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武曲 Wu Qu

Translated from here.

- Yin Metal (Xin 辛)

- puts forth 財 cái = wealth, money, riches

- lord of the Wealth palace

Looks, appearance: The person... [?]. The cheek bones protrude, the chin is long.

Disposition: The native of Wu Qu is unbending, staunch, and firm. The heart and mind are fair and reasonable, and not poisonous. Although the individual is frank and straightforward when making a decision, he or she is also somewhat rash, lacking in thinking things over.

Personality type: Leader (the ability to determine policy; decision making).

Individuality: The person is disposed to 事業 shì​yè​ = work, projects, occupation, career. The native is calm and cool-headed. He or she is resolute, steadfast, and stalwart. Wu Qu enables the individual being unwavering and firm. The person is subjective. And brave and fiery and forthright. Wu Qu represents estate, lands, riches, wealth. And 廟堂 miàotáng = the Imperial Ancestral Temple; imperial court [a place to offer sacrifices to the gods or ancestors, and discuss official business]. Wu Qu gives the means to transformation and change. With this star the native takes to careful deliberations and mature reflections based on what proof/evidence/testimony is in his or her hands. Thusly, meeting with complicated matters he or she is able to make decisions and reach conclusions.

Romance: The individual is daring in love and bold in hate.

Merits: The person is resolute, firm, unwavering, and steadfast. He or she strives for self-improvement. The native is hard-working and capable of enduring hardships. He or she is brave enough to take an important post. The individual is unafraid of setbacks and disappointments; to defy frustration and defeat. The person is dutiful and conscientious; to fulfill one's duty at work.

Shortcomings: The native is antisocial, reclusive, and takes to self-pity. He or she is stubborn and unbending. Treating other people the individual lacks flexibility, not being especially accommodating. Handling affairs and dealing with stuff the person of Wu Qu is stern, strict, and severe. The native demands too much from him- or herself. The individual is of an extremely high appetite and longing for power and authority.

      Wu Qu is a wealth star. In the horoscope it enables 財 cái​ = money, riches, wealth, property.

The person of Wu Qu has courage and drive. He or she is daring and bold. Working and handling matters the native is clean and efficient, neat and tidy. The individual is frank and straightforward. He or she tends toward 克勤克儉 kè​qín​kè​jiǎn = to be industrious and frugal; to be able to practise diligence and frugality. The person is capable of enduring hardships. Meeting with things and work the native of this star is firm and unwavering and able to make prompt decisions; to decide on the spot. The individual possesses the capacity to spend a whole lot of time and energy on his or her career and work.

In action and behaviour the person has valour but lacks strategy; to be more brave than wise; to be foolhardy; to have reckless courage. He or she is persistent and stubborn. The native of Wu Qu does not admit defeat. The individual is fond of betraying anger; to have fury written across one's face; to gnash one's teeth in anger.

Even though Wu Qu is a wealth star, it does not effectuate money for young people. When young the person of this star ought to opt for development and success in the military.

The native is brave, courageous, unwavering. Handling affairs the individual is energetic and proactive. He or she has a sense of responsibility. The person is a leader and of the ability to stand alone. The native is good at financial management and investment.

The individual of Wu Qu appears rather reclusive and antisocial. Since the person is so persistent, stubborn, and firm, compromising is not easy. The native is frank and outspoken, blunt. The individual is definite in his or her opinions; to be clear and square. Thinking things over the person lacks thoroughness, not being meticulous and detailed. Because the native often is rash, impatient, and irascible, he or she does easily offend other people.

With regard to things of the mind and spirit, the psychological aspects of life and living, Wu Qu is a loneliness star. It will engender solitude and isolation. This is appropriate for a man, but not for a woman. In the case of the horoscope of a female, Wu Qu becomes a 'sleep unaccompanied' star, and is unfavourable what with her relationships to her relatives. For both a man and a woman it is not suitable marrying too early.

For a man, since he's partial to having a career [and Wu Qu is associated with work and money], it's all good. In a woman's horoscope [on the other hand] regarding wedding and marriage, there will be lots of distress. And there's the occurrence of 獨守空閨 dúshǒukōngguī = 'alone in her empty room'.

Wu Qu is fond of Hua Lu, and the backing of Zuo Fu and You Bi. Wu Qu is the most afraid of Huo Xing and Ling Xing.

With this star the individual is susceptible what with money. The person knows all kinds of ways of investing it. He or she is frugal and economical; to economise, to scrimp and save.

Wu Qu... [?]. The native of this star does not easily concede or admit defeat. The individual decidedly insists on being unrestrained and does not enjoy being restricted by his or her spouse.

Pros and cons

- The person is resolute, stalwart, firm, and unwavering.

- The native is too severe and harsh

- The individual of Wu Qu is steady and stable.

- The person is excessively cautious and careful.

- The native insists on principles.

- He or she doesn't know how to be flexible and accommodate and adapt to circumstances.

- The individual is particular about methods, means, and ways.

- As regards Wu Qu the person lacks adaptability and flexibility.

- The native strives for self-improvement.

- The individual becomes unsociable and reclusive.

- The person is tenacious and tough and durable.

- The native is excessively stubborn and obstinate.

- The individual preserves and maintains.

- There are difficulties joining in with others; to connect, to link up.

- Thinking things through the person is thorough.

- He or she is too cautious and wary.

- The native analyses.

- The individual nitpicks and is fastidious; to be picky and fussy.

- The person is unafraid of... [?].

- The native is not enough mild, round, harmonious.

Additional associations (personages):

- 周武王姬發 King Wu of Zhou

- 曹操 Cao Cao

- 御林大將軍 [?]

- 守財庫的武將軍 A high-ranking military officer who guards a storehouse for wealth and riches.

- legendary auspicious animal [also see 麒麟 Qilin, Chinese unicorn]

- 武財神 god of wealth

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