the individual is fond of working with his or her brain. The native is disposed to 靈感 líng​gǎn = inspiration and insight; a burst of creativity in scientific or artistic endeavour. The person is lacking in physical strength and adamancy. He or she takes to awaiting; to wait for. The individual... [?].

Romance: The native is lenient, tolerant, forgiving, gentle, mild, and moderate.

Merits: The person of Tian Tong is modest and unassuming; amiable and approachable. The native is satisfied with what he or she has; contentment brings happiness; one may go farther and fare worse. The character/mind/nature is magnanimous. The person does not resort to hatred and desire for revenge. He or she is happy giving in charity, to give alms. Tian Tong enables much guiren luck. In life and living the individual emphasises what has emotional appeal, what are one's interests, delights, tastes. It is improbable that the native will scramble for power and profit.

Shortcomings: The person is ever fearful and nervous; to be afraid of the head and terrified of the tail; to be afraid of the slightest thing. The individual is swayed by his or her emotions; to act impetuously. The native is careless and sloppy. The person lacks patience and endurance. There is a shortage of enthusiasm for doing something. The individual thinks about many things to do, but actually becomes engaged in little.

      Tian Tong is one of the stars putting forth good fortune, luck, and happiness. It is beneficial for long life and old age. It is capable of eliminating disaster and calamity and do away with adversity. Karmic rewards run very deep.

Tian Tong has to do with being able to enjoy things in peace. The person takes to... [?]. The native has a mild and gentle temperament, and is humble, and knows etiquette and propriety. The individual is of much human touch, human interest, human kindness.

The person of this star is good at harmonising human relationships and interpersonal concerns. He or she is quick-witted and knows tact. The native tends toward 温文尔雅 wēn​wén​'ěr​yǎ = to be cultured and refined; courteous and cultivated; gentle and soft. The individual appreciates literature. The heart is compassionate, the mind kind and merciful, the person being honest and just and fond of helping other people. The native does not enjoy taking part in bickering with others. He or she is extreme in neither thought nor speech. Other people notice that the individual is amiable and easy-going, hence rendering the person having good relations with others.

The native emphasises cultured life. The individual is fond of activities of ease and leisure. The person is very much so partial to what one appreciates, what are one's tastes in food and drink, music, fashion, literature, etc.

Although the native is smart and intelligent, and eager to study and erudite, there is the inability to keep or fix the mind on something for a prolonged period of time. First the individual is hard-working and constant, afterwards lazy and careless.

Because Tian Tong is a lucky star, the person is fond of peaceful enjoyments. The native tends toward 得過且過 dé​guò​qiě​guò = satisfied just to get through; to muddle through; to be without ambitions, but getting by. The person keeps to the established rules and beaten track. He or she is somewhat feeble and weak, and negligent, inactive, careless, and indolent. For these reasons the individual of Tian Tong is fairly incapable of initiating things, of starting or founding stuff, and there is a shortage of great goals and aspirations. Dealing with things and handling affairs the person is moreover not very energetic and proactive. The native has high dreams and ideals, and lots of fantasies and delusions, and is not very pragmatic and dealing with concrete issues. The individual rouses to vigorous action only when there is a setback, defeat, disappointment, upset.

In the case of the horoscope of a man it is appropriate to have the presence of Hua Quan or Hua Ke. Otherwise he will lack the ambition to forge ahead.

In the instance of the chart of a woman Tian Tong permits her with good fortune. However, Tian Tong should not meet with a whole lot of other Water stars, because this would mean she'd have trouble avoiding difficulties what with love, romance, and relationships.

Tian Tong will signify the individual could tend toward welfare work, etc., because this star is associated with Tu Di Gong, a benevolent earth god of wealth and merit.

Tian Tong is fairly not worried by the presence of Qing Yang, Tuo Luo, Huo Xing, or Ling Xing.

Tian Tong meeting with sha stars means effectuating the instance of 奮發圖強 fèn​fā​tú​qiáng = to work hard for success. The person's will to fight is set in motion. Although the native's life could become tiring and difficult, there is still the opportunity to have success and accomplishing things.

The individual of this star is an adherent of hedonism, pleasure-seeking. The native... [?].

Regarding love, romance, and relationships... [?].

Pros and cons

- The person is satisfied with what he or she has.

- The native lacks drive and vigour and enthusiasm for doing something.

- The individual is fond of peace and harmony.

- The person is weak and feeble.

- The native of this star is good at responding.

- The individual stoops to flattery; to curry favour with; to ingratiate oneself with somebody.

- The person is good at accommodating and adapting to circumstances.

- He or she is inconstant from beginning to end.

- With Tian Tong the native does not compete and contend with others.

- The individual lacks ambition.

- The person is very adaptable and flexible.

- The native lacks definite opinions.

- The individual has good relations with other people.

- He or she is too much of a cajoler; to ingratiate oneself with; to fawn on, play up to.

- The person adjusts to changing circumstances; to adapt oneself to changing conditions.

- The native lacks principles.

- The individual is romantic, sensitive, emotional, and sentimental.

- He or she is fanciful, unrealistic, and impractical.

- The person is fair and considerate; to understand people's views.

- The native feels wronged what with him- or herself.

Additional associations (personages):

- 周文王 King Wen of Zhou

- 貂蟬 Diaochan

- 豬八戒 Zhu Bajie

- 鄰家的好姐姐 a benevolent older sister in the neighbouring household

- 無尾熊 koala

- 小孩 child

- 书生 intellectual, scholar