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天府 Tian Fu

Translated from here.

- Yang Earth (Wu 戊)

- gives the means to 賢能 xiánnéng = a virtuous and talented person

- lord of both the Wealth palace and the Property palace

Looks, appearance: The forehead is square, the jaw/palate round. The lips are red, the teeth white.

Disposition: The person of this star is mild, gentle, and moderate. He or she is intelligent, bright, smart, and delicate and pretty. Regarding learning and studying the person is very flexible and adaptable; to change according to the situation. He or she is moreover considerably talented.

Personality type: Leader (the ability to administer and supervise).

Individuality: Tian Fu denotes 財富 cái​fù = wealth and riches. The individual of this star tends toward the status quo; to preserve the accomplishments of previous generations; to carry on the good work of one's predecessors. The native is conservative, orthodox, standpat. The person is partial to what's stable, quiet, settled, calm and orderly. He or she gives alms, being charitable, this star being associated with Dāna. With Tian Fu the individual knows how to supervise, administer, being a manager. The native is very talented and capable. And merciful. The person emphasises what is respectable and honourable. He or she is generous and dignified. The individual... [?].

Romance: The native is calm and cool-headed, tending toward reason and what is rational.

Merits: The person is magnanimous and tolerant. The individual does not bother about trifles. He or she is innately optimistic and hopeful. The person is warm-hearted, enthusiastically helping other people. The native does not strive for fame and profit. With Tian Fu... [?].

Shortcomings: The person is careless and sloppy; boorish; rough and ready. The native drifts along according to customs; to follow the tide. The individual lacks vigour. He or she has a voracious desire for joy, happiness, and pleasure. There is a shortage of courage, boldness, daring, and resolution. The person lacks patience and endurance.

      Tian Fu signifies 財庫 cáikù​ = a storehouse for money, wealth, riches.

The native of this star appears reliable, credible, responsible, tolerant, and forgiving. The person is fond of listening attentively to the worries of friends. He or she loves taking care of and showing consideration for the small and the weak. Thus the individual appears trustworthy.

In behaviour and conduct the native is comparatively conservative and standpat. He or she lacks the ability to take the initiative, to be spontaneous, to do something of one's own accord. The person is soft on the outside, hard on the inside, and intelligent, smart, and bright. The individual is particular about principles. He or she is greatly able to adapt to circumstances. The native is very talented in learning and studying. With this star the person is awfully concerned about saving face; to worry about losing face; to be proud of one's reputation and sensitive about losing prestige. The individual appreciates asserting his or her own thoughts and ideas. Working and doing a task the native is of the ability to follow the prescribed order, to keep to conventional ways, to accomplish the goal. The Tian Fu person is beneficial for when preserving the accomplishments of the previous generations; to carry on the good work of one's predecessors. Initiating things and starting and founding stuff is unfavourable and detrimental. The native is fond of smooth and steady progress to achieve growth and success.

Tian Fu permits the individual being steady, earnest, easy-mannered, and natural and relaxed. He or she is moderate, mild, good and honest, and kind-hearted. The person takes to rules and regulations, and emphasises personal integrity. In manners and temperament the native is elegant, gracious, and tasteful.

The individual displays utter loyalty to his or her duties. The person takes responsibility. The native tends toward 任勞任怨 rèn​láo​rèn​yuàn = to undertake a task despite criticism; to bear the burden of office willingly. He or she is of an outstanding ability to assist a ruler in governing a country. The individual does also have leadership talent.

Sometimes the person appears to be lacking ambition. Doing stuff the native is conservative, sticking to convention and the established practice, staying in a rut. He or she is irresolute and hesitant. Handling matters and working the individual spends too much time thinking things over, deliberating, making plans. Therefore, others can misread the person thinking he or she is self-centred and only concerned with material life.

Tian Fu is able to control and restrain sha stars. Tian Fu is the most afraid of both Di Kong and Di Jie, but especially Di Jie.

When trying to get hold of money or managing it, the native adheres to his or her own philosophy. The Tian Fu star enables a pretty good ability to deposit and save money. The person enjoys spending money on stuff to do with one's tastes in music, fashion, literature, food and drink, etc. He or she is fond of what is elegant and in good taste.

... [?].

Pros and cons

- The person does not bother about trifles.

- He or she is sloppy and careless; to do things carelessly.

- The native is fond of enjoyments and pleasure.

- The individual of Tian Fu lacks drive and vigour and enthusiasm for doing things.

- The person learns numerous subjects and is capable of much.

- The native is extensive but shallow in knowledge; to know something about everything.

- The individual is down-to-earth, realistic, practical, and steadfast.

- The person lacks imagination.

- With this star the native emphasises efficiency.

- The individual is not enough careful and cautious.

- The person attaches importance to appreciating life.

- He or she seeks after physical things.

- The native is principled.

- The individual is stubborn and obstinate.

- The person is good at planning and scheming; to consider, to figure.

- The native is excessively shrewd and calculating.

- The individual is partial to freedom and satisfactions.

- The person is short of patience and endurance.

- The native pursues position, standing, rank, importance, status.

- The individual has high standards but little ability; to be fastidious but incompetent; great ambitions but little talent.

Additional associations (personages):

- 姜後 Jiang Hou (first wife of Zhou Wang [Po Jun])

- 孫權 Sun Quan

- 財務長 a leader/chief of financial affairs

- 穩重的法官大人 [?]

- 鳳 phoenix

- 皇后 empress, imperial consort

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