Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Si Hua - Ji

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Wu Qu # Hua Lu

The individual has especially good luck and fortune in the areas of finance and economics, and the police service or the military, holding a military position. Wu Qu is a money star, and when it meets with Hua Lu, it is auspicious. It is appropriate trading and carrying out commercial activities, and having to do with the military market.

With this star combination the native has good money luck. The person need not worry about money.

Tan Lang # Hua Quan

Hua Quan increases the individual's cravings and desires. The native's subjectivity is also intensified. There is over-emphasis on 偏財 piāncái = unexpected money, jackpot, a stroke of luck, windfall, easy money, to win a prize. The person moreover attaches much importance on 功利主義 gōng​lì​zhǔ​yì = utilitarianism.

With regard to love, romance, and relationships, the individual is excessively prejudiced, one-sided, and stubborn.

Tian Liang # Hua Ke

The native can do well in Wu Shu 五術 and Xuanxue 玄學.

An elder, chief, boss, senior, or leader, will offer a helping hand.

Wen Qu # Hua Ji

There is the occasion of 閨中失和 guīzhōngshī​hé = 'disharmony in the boudoir/lady's chamber.' There can easily be lawsuits, or problems and complications to do with bank cheques, documents, official correspondence, official dispatch, records, archives, a diploma, etc. The person should be mindful of the use of the mouth and the tongue, disputes or misunderstandings caused by gossip, quarrelling. The individual lacks good fortune in the matters of taking an exam or test, and promotions.

This star combination can give rise to the native having some kind of unusual or extraordinary ability. In thought and thinking the person certainly stands out from the masses; to be different from the common run; to be distinctive.

But, now and then there are many disputes and much quarrelling. The individual could even be more known for that.

Wen Qu # Hua Ji can signify a brain tumour, or mental disorder. Or a disease or ailment to do with the intestines.

Learning and studying the native lacks patience. He or she does not have a whole lot of willpower and perseverance.

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