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Hua Ji in the palaces

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Ming and Shen

The native's younger years will be unfavourable and adverse. The individual has weak and indifferent predestined affinity with his or her family. There could be a bodily deficiency. The person with Hua Ji in Ming or Shen possesses unusual and extraordinary talent and skill.

The native... [?].

Regarding work and tasks, the individual has difficulties avoiding 吃力不討好 chī​lì​bù​tǎo​hǎo =  putting in much hard work, but getting very little results; to undertake a thankless task; to be a fool for one's pains.

Now and then... [?].

Occasionally the native has unusual talent and wisdom and knowledge.

The individual should strive for splendour and brilliance from taking the road or path that is the most different, unusual, strange, surprising.

Hua Ji in Ming or Shen is not especially auspicious, and the person can hardly avoid tending toward 耿耿於懷 gěng​gěng​yú​huái = to take troubles to heart; to brood; to have an uneasy heart; an unsettled or disturbed mind.


It is inadvisable involving siblings in one's profession, project, activities. Hua Ji gives the means to the unfavourable and adverse. The native's predestined affinity with his or her siblings is weak, cold in manner, indifferent.

Things become disagreeable and unpleasant between the individual and his or her siblings.


The person meets with pre-marital obstructions. Marrying too early is inappropriate. Hua Ji in this palace is unfavourable what with one's own career and occupation.

The native can not marry his or her first love. Even though getting married, future marriage life will be inauspicious and ominous.

With Hua Ji in Spouse one ought to be careful, especially when feeling annoyed or irritated or enraged, and show each other understanding.

Hua Ke is able to dissolve and do away with the ominous stuff effectuated by Hua Ji in this palace.


The individual... [?]. The person's predestined affinity with his or her children is fairly weak and indifferent. The native is rather strict and severe controlling and restraining his or her children.

The individual should not engage in investments or joint ventures with his or her children. That would be unfavourable.

Hua Ji in the Children palace signifies punishment or injury or wound to the children. ...[?] there could be an abortion or a miscarriage.

In the case of the chart of a man... [?]. He should take special care of his reproductive organ.


The person owes money, having a debt. Earning money will be hard and exhausting. Trading and carrying out commercial activities is unfavourable and detrimental. Wealth and money are slow to assemble.

The first time the native does business, he or she will have difficulties succeeding. First there are losses and damage.

Should Wealth share palace with Shen, the individual values and cherishes money and wealth.



Disease and sickness is difficult getting rid of. There is the instance of 多災多難 duō​zāi​duō​nàn = to be plagued by frequent ills; to be dogged by bad luck. The native is easily delayed and held up in life which is inauspicious re career and undertakings.

Sometimes Hua Ji in Health can mean disturbances and complications concerning documents and official correspondence.


In life and living the individual is very much so busy; to bustle about, to be on the run. Travelling and going to places is unfavourable.

With Hua Ji in Travel lucky stars ought to sandwich the palace.

Friends and Servants

The person has few friends. When making friends the native should be cautious and prudent. Making friends there are harmful and unhealthy feelings, emotions, likes and dislikes. The individual ought to avoid vouching for a friend because of easily having to take responsibility for the friend's losses.

Hua Ji in this palace also signifies a lack of harmonious relations with one's boss or supervisor.


Regarding profession and activities and undertakings, the person is down on his or her luck; to be full of frustrations and dashed hopes. The native with Hua Ji in this palace ought to acquire specialised skill and technique.

Working and handling matters there's often the case of 心猿意馬 xīn​yuán​yì​mǎ = to be restless and whimsical; fanciful and fickle; not being able to make up one's mind; heart like a frisky monkey, mind like a cantering horse. On the job, being employed, the individual has resentments and complaints. Hua Ji in this palace is not favourable what with getting promoted and starting an undertaking and doing pioneering work.


Concerning home, house, residence, there isn't safety and quietude. The person has debts what with property. Decorating or trying to fix up property leads to confusion, disorder, turmoil. The first time the native buys property, it is inadvisable residing in it.

Hua Ji in this palace is opposite Children, indicating much trouble and numerous illnesses.

Happiness and Virtue

In thought and thinking the individual is unusual and extraordinary. He or she is fond of 鑽牛角尖 zuān​niú​jiǎo​jiān = to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem; to hone a bull's horns; to bash one's head against a brick wall; to split hairs. Hua Ji in this palace signifies a life/fate indicative of hard work and toil. The person is partial to 庸人自擾 yōng​rén​zì​rǎo = to worry about troubles that do not exist; to feel hopelessly worried or get in trouble for imaginary fears. When old the native lacks good health.


The individual should not engage in joint ventures with his or her family and household. The person ought to guard against lawsuits.

There is weak predestined affinity with the parents, and there could be a generation gap.



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