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The four Hua stars

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化祿 Hua Lu

Hua Lu represents 發展 fā​zhǎn = advance, development, expansion, growth, progress. Things go smoothly and without a hitch. This star has to do with financial resources; finance.

Hua Lu is Yin (Earth). It enables the person becoming rich and making a fortune. There is available good fortune and luck. The individual can take to enjoyments and treats. With Hua Lu extreme adversity is the beginning of prosperity; out of the depth of misfortune comes bliss; extreme sorrow turns to joy. The native has good relations with others. There is post-natal help and assistance.

Hua Lu is a beneficial influence what with finance and money, and gives the means to making it all more concrete and definite, and concerning career and undertakings things go smoothly and the person sees development and growth and expansion.

Good actions mean material well-being and money.

Hua Lu is fond of seeing Lu Cun.

化權 Hua Quan

Hua Quan stands for 權力 quán​lì = power and authority. The individual is of aspirations, cravings, desires. He or she tends toward attempting, trying.

Hua Quan is Yang (Wood). The native is partial to entrepreneurship, to initiate an undertaking; to do pioneering work; to venture. This star allows force and influence. And power and position. The individual has the ability and strength to be a leader. He or she receives respect, esteem, and regard from other people. The native is of the vigour and vitality of shouldering heavy responsibilities; the burden is heavy and the road is long; to make an all-out effort.

With this star there is emphasis on power and influence, competitive strength, and desire and aspirations.

Hua Quan... [?].

Hua Quan appreciates the presence of Ju Men or Wu Qu.

化科 Hua Ke

Hua Ke effectuates 名聲 míng​shēng = renown, reputation, fame, celebrity, standing. The individual possesses wisdom and knowledge and is intelligent. Hua Ke has also to do with human relationships.

Hua Ke is Yang (Water). This star represents imperial examinations, and scholarly honour and fame and glory won in imperial examinations. It has to do with exams; to take an exam. Hua Ke will enable guiren. And reputation, renown, status, and standing. This star has to do with documents, official correspondence, agreements, contracts, records, archives, diplomas. Hua Ke is of the ability to turn bad luck into good fortune; to land on one's feet; to turn an inauspicious start to good account.

With this star the native is of a cheerful and happy mood. Hua Ke is associated with taking an exam; examinations. And literary talent; literary works, writings. This star is able to increase the native's intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge, his or her reason and rationality, and relations with others.

Taking an exam, Hua Ke represents the use of the written language.

Hua Ke is fond of seeing Tian Kui and Tian Yue.

化忌 Hua Ji

Hua Ji instigates 阻礙 zǔ​'ài = obstacles and obstructions; to hinder, restrict, hamper, block. In the matter of life and living there are twists and turns, setbacks, obstacles in one's way. This star will allow anxiety and worry; to be concerned, worried, unhappy, troubled.

Hua Ji is Yang (Water). It represents quarrels and disputes. There are changes and alterations. Hua Ji will effectuate suffering, disasters, calamity, catastrophes. There is damage and destruction; to wreck, devastate, disrupt. The person becomes troubled, depressed, worried. Hua Ji can also give the means to disease or illness due to an accident or a mishap, something unexpected. With this star the individual has to toil and work very hard; to rush about, to be busy running about. There is suffering and hard work.

This star betokens unfavourable twists and turns. It has the ability to reduce the good luck engendered by lucky stars. And it will strengthen and increase the malevolence allowed by the ominous ones. Hua Ji generates quarrelling right and wrong, and disputes or misunderstanding caused by gossip. Hence the native could meet with a rumour, or an unfounded report, or a groundless allegation, and have to face official/governmental litigation.

Hua Ji signifies 嫉妒 jí​dù = to be jealous; to envy, to hate.

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