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四化 Si Hua

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The four transforming stars

四 sì = four

化 huà = to change, turn, transform; to influence, convert; melt, dissolve; digest

化祿 Hua Lu

祿 lù = good fortune, happiness, prosperity; an official's salary in feudal China, emolument

Hua Lu represents the bustle of the harvest of autumn, and the time prior to the setting of the sun.

Hua Lu is associated with Metal, West, and trigram Dui.

Hua Lu gives the means to:

喜悅: happiness, joy; delight, gratification

收穫: harvest, crop; acquisition, profit, gain, bonus, success, reward

忙碌: to be busy, to bustle about

珍惜: to treasure, value, cherish

財祿: to get rich, to make a fortune

食祿: to draw government pay, to be in public service, the salary of an official

智慧: wisdom, understanding, knowledge, intelligence

源源不斷: a steady flow, in unbroken succession, an unending stream

化權 Hua Quan

權 quán = power, authority, right

This star betokens the vigour and vitality of summer, and the blazing sun of the summer solstice.

It is associated with Fire, South, and trigram Li.

In the horoscope Hua Quan effectuates:

勢力: force, influence, power

權威: authority, power and prestige

爭執: to stick to one's position, to dispute, disagree, to argue opinionatedly

虛榮: to be vainglorious

自負: to think highly of oneself, to be conceited; to take responsibility for one's actions

揮霍: to spend freely, to squander, to blow; to be extravagant, prodigal

剛強: to be firm, staunch, unyielding

鋒芒畢露: to make a display of one's abilities; to demonstrate or display acumen; to show one's intelligence, ability, or knowledge, etc., to the full extent; to be hard-edged

化科 Hua Ke

科 = a branch of academic or vocational study; a division or subdivision of an administrative unit

Hua Ke stands for the 'hundred flowers bloom' of spring; to let the arts have free expression; free development of different forms and styles in the arts. It represents dawn and the rising of the sun.

This star is associated with Wood, East, and the Zhen trigram.

In the horoscope Hua Ke permits:

生長: to grow; growth

名望: renown, stature, celebrity, popularity, good reputation, fame and prestige

功名: scholarly honour or official rank; achievement, fame, glory

情緣: predestined love between man and woman

科甲: imperial examinations

貴人: guiren

桃花: peach blossom

清白高尚: pure and noble and clean-living

化忌 Hua Ji

忌 jì = to be jealous of, envy; to fear, scruple, dread: to shun, avoid, abstain from; to quit, to give up

Hua Ji signifies the cold weather and frozen ground of winter. With this star darkness comes before dawn.

Hua Ji is associated with Water, North, and trigram Kan.

In the horoscope Hua Ji enables:

收藏: to hoard, collect, store up

凶險: dangerous, perilous, critical; in a very dangerous state; ruthless and treacherous

變遷: changes, vicissitudes

沉迷: to be confused, bewildered

災禍: calamity, disaster, catastrophe, misfortune, accident; curse

死亡: death, demise, fatality, doom

是非: dispute, quarrel

奔波勞累: exhaustion and toil from being constantly on the move and rushing about

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