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廉貞 Lian Zhen

Translated from here.

- Yin Wood (Yi 乙)

- permits 囚 qiú = imprison; convict, prisoner

- in Shen or Ming, the number two peach blossom star

- in the Career palace, lord of the Career palace

Looks, appearance: The eyebrows are wide/broad, the eyes big. The mouth is moist/glossy, the ears... [?].

Disposition: The person of Lian Zhen is firm, hard, tough, and impetuous. He or she is fond of taking part in disputes. Even though the individual is clever and intelligent, the native is partial to 邪惡 xié​'è = wicked, sinister, vicious.

Personality type: Initiator (having patience and fortitude).

Individuality: Lian Zhen represents 公關 gōng​guān = public relations. The native possesses perseverance and willpower, stamina and tenacity. He or she is unyielding and unbending. The individual is insistent. The person does not accept losing. The native is sinister, wicked, fiendish, and ferocious. Lian Zhen enables peach blossom. The person is devious, crafty, and cunning. This star signifies fomenting 惡勢力 è​shì​li = evil forces and criminal elements. The individual tends toward 貞烈 zhēn​liè = ready to die to preserve one's chastity. The native is stubborn and persistent. Even under pressure the person is able to steadily complete a goal.

Romance: The native knows him- or herself and has self-confidence.

Merits: The person takes responsibility and is conscientious. The individual possesses knowledge and experience out of the ordinary. In thought and thinking the native is new and original, imaginative and innovative. The person is able to distinguish right from wrong. Lian Zhen permits the individual being daring to act and courageous enough to take responsibility for it. The person is energetic and proactive, wanting to advance and go forward.

Shortcomings: The native is proud and arrogant. The person is fickle what with likes and dislikes. The individual views him- or herself too highly. The native obstinately clings to his or her own course; to be isolated and stubborn. The individual is too cutting edge. He or she is unyieldingly eager to win; to want to demonstrate one's own abilities and surpass others. The person is too stern and strict, requesting too much. The individual is unrestrained, short-tempered, sudden and violent, hot-tempered, savage and fierce.

      Lian Zhen is one of the stars effectuating lots of change and variation. There are two sides enabled by this star: one that is upright and honourable, and one that is deplorable and vicious. Thus the individual of Lian Zhen is elusive and hard to pin down. There are fairly great changes in good and bad luck.

The person has much devotion to his or her work; to have a whole lot of professional ambition. The native is an eloquent and fluent speaker; to possess the gift of the gab. He or she is shrewd, taking to tactics or strategies designed for variable conditions, being of uncanny wisdom and knowledge. The individual of this star is talented in public relations. In the matters of social interaction the person has finesse and skill and is considerably sharp and penetrative. In reactions and responses the native is unusually quick, forthright, and plain-spoken. With Lian Zhen the individual is multi-talented, versatile, gifted in many ways, all-round. The person demands perfection from him- or herself. The native moreover takes to being harsh and severe. The individual easily offends people lower than him- or herself. The person cares thinly about non-professional social relationships and human interaction. The native does not prioritise marriage life. He or she is determined by work performance, being concerned about career achievements.

Lian Zhen is the number two peach blossom star. It effectuates a whole lot of peach blossom. The predestined affinity with the opposite sex is pretty good.

When Lian Zhen is in Ming the individual is awfully suited to engage in politics. He or she can easily become a government functionary. An official position or carrying out commercial activities are professional areas where the native will be energetically interested in making progress. Working and handling matters the person is fairly conscientious; to do one's duty. It is improbable that the individual of this star will first bother about the outcome/result. He or she will always start with investing time and energy in a task or job, and only afterwards request rewards. The native is unlikely to do something half-heartedly or just for show, to be a cheat or a scam. The person... [?]. Also, because there is such an excessive disposition to tend toward the outside world, the individual can expect a lifetime of a whole lot of debates and quarrelling.

With Lian Zhen there is emphasis on love, romance, and relationships, the native lacking rationality. In behaviour and conduct the individual is impatient and short-tempered, and of a vigorous intention to win, being strongly competitive. The person does not very much so get on well with others, not being especially sociable. He or she easily offends other people. The native of Lian Zhen is rather unwilling to let others discover his or her inner world. The individual is [thus] indeterminate and hard to fathom and ascertain.

Lian Zhen is the most fond of Tian Kui and Tian Yue.

Lu Cun and Tian Xiang are able to dissolve the baleful things that Lian Zhen puts forth in the horoscope. But... [?].

Lian Zhen... [?].

Pros and cons

- The person is of much self-confidence.

- The individual is proud and arrogant.

- The native of Lian Zhen is persistent and tenacious.

- The person is oppressive; to repress, constrict.

- The individual is fond of being in control.

- The native is very manipulative.

- The person is of the vigour and drive to take risks and chances.

- He or she has a strong gambling nature.

- In reactions and responses the individual is quick and clever, forthright and plain-spoken.

- The native is impulsive; to explode, to lose one's head.

- Love and hate are clearly demarcated.

- The person is too extreme.

- The individual of this star is energetic and proactive and forges ahead; to go forward.

- The native flaunts his or her superiority and loves to outshine others; to seek to do others down; to have a desire to excel.

- The person seeks what's new, requesting change.

- He or she isn't stable.

- The individual... [?].

- The native lacks patience and endurance.

- In thought and thinking the person is new and original.

- The individual is very subjective.

Additional associations (personages):

 - 費仲 Feizhong

- 呂布 Lü Bu

- 通緝犯 wanted criminal

- 有潔癖的公務人員 a government functionary... [?]

- leopard, panther

- 貞潔烈女 [?]

- 禮官 [?]


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