Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Si Hua - Gui

Translated from here.

Po Jun # Hua Lu

The person has a formidable ability to start things, to launch and initiate stuff.

The individual can obtain much profit and success in an industry or business to do with the military, armies; or a factory, mill, plant; or something that consumes and depletes.

The native... [?].

Ju Men # Hua Quan

Regarding profession, undertakings, projects, the person meets with great accomplishments and success.

Concerning using the mouth in an industry or business, the individual... [?].

The native ought to beware stirring up trouble and invite disaster in the upper part of the body by loud arrogant talk.

Tai Yin # Hua Ke

The person easily comes across female guiren. Tai Yin Hua Ke is auspicious what with mother, wife, women.

The individual is altogether influenced by his or her family and household.

Tan Lang # Hua Ji

Hua Ji will effectuate obstructions and hindrances to the native's desires, longings, cravings. The person ought to avoid seeking after things greedily. Should the individual become too gluttonous, he or she will necessarily encounter defeats and loss.

The native ought to refrain from 色难: [?].

In the matter of wedding and marriage and regarding love, romance, and relationships, etc., things aren't stable.

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