Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Si Hua - Yi

Translated from here.

Tian Ji # Hua Lu

The person is akin to a person devising strategies within a command tent. The individual can have success being a manager or director for something to do with technology, or making plans, to lay out stuff, to design. Engaging in Xuanxue 玄学 will go rather smoothly.

The native is outstandingly intelligent and bright and smart. He or she displays remarkability.

Tian Liang # Hua Quan

The person wields power in Wu Shu 五术. The individual is fond of being in charge and gaining ground; to look up, to rise, to raise one' head.

The native is altogether haughty; to be arrogant and self-important; to think highly of oneself. The person ought to refrain from being excessively subjective, and avoid damaging friendly relations.

This star combination means an increase in feeling mature and ripe. The individual has good luck travelling, going to places, leaving for another place.

The native is very much so loved dearly and held in high regard by superiors, seniors, chiefs, heads, elders.

Zi Wei # Hua Ke

Zi Wei being transformed by Hua Ke will strengthen the characteristics and special qualities of Zi Wei.

In speech and talk the person is dignified, stately, imposing, majestic. The individual receives other people's trust and confidence.

Tai Yin # Hua Ji

The native is without predestined affinity with his or her mother; there is no chance of love, no place to be together, etc. The person easily encounters 小人 xǎorén = individual of low social status, nasty person, vile character. There is the likelihood of issues and problems to do with a yin residence [i.e. a grave, tomb; a home for the dead]. Often a yin or yang residence is altered or changed in some way, which gives rise to harmful and unhealthy changes for a family/household, leading to an unpeaceful, unstable, disturbed, restless, and worried home/residence.

Tai Yin # Ji signifies squandering money, property, wealth. This could at the same time adversely affect the luck of the individual's children. The native ought to beware this.

A man having Tai Yin # Ji in his horoscope will easily be a homosexual.

Tai Yin # Ji in Ming in a man's chart, and Tai Yang # Ji in Ming in a woman's horoscope, is unfavourable, disadvantageous, and detrimental concerning wedding and marriage.

Tai Yin # Ji can affect the person's money luck re career and profession.

The individual is short of favourable relations with his or her elders.

The native rather lacks predestined affinity with female elders.

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