Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Si Hua - Jia

Translated from here.

Lian Zhen # Hua Lu

Concerning career and projects and activities, financial resources enter widely. The individual can meet with gain, profit, and success engaging in trade, commerce, wholesale, or large scale industry. The native... [?]. By being persistent and trying hard and making great efforts, the person obtains rewards and success.

Lian Zhen transformed by Hua Lu has to do with... [?].

Po Jun # Hua Quan

The individual actively and energetically goes in pursuit of his or her own dreams and desires. The native takes to innovation; to bring forth new ideas; to blaze new trails. He or she initiates what's new.

The person is of the ability to be intimidating, threatening, and powerful and influential. The individual could be the leader of a group, a big boss, holding a dominant position. In a Jia year, when Po Jun is transformed by Hua Quan, there can easily be an earthquake.

The native... [?].

The person dares to effectuate reforms; to be brave enough to instigate reformation, innovation. The individual is able to break through predicaments and difficulties.

Wu Qu # Hua Ke

The native is good at managing finances.

The person can take advantage of his or her own reputation to make a profit and get hold of money and riches.

Tai Yang # Hua Ji

There is the possibility of a wound or injury to the head. The individual's eyesight could be bad. The native is without predestined affinity with his or her father; no chance of love, no place to be together, etc. There is... [?]. This star combination is unfavourable what with one's career, undertakings, ventures. Starting a major task, beginning an undertaking, or initiating a change of profession, the person meets with one difficulty and problem after another. There are many obstructions and hindrances. In the case of the chart of a woman, Hua Ji transforming Tai Yang means that she'll easily be a lesbian.

The individual... [?].

Should the native get a sickness or ailment in an internal organ, there is the likelihood of problems to do with blood.

Tai Yang # Ji in the Spouse palace is unfavourable for both a man and a woman. There will be obstructions in the marriage, and instability.

Tai Yang # Ji in the Children palace means... [?]. And there is separation and disunion; not being able to be together.

Excessive enthusiasm can lead to 陷害 xiàn​hài = to set up, frame, entrap; to make false charges against.


jburcia said...

Hi. I would like to know if my birth hour falls in the category of sundial time or standard time? I was born in February 16, 1984 under Shen Hour(16:45) or (4:45pm),in Quezon City, Philippines. And my Shen Gong falls in Career Palace with Po Jun Hua Quan in it. Could you please explain it further what it means? And I think there is no Daylight Saving time here in the Philippines ever since. Thanks. JB Urcia

Viktor said...

Hi JB.

There was no DST when you were born. Quezon City is at 122° 2' East (UTC + 8h). Your sundial time should be approximately 16:38:55 (15 - 17, 申 Shen hour).

In your chart Shen Gong pairs with natal Career. Stuff to do with profession etc. are especially important to you. If 身 Shen had been pairing with Wealth, money circumstances would have been particularly significant for you.

Shen is akin to Ming after the age of 35. You have Qi Sha in Ming. You are of Qi Sha. Aged 35 Shen and Po Jun # Quan become operative. You'll still be of Qi Sha, but there's the added influence of Po Jun.


michael liu said...

hi viktor i would like to ask if the si hua jia, yu, bing, ding etc only happens if the si hua stars like hua lu, hua ke, hua kuen are by san feng si zheng?

Viktor said...

Hello Michael.

No. In a Jia year Lian Zhen is transformed by Hua Lu, Po Jun by Hua Quan, etc. This happens regardless of how the stars are positioned in the horoscope.