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Si Hua - Bing

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Tian Tong # Hua Lu

In his or her career and profession and undertaking and activities, the individual commonly joins in with an organisation, or system, or institution, etc., where the person is capable of fine performance at work. There is the possibility of cooperating with family or relatives and mutually assisting and helping each other and obtaining profit and benefits. The native may be a bit fat, plump. He or she is optimistic and hopeful. Sometimes Tian Tong # Lu brings about peach blossom.

In life and living the individual emphasises what's easy and comfortable. And tends towards doing fine deeds for the sake of acquiring good karma.

Tian Ji # Hua Quan

The native holds power in the matters of Wu Shu 五术. The person is very much so resourceful and intelligent.

The native could do well leaving for another place, going places, to look for a job and search for employment, or seek a promotion, or start something new, being innovative, bringing forth new ideas. The person... [?].

The individual is bright, clever, smart, intelligent, brainy, and wise and farsighted. The person excels at understanding stuff, grasping and comprehending.

Wen Chang # Hua Ke

This star combination signifies optimal good fortune taking an exam or test. And there are above average accomplishments re literary works and writings.

Because the individual possesses specialised knowledge, he or she becomes haughty and arrogant.

Lian Zhen # Hua Ji

The person easily offends people lower than him- or herself. And there is the occurrence of trouble due to peach blossom. In thought and thinking the native is excessively lewd, wanton, obscene, pornographic, absurd, preposterous, and rash. He or she ought to tend toward 修心養性 xiū​xīn​yǎng​xìng​ = to cultivate the heart and nurture the character; to improve oneself by meditation. With Lian Zhen # Hua Ji there should be the presence of Tian Kui, Tian Yue, or Hua Ke, to dissolve and do away with some of the unfavourable stuff effectuated by this star combination. Otherwise inauspicious peach blossom will bring about lawsuits and complications, and one should not not guard oneself against this.

Career and undertakings will be unpeaceful and unstable. There are changes and shifts.

Commercial trading or doing business abroad or overseas is disadvantageous and detrimental.

The individual is liable to engage in a profession or activities that are indicative of 邪門 xié​mén = unusual, strange; evil ways, dishonest practices. And it is important to take note of whether Qing Yang or Tuo Luo are in the opposite palace, because there could be a severe and critical lawsuit that will leave the person in fetters, with difficulties of escaping.

The native is disposed to 意馬心猿 yìmǎxīnyuán = to be indecisive and restless; in two minds about something. He or she takes part in plenty of stuff, but there are few successes and accomplishments. The individual may change jobs often.

The person has difficulties communicating and linking up with his or her boss or superior. There are problems sharing likes and dislikes, etc.

In the event of Lian Zhen # Hua Ji representing a sickness or disease, the individual meets with an ailment that is secret or in the dark; an unmentionable disease (e.g. a venereal disease); a disease one is ashamed of. The doctor will have difficulties finding out what is the root cause of the problem. There could be a chronic illness, a disease that takes effect slowly, for example cancer.

Being wary and cautious making friends, the person could avoid becoming involved in bad luck and misfortune that it's difficult getting rid of.

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