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天同 Tian Tong

 Translated from here.

- Yang Water (Ren 壬)

- enables 福 fú = good fortune, happiness, blessing

- lord of the Happiness and Virtue palace

- capable of removing difficulty and adversity

Looks, appearance: The eyebrows are gentle and soft, the eyes elegant and graceful. The lips are lush, the teeth neat and even.

Disposition: In behaviour and conduct the individual is modest and self-effacing, unassuming and humble. In the matters of the affairs of the world the person of Tian Tong is partial to peace and harmony. Not only is the native docile, gentle, and mild, but he or she also drifts toward 軟弱 ruǎn​ruò = weak and feeble; to be short of strength.

Personality type: Collaborator (providing with sensitivity).

Individuality: The Tian Tong star allows the individual to enjoy good fortune. The person is optimistic and happy-go-lucky. He or she is ingenuous, artless, naive, and innocent. The individual is simple and not complicated. The native of this star is sluggish, indolent, inactive, and lazy. The person resists pressure or stress, being feeble and fragile. With Tian Tong the individual is fond of working with his or her brain. The native is disposed to 靈感 líng​gǎn = inspiration and insight; a burst of creativity in scientific or artistic endeavour. The person is lacking in physical strength and adamancy. He or she takes to awaiting; to wait for. The individual... [?].

Romance: The native is lenient, tolerant, forgiving, gentle, mild, and moderate.

Merits: The person of Tian Tong is modest and unassuming; amiable and approachable. The native is satisfied with what he or she has; contentment brings happiness; one may go farther and fare worse. The character/mind/nature is magnanimous. The person does not resort to hatred and desire for revenge. He or she is happy giving in charity, to give alms. Tian Tong enables much guiren luck. In life and living the individual emphasises what has emotional appeal, what are one's interests, delights, tastes. It is improbable that the native will scramble for power and profit.

Shortcomings: The person is ever fearful and nervous; to be afraid of the head and terrified of the tail; to be afraid of the slightest thing. The individual is swayed by his or her emotions; to act impetuously. The native is careless and sloppy. The person lacks patience and endurance. There is a shortage of enthusiasm for doing something. The individual thinks about many things to do, but actually becomes engaged in little.

      Tian Tong is one of the stars putting forth good fortune, luck, and happiness. It is beneficial for long life and old age. It is capable of eliminating disaster and calamity and do away with adversity. Karmic rewards run very deep.

Tian Tong has to do with being able to enjoy things in peace. The person takes to... [?]. The native has a mild and gentle temperament, and is humble, and knows etiquette and propriety. The individual is of much human touch, human interest, human kindness.

The person of this star is good at harmonising human relationships and interpersonal concerns. He or she is quick-witted and knows tact. The native tends toward 温文尔雅 wēn​wén​'ěr​yǎ = to be cultured and refined; courteous and cultivated; gentle and soft. The individual appreciates literature. The heart is compassionate, the mind kind and merciful, the person being honest and just and fond of helping other people. The native does not enjoy taking part in bickering with others. He or she is extreme in neither thought nor speech. Other people notice that the individual is amiable and easy-going, hence rendering the person having good relations with others.

The native emphasises cultured life. The individual is fond of activities of ease and leisure. The person is very much so partial to what one appreciates, what are one's tastes in food and drink, music, fashion, literature, etc.

Although the native is smart and intelligent, and eager to study and erudite, there is the inability to keep or fix the mind on something for a prolonged period of time. First the individual is hard-working and constant, afterwards lazy and careless.

Because Tian Tong is a lucky star, the person is fond of peaceful enjoyments. The native tends toward 得過且過 dé​guò​qiě​guò = satisfied just to get through; to muddle through; to be without ambitions, but getting by. The person keeps to the established rules and beaten track. He or she is somewhat feeble and weak, and negligent, inactive, careless, and indolent. For these reasons the individual of Tian Tong is fairly incapable of initiating things, of starting or founding stuff, and there is a shortage of great goals and aspirations. Dealing with things and handling affairs the person is moreover not very energetic and proactive. The native has high dreams and ideals, and lots of fantasies and delusions, and is not very pragmatic and dealing with concrete issues. The individual rouses to vigorous action only when there is a setback, defeat, disappointment, upset.

In the case of the horoscope of a man it is appropriate to have the presence of Hua Quan or Hua Ke. Otherwise he will lack the ambition to forge ahead.

In the instance of the chart of a woman Tian Tong permits her with good fortune. However, Tian Tong should not meet with a whole lot of other Water stars, because this would mean she'd have trouble avoiding difficulties what with love, romance, and relationships.

Tian Tong will signify the individual could tend toward welfare work, etc., because this star is associated with Tu Di Gong, a benevolent earth god of wealth and merit.

Tian Tong is fairly not worried by the presence of Qing Yang, Tuo Luo, Huo Xing, or Ling Xing.

Tian Tong meeting with sha stars means effectuating the instance of 奮發圖強 fèn​fā​tú​qiáng = to work hard for success. The person's will to fight is set in motion. Although the native's life could become tiring and difficult, there is still the opportunity to have success and accomplishing things.

The individual of this star is an adherent of hedonism, pleasure-seeking. The native... [?].

Regarding love, romance, and relationships... [?].

Pros and cons

- The person is satisfied with what he or she has.

- The native lacks drive and vigour and enthusiasm for doing something.

- The individual is fond of peace and harmony.

- The person is weak and feeble.

- The native of this star is good at responding.

- The individual stoops to flattery; to curry favour with; to ingratiate oneself with somebody.

- The person is good at accommodating and adapting to circumstances.

- He or she is inconstant from beginning to end.

- With Tian Tong the native does not compete and contend with others.

- The individual lacks ambition.

- The person is very adaptable and flexible.

- The native lacks definite opinions.

- The individual has good relations with other people.

- He or she is too much of a cajoler; to ingratiate oneself with; to fawn on, play up to.

- The person adjusts to changing circumstances; to adapt oneself to changing conditions.

- The native lacks principles.

- The individual is romantic, sensitive, emotional, and sentimental.

- He or she is fanciful, unrealistic, and impractical.

- The person is fair and considerate; to understand people's views.

- The native feels wronged what with him- or herself.

Additional associations (personages):

- 周文王 King Wen of Zhou

- 貂蟬 Diaochan

- 豬八戒 Zhu Bajie

- 鄰家的好姐姐 a benevolent older sister in the neighbouring household

- 無尾熊 koala

- 小孩 child

- 书生 intellectual, scholar

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