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天梁 Tian Liang

Translated from here.

- Yang Earth (Wu 戊)

- permits 蔭 yīn = to shelter, protect; sunless, damp and chilly; a hereditary rank or privilege granted somebody as a recognition of the services of his or her ancestors

- represents long life and old age

- Tian Liang has the ability to dissolve, remove and regulate adversity and distress

Looks, appearance: The person looks steady, stable, and dignified. The native of Tian Liang has the appearance of being mature, experienced, sophisticated, and composed.

Disposition: The individual of this star is unselfish and altruistic. The person enjoys being of help; to grant, give, bestow. The native does have the ability to direct and lead and being a commander-in-chief, but he or she can also be somewhat despotic, tending towards autocracy.

Personality type: Collaborator (providing with willpower).

Individuality: The individual of Tian Liang emphasises conscience. The person shows care. He or she is honest and frank. The native exercises self-discipline and self-management. The person is steady and earnest. This star enables 長壽 cháng​shòu = longevity. With Tian Liang there's the occasion of 逢凶化吉 féng​xiōng​huà​jí = misfortune turns to blessings; to turn an inauspicious start to good account. The individual is aloof from politics and material pursuits; to be above politics and worldly interests. The native also takes to being despotic and dictatorial. He or she does not appreciate restrictions and limitations. Tian Liang is associated with medical care and medicines. With this star the person is partial to tactics and trickery; to change according to the situation. The individual is capable of staying in a job or hold a position for a long period of time until the goal is reached or there is no longer anything to be obtained.

Romance: The native possesses unswerving determination, being firm and persistent.

Merits: The person is merciful and compassionate. He or she is mature and steady. In thought and thinking the individual is impartial, unbiased, and cool-headed. The native is objective and just and fair. The person possesses a strong sense of justice; to be chivalrous and benevolent. The individual is capable of sacrificing his or her own life in a crisis; to give up one's life at the critical moment. When being of help and bestowing favour and grace on someone, the native of this star does not demand anything in return. The person values volunteer health or relief work, being civic-minded; to attach importance to public welfare and the public good.

Shortcomings: The individual takes to being arrogant on account of his or her seniority; to lack in youthful vigour; to act as an elder; to be proud of one's age and experience. The native is extremely concerned about outer surface honour and reputation. He or she does dread losing face. The person acts impetuously; to be swayed by one's emotions. With Tian Liang the individual is fond of flattery. There is present excessive enthusiasm and warm-heartedness. The native hardly ever comes by leisure and relaxation. The person... [?]. The individual meets with concerns and worries.

      Tian Liang engenders 壽 shòu = longevity and old age. It also permits 貴 guì = ennoblement, to be of an honoured rank or position. Tian Liang is a star representing the parents. It provides with shade and protection. And it betokens the number one in order of seniority, be it the eldest child in a family, the leader of a group, or the captain of a boat. The individual is aloof from politics and material pursuits, and is generous and liberal. Tian Liang has the ability to bring luck and good fortune into existence. Therefore, even though meeting with disaster and much to worry about, there is the instance of 逢凶化吉 féng​xiōng​huà​jí = to turn an inauspicious start to good account; misfortune turns to blessing. Especially when adversity strikes the upper part of the body. With Tian Liang one's vitality may be increased, strengthened.

In behaviour and conduct the individual is fond of taking care of and showing consideration for other people. The native is partial to justice and righteousness. Should the person come across an injustice or unfairness, he or she... [?]. The individual appreciates living free and easy, being unfettered.

Tian Liang stands for 清官 qīngguān = an honest and upright official. There is predestined affinity with 五術 Wu Shu.

The native of this star is willing to bear the burden of office; to work hard regardless of criticism.

With this star good fortune and old age prolong life.

The person has a strong interest in religion.

With Tian Liang a disaster or catastrophe may be turned into something auspicious, but demanding insistently on a desired outcome won't be best. Instead, caring for neither gains nor losses the reward will be even bigger.

In Ming or Shen, the individual is fond of being the eldest, the leader, boss, captain. He or she loves being a 'nosy Parker'; to be too inquisitive about other people's business; to be meddlesome, to be a busybody. The person appreciates exercising leadership and being in control. With this star the native is precocious.

The individual of Tian Liang is kind and dignified, modest and courteous. There is much predestined affinity with one's elders and the older generation. The native also shows concern and care for subordinates and the younger generation. In the matters of handling work and dealing with stuff the person has resolution and decisiveness. The individual is inherently predisposed to literature and art . Amongst other people the native is fond of striving for an honourable reputation. However, the person can hardly avoid being somewhat arrogant and haughty.

What with wedding and marriage, the individual... [?].

Tian Liang does not effectuate a whole lot of money. Even Hua Lu in the Wealth palace won't be able to be of much help.

The native of this star is a fussy consumer. The person has confidence in products that are of public praise, taking to shops, firms or brands of merchandise that have a long-established reputation.

The individual is very easily captivated by persons of the opposite sex who are simple and honest. But this does not mean that the native hasn't got high aims. The person is simply fond of leisure and free time. Moreover, ... [?].

The inherent qualities of Tian Liang come to the fore only after there has been a disaster or calamity. Although there is the ominous and vicious right through to the end, at the last minute it is dissolved and removed.

Tian Liang is not very fond of Hua Lu. This star treasures Hua Ke, which is the most capable of bringing about Tian Liang's favourable sides. Should there be the presence of Zuo Fu, You Bi, Wen Chang, Wen Qu, Tian Liang's intrinsic quality of enabling shade and protection will be the more so capable of presenting itself. After a crisis things are even better than prior to the predicament.

Pros and cons

- The individual of Tian Liang is mature and steady.

- The person is lacking in vigour; to be arrogant and haughty because of one's seniority.

- The native has compassion and mercy.

- The individual is swayed by his or her emotions; to act impetuously.

- The person is good at responding and answering.

- He or she stoops to flattery; to ingratiate oneself into somebody's favour; to fawn upon.

- The native makes allowances for other people; to show understanding and sympathy.

- The individual lacks self-confidence.

- The person has a strong ability to adapt.

- With this star the native doesn't have definite opinions.

- The individual is thoughtful of public welfare and public good; to be civic-minded; volunteer health or relief work.

- The person becomes concerned and worried.

- The native is of the vigour and drive to experiment; to conduct experiments.

- He or she is without a goal or target.

- The individual is willing to help others.

- The person is overly warm-hearted and enthusiastic.

- The native is flexible; to be good at accommodating and adapting to circumstances.

- The individual lacks principles.

- The person is modest and humble and tends toward etiquette and propriety.

- The native underrates and devalues him- or herself; to be self-deprecating.

Additional associations (personages):

- 李靖 Li Jing

- 司馬懿 Sima Yi

- 教主 the founder of a religion

- 善良慈悲單純的老農夫或好母親 and old and venerable farmer or good mother who is kind-hearted, merciful, and simple

- ox

- 老人 an old man or woman; the elderly; one's aged parents or grandparents

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