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破軍 Po Jun

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- Yin Water (Gui 癸)

- engenders 耗 hào = to consume, cost; to waste, to squander; to waste time, dawdle

- re Po Jun disaster and happiness go together

- related to Spouse, Children, and Friends/Servants

Looks, appearance: The eyebrows are wide/broad, the lips big. When walking or sitting, the lower back is slanting.

Disposition: The person of Po Jun does not join in with others a whole lot. The native is stubbornly contentious. The individual is fond of gambling and... [?]. The person is hugely opportunistic; to speculate in a risky adventure. The native is partial to using up much; to consume quite a lot; to deplete.

Personality type: Initiator (taking the initiative; to do something of one's own accord).

Individuality: Po Jun represents 破壞 pòhuài = rupture; damage and destruction; to disrupt, sabotage, corrupt; to change (a social system, custom, etc.) completely or violently; to violate (an agreement, regulation, etc.), to break; to decompose, to destroy (the composition of a substance). The individual of this star tends toward change and variation. The person takes to consumption and expenditure; to consume, to use up. The native overturns and overthrows; to undermine, to subvert, to topple. Po Jun enables disrepair; damaged things. The individual is inclined to gambling. He or she is opportunistic. The person drifts and floats; to flutter in the wind; to lead a wanderer's life. This star allows the native being daring, audacious, and bold, and cowardly and weak, hence a contradiction. The individual of this star takes an energetic, vigorous and proactive stance toward things and situations, and does not accept stuff passively.

Romance: In love the person of Po Jun wants novelty and variation.

Merits: The native practises what he or she preaches; to set an example by personally taking part. The individual seeks what's new and wants change and transformation. He or she is able to bear hardships and work hard. The person is brave enough to accept appointment to an important post. The native of this star does not fear the unexpected and sudden. In the instance of Po Jun good and evil are clearly demarcated. In responses and reactions the individual is fast and nimble. The person is candid, frank, and straightforward.

Shortcomings: The native is obstinate and self-opinionated; to act according to one's own will regardless of the opinion of others; to ignore advice. The individual likes the new and hates the old; to be fickle in one's affections; to be enamoured with new people and bored with the old. The person is stubborn and unbending. The native is disposed to rebellion and revolt. Cooperating with the individual of this star is difficult. The person lacks flexibility. Meeting with matters and situations and stuff, there are many disputes. The native becomes hostile to family and relatives; to be self-centred and not making any allowances for the needs of one's relatives.

      Po Jun is akin to 戰將 zhànjiàng = a war/battle general/commander/leader. But in this capacity Qi Sha is slightly better because the Qi Sha commander is able to receive instructions and assignments from the emperor and is just and honourable; without tricks. When Po Jun is to receive instructions from the emperor, there is contention; to be out of tune with each other, to be incompatible. Therefore... [?].

The person of this star has resolution, boldness, courage, and daring. The native prefers taking care of every single thing personally; to see or attend to everything oneself. Po Jun enables 耗 hào = expenditures; to spend, waste, squander, consume. And 禍福 huò​fú = misfortune and happiness go together; sometimes there is good fortune, sometimes disaster. In behaviour and action and thought and thinking the individual is self-opinionated and obstinate; to persist whatever others say. He or she is of an intensely subjective consciousness.

Po Jun gives the means to rupture, destruction, damage, violations, decomposition. This star has to do with 殘暴 cán​bào = cruel and ferocious; ruthless, brutal, and savage. There are atrocities, massacres, outrages. The person is disposed to power and authority. And autocratic rule; a dictatorship. The native consumes, uses up, and depletes. In the case of Po Jun, first there is destruction, afterwards reconstruction. The individual of this star is of an extremely strong bent to start new things, to initiate new stuff. He or she ought to engage in being a pioneer or trail-breaker.

Because... [?].

The native is subjectively assertive. The individual is rather overbearing and dictatorial; to rule by force; to take to despotic rule.

The person is seriously selfish. He or she easily falls out with other people.

In the occasion of Po Jun it is not appropriate trying to preserve the status quo, the accomplishments of previous generations.

In Ming or Shen, the native's state of mind and mood are never settled; to turn something over indefinitely. The individual tends toward taking risks and chances, and trials and tribulations.

There is weak predestined affinity with family and close relatives. Regarding spouse and children, the fate or chance that brings people together is hollow and fruitless. There is... [?]. This star facilitates 離鄉背井 lí​xiāng​bèi​jǐng = to tear oneself away from one's native place; to live far from home; to leave for a foreign land.

With regard to both the mind and the body, there will be much rushing about and labour and toil. This star means a lifetime of comparatively large changes and alterations and ups and downs. The individual does not join in with others very much. The person has a resentful and dissatisfied attitude toward actual circumstances and reality.

The native is irascible, short-tempered, fiery, hot-headed, impulsive, and daring and valiant. He or she takes chances and risks. Po Jun brings about undulations, fluctuations, rises and falls. However, other people do also become fond of the Po Jun person because he or she is frank, straightforward, firm and persistent, having unswerving determination and leadership abilities.

Po Jun signifies changes and alterations, and regardless of there being good or bad, or success or defeat, the individual will have to work diligently and go through hardships. He or she will meet with setbacks, frustrations, disappointments.

When Po Jun is in Ming the person is not able to stay idle and be unoccupied and do nothing. The native has that many things going on simultaneously the day ought to have 48 hours.

Lu Cun and Hua Lu are able to bring Po Jun under control. If there isn't the presence of a Lu star, Po Jun becomes a representative of war of attrition.

Apart from Tai Yin and Tan Lang, Po Jun allows for a beautiful woman, a big-eyed belle. However, Po Jun is still unfavourable what with her relationships to family and close relatives.

The palace position of Po Jun in the horoscope indicates an area of life that is broken, damaged, destroyed. The palace of Po Jun becomes extremely unstable.

Preserving the accomplishments of previous generations, being content with the status quo, is not appropriate. Tian Luo [Chen palace] and Di Wang [Xu palace] are optimal for Po Jun.

The individual of this star takes to consuming extremely much. He or she... [?].

The person is not fond of... [?] with other people. There is a bit of the mysterious, secret and confidential about the native of this star. In fact, the individual is actually very emotional and sentimental. Therefore, it may happen often that the person scares or intimidates his or her spouse/significant other.

Consequently, as regards love, romance, and relationships, it is important that the native tempers him- or herself and learns self-control. Otherwise... [?].

Because the individual of Po Jun puts him- or herself first, and not romance and love, marrying late is the most applicable.

Pros and cons

- The person looks for what's new, fresh and modern, wanting change.

- The individual abandons the old for the new; to reject the old and crave for the new.

- The native of this star is very opinionated; to have one's own strong views.

- He or she has a strong rebel nature; to resist, to react against, to hit back, to be in revolt against.

- The person is frank and candid.

- The individual... [?].

- The native is good at seizing the initiative; to understand something well and know how to use it.

- The person enjoys being in control.

- In reactions and responses the individual is nimble and flexible.

- The native isn't principled.

- As regards Po Jun the person pursues efficiency.

- He or she is without endurance and patience.

- The individual continues in his or her own way; to follow one's usual way of doing things no matter what others say.

- The native doesn't stick to etiquette.

- The person is good at voicing his or her opinions.

- The individual is argumentative and quarrelsome.

- The native is somewhat insistent; to persist, adhere, stick.

- He or she is oppressive and overwhelming.

- The person is good at asking questions; to put a question to; to quiz, to poll.

- The individual is aggressive and overbearing.

Additional associations (personages):

- 紂王 Zhou Wang

- 張飛 Zhang Fei

- 敢死隊 a dare-to-die corps, a suicide squad, a kamikaze unit

- 天生革命家 a natural revolutionary

- lion

- 勇士 a warrior, a brave person

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