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Hua Ke in the palaces

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Ming or Shen

Hua Ke in Ming or Shen means that the person often comes across guiren. In manners and bearing the individual is modest and courteous. The native takes to etiquette and is dignified and composed. The person is erudite and of pretty good scholarly knowledge. He or she is intelligent, bright, smart, clever, and acute of sight and hearing. If the individual is educated or trained by his or her parents, entering a higher school will be favourable.


The siblings are capable and competent. There is beneficent predestined affinity between the native and his or her siblings. Relations are peaceful and harmonious. The native and his or her siblings are friends who help and support each other. There is the case of 君子之交 jūnzǐzhījiāo = the friendship between gentlemen is as pure as crystal; a hedge between keeps friendships green.


Hua Ke in Spouse suggests that a guiren ought to introduce the person to a prospective marriage partner. Freedom to choose one's own spouse is not appropriate. The individual receives a partner who is worthy and virtuous, clean and pure. The native's spouse will be of help and assistance. Marriage... [?].


The person's children will mean guiren, and they will be of help and assistance. The individual and his or her children are suited to engage in joint ventures. The children have pretty good characters. They are able to offer the native shade and protection.


If... [?]. There is the case of 量入為出 iàng​rù​wéi​chū = to keep expenditures below income; to live within one's means; to assess one's income and spend accordingly.

Hua Ke is not a money star; having it in the Wealth palace does not mean that it will effectuate a whole lot of wealth and riches.


There could be help from a famous doctor. Sometimes Hua Ke in Health can influence the person's looks/appearance [since it is opposite the Parents/Appearance palace].

Having Hua Ke in this palace is a pity; this star is fond of being in alignment with Ming and Shen.


Going on a journey, leaving the country, going places, the individual meets with guiren. Travelling and going to places, the native has pretty good luck. Going abroad to pursue one's studies and attending school and seeking growth and development is favourable and advantageous. Hua Ke in this palace means that it is opposite Ming, suggesting that it is favourable what with a promotion and taking an exam.

Friends and Servants

Making friends the person is cautious and careful. The individual makes friends with people who are simple, pure, genuine. Friends will be of help and assistance, and there is the instance of 君子之交 jūnzǐzhījiāo = a hedge between will keep friendships green; the friendship between gentlemen is as pure as crystal.

The native ought to... [?], and to treat staff and employees well, because other people can help him or her make money.


The person attends school, takes exams, pursuing his or her studies, which is favourable for getting a promotion. The individual is of a noble demeanour. The native receives respect, honour, and esteem, from others.


The person receives things in the form of presents. The individual is able to buy his or her own property and real estate.

Happiness and Virtue

The native receives help and assistance from guiren. The person has much good fortune. Growing older the individual can tend toward 修心養性 xiū​xīn​yǎng​xìng​ = to improve oneself by meditation; to cultivate the heart and nurture the character.

When old and there is more time available it is opportune practising Daoism; to cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine; to enter into religion. The native can have numerous achievements of virtue and pious deeds.


The parents will betoken guiren. The parents are helpful in the matters of studying and attending school. The parents come to the rescue in the event of an unexpected disaster or injury or wound.

Hua Ke in this palace effectuates the person having long-standing harmonious relations with his or her parents. There are amicable feelings and emotions.

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