Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Si Hua - Xin

Translated from here.

Ju Men # Hua Lu

The use of the mouth means making money. There's the instance of 大船入港 dàchuánrùgǎng = 'A huge boat/ship enters the harbour/port.' [Much success; to earn a fortune.]

Hua Lu can decrease Ju Men's propensity to effectuate quarrels and spats. But, it wont take away disputes that are concealed, not in the open, hidden.

The individual possesses an out of the ordinary style of conversation and personal charm and charisma.

Tai Yang # Hua Quan

Men/husband wields power. There are great unfoldments in career, activities, undertakings, profession.

The person is of an out-and-out heroic spirit. The native is brimming with masculine flavour.

Wen Qu # Hua Ke

The individual can flourish and prosper in the performing arts.

The person harbours an astonishing talent.

Wen Chang # Hua Ji

The native lacks luck taking an exam or test; to err, to make a mistake. There are very much so difficulties and complications re bank cheques, documents, official correspondence, official dispatch, records, diplomas, archives.

The body is weak, feeble.

The individual breaks off reading a book or studying; to discontinue attending school. His or her exam results and grades are not good. Attending school and reading and studying the person is superficial and unstable. The native is unable to concentrate and focus.

There could be an injury or wound to the head. Or the individual suffering from leukemia or lung cancer.

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