Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Si Hua - Ding

Translated from here.

Tai Yin # Hua Lu

The individual has predestined affinity with females. There is fine predestined affinity regarding mother and daughter.

Because there's now and then... [?].

The native is blessed, cherished, and taken good care of in every possible way by a female chief, leader, elder, senior, person in charge.

Tian Tong # Hua Quan

The individual holds power in the use of Wu Shu 五术. The person has vigorous and exuberant relations with others.

The native is energetic and proactive and strives and has willpower.

What with an organisation or corporation, etc., the individual can favourably pool capital, form a partnership, or get an increase in resources and money.

With Tian Tong # Quan the person's mood and state of mind become relaxed and loosened up, hence the native is disposed to adaptation and being adjusting.

Tian Ji # Hua Ke

The individual is conspicuously talented and capable. He or she can hold sway being an aid and advisor to a top official.

When analysing stuff, and regarding the person's way of looking at things, he or she is original.

Ju Men # Hua Ji

There are easily lawsuits due to quarrelling. The native ought to beware the use of the mouth and guard against spats and lawsuits. Marrying too early is inadvisable.

With Hua Ji transforming Ju Men, words and actions lead to something disagreeable, disgusting, unwelcoming, annoying, obnoxious. Thus the individual is without good relations with other people.

This star combination indicates 吃力不討好 chī​lì​bù​tǎo​hǎo = putting in much hard work, but getting few results; to undertake a thankless task; to be a fool for one's pains.

Should Ju Men # Hua Ji be in Happiness and Virtue or the Health palace, there is the likelihood of a disease or sickness that is in the dark, secret, hidden, obscure.

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