Friday, 24 December 2010

身宫 Shen Gong

Translated from here.

The Shen palace represents one's post-natal fortune/destiny. With great effort and striving hard, frequently one is able to transform and remold one's fate. Shen Gong is a supplementary palace to Ming.

Shen will invariably pair with either Ming, Spouse, Wealth, Travel, Career, or Happiness and Virtue.

Shen with Ming

When Shen shares palace with Ming, the direction of the individual's fate will be the most forthright and clear-cut. In behaviour and conduct the person is intensely subjective. He or she does not easily receive and accept external influences. Regarding merits and demerits, contributions and errors, the native has for the most part to take sole responsibility. In the instance of Shen pairing with Ming, it is rather not easy altering fate.

Shen with Spouse

The individual is very much so partial to love, romance, and relationships. The person emphasises home life. He or she has a sense of responsibility towards the family and the household. The native will be very influenced by marriage and the spouse.

Shen with Wealth

The person emphasises wealth and money. In behaviour and action, money making will be the objective. The individual is easily influenced by economic stuff.

Shen with Travel

The native is easily affected by changes and circumstances in the environment and his or her surroundings. There are easily changes in the person's circumstances and environment at work or where he or she lives. The individual with Shen together with Travel does frequently take to travelling; to go out, to go away, to take a trip.

Shen with Career

The person has lots of professional ambition and is seriously devoted to his or her work. In behaviour and action seeking professional success will be the goal; a lifetime of pursuing accomplishments and results in one's career. The individual is easily influenced by the stuff happening at work or in his or her vocation. The person feels strongly about fame and position, official rank.

Shen with Happiness and Virtue

The native is rather fond of what's enjoyable and brings pleasure. The individual tends towards a happy and prosperous life; to live comfortably. He or she pays attention to living quality. The person is seemingly a bit short of being eager to make progress, to keep forging ahead, to be energetic, enterprising, and proactive. The native is somewhat selfish and self-absorbed. The individual will easily be influenced by 祖德 zǔdé = ancestral virtue, ethics, kindness, favour; 因果 yīn​guǒ = karma, preordained fate; and 精神生活 jīng​shén​shēng​huó = spiritual or moral life. However, the person does not necessarily take to being extravagant and squandering money.


joey said...

i was born on 9 jan 1962 at wei hour,that places shen in happiness palace. should i look at this palace as new ming,property as new parents etc?


Viktor said...

Hi Joey.

I suppose you could do that. Your big cycle Ming is in Yin, Parents in Mao, etc. Shen becomes a Ming influence at 35.

Although you won't get a new horoscope altogether. You'll always have Ming in Wu and Parents in Wei and Property in You, etc. Only Shen will add to the understanding of oneself and one's birth horoscope.

At the same time you have decade charts and small cycle charts and monthly charts, etc., and they all come with their own Ming palaces, Parent, Happiness, Property, Career, and so on. There are a whole lot of charts overlapping and being operative simultaneously.

One way of looking at it is suggesting Ming (one's birth horoscope) is blue, while Shen (commencing at age 35) is yellow. Shen can not replace Ming; you get green, a mixture of both.