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天機 Tian Ji

Translated from here.

- Yin Wood (Yi 乙)

- gives the means to 善 shàn = kind, friendly; virtuous, good; to perfect, make a success of; be expert or adept in, be good at; be apt to

- lord of the Siblings palace

Looks, appearance: The eyebrows are thin and slender, the eyes keen and pointed. The forehead is broad, the jaw/palate narrow.

Disposition: The person of Tian Ji is of impatience. He or she also has a compassionate heart and mind, being gentle, merciful, and humane. The individual is shrewd, taking to tactics or strategies designed for variable conditions. The native is changeful, being mercurial, fickle, and varied. Even though the person is above average intelligent, possessing knowledge and wisdom, he or she also tends toward 幻想 huàn​xiǎng = fantasy, delusion; what's unrealistic and impractical.

Personality type: Assistant (analysing problems).

Individuality: The individual is quick-witted and resourceful. He or she is clever, bright, and acute of sight and hearing. With Tian Ji, the native is sensitive and touchy. The person takes to observing and examining. Reacting and responding the individual is rapid, sharp, forthright, and plain-spoken. This star permits intelligence, wisdom, knowledge. The native is noble and virtuous; to be aloof from politics and material pursuits. There is a predestined affinity with religion. Staying at home, there is much quarrelling. Tian Ji has to do with ...[?]. Carrying out commercial activities is not easy. Only Tian Ma represents more change than Tian Ji. The person... [?].

Romance: In love and romance the individual is shrewd, penetrating, keen, and sharp.

Merits: The native of Tian Ji is good at analysis and research. Thinking things through, the person is comprehensive and detailed, meticulous. The individual is quick in reactions, and shrewd in responding. Tian Ji allows for the native contributing with service. Treating other people the person is amiable, friendly, gracious, and kind. The individual possesses special knowledge or ability. He or she is good at understanding other people's views; to be fair and considerate. The native is fond of group activities, operating in group settings, teams.

Shortcomings: The person is oversensitive and jumpy. There are extremely high ideals. The individual is twitchy, fidgety, stubborn, and obstinate. The native of Tian Ji does not easily admit an error. There is too much wallowing in fantasy and delusion. The person feels ill-at-ease. There is great pressure on the spirit and mind. The individual becomes trapped in outer surface social relationships; human emotions and interaction are outer surface only. The native is suspicious, has misgivings, and takes to jealousy. He or she saves a little only to lose a lot; to spoil the ship for a halfpennyworth of tar.

      Tian Ji represents 謀臣 móuchén = imperial strategic adviser; emperor's counsellor. This star puts forth a person being expert on strategy. There is predestined affinity with Wu Shu 五術.

The individual possesses wisdom and knowledge, being intelligent. He or she is humane and benevolent. Tian Ji betokens 計數 jì​shù = to count, calculate, compute. This star signifies change, movement, hurrying, rushing about, running; to go to, to head for.

The native is of outstanding intelligence and takes to careful considerations. The person is very creative. He or she is awfully shrewd, nimble, and quick in action and when reflecting and pondering over things. The individual is intensely interested in new knowledge and new inventions, being very much so curious and inquisitive. The native is fond of speculating in a risky adventure; to take chances. In the matters of this star there are creations and inventions.

With Tian Ji the person is intelligent, bright, smart, perceptive, sharp-witted, and alert. He or she is active, restless, energetic; and eager to study. In addition, the individual is kind-hearted and good-natured. The native is conscientiously hard-working and diligent. Handling affairs and dealing with stuff, the person is tidy and is partial to arrangement and order. He or she is calm, cool-headed, and has resolution and drive. In reaction and responses the individual is quick, clever, and sharp. The native is of fine and beautiful eloquence. He or she is good at planning, plotting, scheming, and engineering. The person takes to 機謀 jī​móu = tactics and strategies that are designed for variable conditions. It is appropriate for the Tian Ji individual to make use of special knowledge or abilities in order to be an aid or advisor of a top official, taking part with the director making plans.

Although the native appreciates all kinds of new skills, techniques and things, he or she easily becomes a Jack of all trades and master of none; to know something about everything; extensive but not refined.

The person of Tian Ji has a deep understanding of how to enrich him- or herself because... [?].

Even though the individual is smart and intelligent, he or she is easily inclined to 鑽牛角尖 zuān​niú​jiǎojiān = to split hairs; to hone a bull's horn; to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem; to bash one's head against a brick wall; a wild goose chase; a blind alley. The eyebrows become tense and tightened.

It is appropriate for the native to engage in commerce, and not expedient to become engaged in government stuff.

The person of Tian Ji is the most suited to offer service, no matter what the technique or specialised skill.

The individual is capable of understanding things clearly and adapting him- or herself to changes. The native is full of strategies and good at planning and plotting. However, the person can never really avoid having a compassionate heart and mind and also being impatient. Because the individual's character and nature is benevolent and charitable, the native of this star is rather timid; to be afraid of getting involved; to be afraid of getting into trouble. The person somewhat lacks courage and audacity.

Because there are a great many changes and alterations in the individual's life, he or she becomes melancholy and moody; emotional and oversensitive; sentimental.

Tian Ji is fond of Hua Quan, since it will add stability and make the star more stable.

Tian Ji is the most happy meeting with Wen Chang and/or Wen Qu.

Tian Ji is the most afraid of Hua Ji. The skull of the head might crack. Tian Ji # Hua Ji means the native loves wasting time on insoluble or insignificant problems; to split hairs; to bash one's head against a brick wall. The person is easily afflicted with nervousness. The individual thinks about many things to do, but becomes hesitant and holds back; to stand still without advancing.

Tian Ji by itself does not effectuate a good ability to save money. This is because Tian Ji now and then has too much affinity with 天馬行空 tiān​mǎ​xíng​kōng = a heavenly steed soaring across the skies; to separate oneself from reality and what's actual and practical.

In love, the native is easily... [?]

Pros and cons

- Thinking things through, the native is careful and thorough.

- The individual is oversensitive and prone to make much fuss about nothing.

- The person pursues what's excellent and splendid.

- The native is partial to perfectionism.

- In behaviour and conduct the individual of Tian Ji gives thoughts to others; to consider other people's needs.

- The person negates him- or herself.

- The native is modest and humble.

- The individual reduces or devalues him- or herself and lacks self-confidence.

- The person is loyal and faithful.

- He or she is disposed to blind devotion.

- With Tian Ji the native is partial to idealisation.

- The individual is unrealistic, fanciful and impractical.

- The person is ready and willing to help others.

- The native is excessively concerned.

- The individual is good at responding; to answer, to greet.

- He or she becomes overly engrossed; to throw oneself into, to participate in.

- The person of this star is very accepting.

- The native becomes passive and inactive.

- The individual cooperates; to collaborate, work together.

- The person yields and gives in.

Additional associations (personages):

- 姜子牙 Jiang Ziya

- 諸葛亮 Zhuge Liang

- 孫悟Sun Wukong

- 好動的機會份子 [?].

- 貓頭鷹 owl

智多星 Wu Yong [also 智多星 a wizard, a resourceful person, a mastermind]


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