Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Si Hua - Ren

Translated from here.

Tian Liang # Hua Lu

Concerning real estate, things go smoothly. Regarding the service industry, there are plain-sailing unfoldments.

It is appropriate for the native taking an official position; public office.

Tian Liang # Lu... [?]. The person has extremely good predestined affinity with his or her elders; the older generation.

Zi Wei # Hua Quan

The characteristics of Zi Wei are increased and strengthened when the star is transformed by Hua Quan.

The individual is especially fond of becoming involved in a big company/firm/enterprise, or organisation/establishment/institution, or being an official employee/government official.

The native assumes personal responsibility; to be solely responsible for a certain sector. The person is also partial to 自命不凡 zì​mìng​bù​fán = to be self-important and arrogant; to think too much of oneself; to be smug, pompous, pretentious, conceited; to think of oneself as a superior being.

Zuo Fu # Hua Ke

The individual is of conspicuous talent and ability. He or she could hold sway being an aid and advisor to a top official.

The native emphasises feelings, emotions, justice, and righteousness. He or she treasures friendly feelings and friendship.

Wu Qu # Hua Ji

Wu Qu is a money star, and when it is transformed by Hua Ji it is unfavourable and disadvantageous seeking money and wealth.

There is the instance of 独守空闺 dúshǒukòngguī = 'woman sitting alone in her room.'

This star combination will increase the person's persistence and stubbornness. He or she even becomes unreasonable and unwilling to listen to reason; to be impervious to reason.

Wu Qu # Hua Ji is not auspicious what with material investments.

There are often financial losses and bankruptcy. Plans fail to yield success.

Coming across Qing Yang, because of money and wealth there's a fight/brawl/scuffle, or military force.

... [?].

There could be unexpected injury or harm to do with the lung channel [see TCM], or the individual's breathing apparatus; or the stomach and intestine, the digestive system.

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