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天相 Tian Xiang

 Translated from here.

- Yang Water (Ren 壬)

- engenders 印 yìn = a seal, stamp, chop; a print, trace, mark; to engrave, print; to conform, tally

- lord of the Career palace

- is able to control and regulate the wicked and vicious stuff allowed by Lian Zhen

Looks, appearance: The looks of the Tian Xiang native is honest and sincere; natural and simple. The person's appearance is discreet, pure, clean, and stainless.

Disposition: The individual of this star is prudent and cautious. The native takes pleasure in clothes and food. He or she is eager to be of service. The person is overly partial to 犧牲 xī​shēng = to sacrifice oneself; to lay down one's life; to die a martyr's death.

Personality type: Leader (the ability to assign jobs to people).

Individuality: This star has to do with allegiance. The person is devoted, loyal, faithful, committed, upright, and fair-minded. He or she emphasises appreciating what are one's tastes in food and drink, fashion, literature, music, etc. The individual tends toward enjoyments of ease and comfort. The native is fond of coming to the aid of someone suffering an injustice; to be the champion of the oppressed; to fight for justice. Tian Xiang gives the means to 印信 yìn​xìn = a legally binding seal; an official seal. And 擔保 dān​bǎo = to vouch for; to guarantee, assure, warrant; to give one's word; to engage/give one's faith; to swear for. Faced with a task or duty the person of this star is capable of rapid decision-making and distributing to others who should be assigned to what.

Romance: The individual is disposed to 豔冠群芳 yànguànqúnfāng = beauty surpassing all flowers.

Merits: The native is refined, cultured, polite, gentle, being inclined to propriety and etiquette. In replies and responses the person is appropriate to the occasion; to be graceful and seemly. The individual is cautious, prudent, practical, down-to-earth, realistic, and steadfast. Thinking something through the native is thorough. The person is of a great ability to connect with and link up with others; to communicate with, to understand each other. There are harmonious human relationships.

Shortcomings: The native lacks determination and willpower. The individual takes to pretending that everything is going well; to present a false picture of peace and prosperity. The person is fastidious but incompetent; to have high standards but little ability; to overestimate one's capabilities. The native has numerous theories and talks a lot, but actually produces little. With Tian Xiang the individual is easily consenting. The person of this star is seriously vain.

      The native's appearance is regular and proper. The person of Tian Xiang tends toward 谨言慎行 jǐnyánshènxíng = to speak and act cautiously; to be discreet in word and deed; to be prudent in making statements and careful in personal conducts; to mind one's p's and q's. The individual takes responsibility and is conscientious. He or she is kind, tolerant, considerate, straightforward, and well-behaved. With this star the native is sincere and faithful and has an awareness of upholding justice. He or she is mild, gentle, and moderate. The individual happily helps and assists other people, enthusiastically and warm-heartedly offering service. The person is graceful and optimistic. The native is fond of mediating disputes and restoring balance and equilibrium. The individual seems loyal and steadfast, law-abiding and docile, and kind-hearted, thus making for favourable interpersonal relationships.

The person lacks vim and vigour. Therefore the native enjoys meddling; to be too inquisitive about other people's business. But the individual is also timid and afraid of getting into trouble; to be afraid of getting involved. He or she... [?].

The native is outspoken and straightforward, bold and uninhibited. The person is of a grand and expensive and noble demeanour. He or she appreciates harmony and peaceful relations. With Tian Xiang there is compassion. The individual is fond of fame, honour, popularity, and prestige.

The native of this star is able to sacrifice him- or herself for the benefit of others; to give thought to others. He or she is always tolerant, generous, magnanimous, and considerate of other people's needs. The individual is able to put him- or herself in someone else's shoes. Without the slightest hesitation the person helps and assists other people. The heart and mind are cordial, honest, generous, and tolerant. The native is strict with him- or herself, yet lenient with others. He or she is fond of... [?]. The person of this star is the ideal aid and advisor to a top official.

With Tian Xiang the native... [?]. The person is... [?]. Buying stuff, the individual looks for quality instead of quantity. The person... [?]. The native does also attach great importance to the outward appearance of friends and associates, their way or style of dressing, and decoration and ornaments.

Tian Xiang is extremely susceptible to other stars. Tian Xiang dreads Huo Xing and Ling Xing the most.

Pros and cons

- The native is prudent and circumspect.

- The person is excessively careful and cautious.

- The individual is down-to-earth, realistic, steadfast and practical.

- He or she lacks imagination.

- Thinking things through the native is thorough.

- The person is short of the ability to get about and take action.

- The individual of Tian Xiang is tenacious and tough and durable.

- The native is too stubborn and obstinate.

- The person has harmonious interpersonal relationships.

- He or she presents a false picture of peace and prosperity; to pretend that everything is going well.

- The individual is particular about methods and means.

- The native becomes exhausted due to concerns and bothers; to be a tax on one's mind.

- The person has a strong ability to analyse.

- The individual nitpicks; to be fastidious, hypercritical, fussy.

- With this star the native attaches importance to outward appearance.

- The person is overly vain.

- The individual emphasises facts.

- He or she has to deal with a whole lot of information and data.

- The native is rational and pragmatic.

- The person is good at scheming; to calculate, plan, figure, consider.

Additional associations (personages):

- 聞仲 Wen Zhong

- 魯肅 Lu Su

- 媒婆 matchmaker

- 勤勞樸實的老里長 [?]

- horse

- 宰相 chancellor

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