Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Si Hua - Wu

Translated from here.

Tan Lang # Hua Lu

Hua Lu with Tan Lang betokens an increase in the person's desires, longings, and appetites. The native has much luck re 偏財 piāncái = unexpected money, jackpot, a stroke of luck, windfall, easy money, to win a prize. Money and wealth may suddenly appear. The individual has pretty good predestined affinity with the opposite sex. The opposite sex moreover provides with abilities, strength, and effort.

In the case of Tan Lang # Lu, peach blossom will be turned into money and riches, valuables. The person obtains an unceasing source of revenue.

Tai Yin # Hua Quan

Women/wife wields power. And the personality is rather persistent and stubborn.

The native can amass wealth and money and become rich. The individual has fortunate timing buying property and real estate.

The person is mild, gentle, soft, taking to modesty, and is of a very subjective awareness.

You Bi # Hua Ke

The native obtains scholarly honours and fame by taking an unusual or surprising path. The individual can do well being an aid and advisor to a top official.

The person attaches importance to affections and comradeship between friends.

Tian Ji # Hua Ji

This star combination puts forth 聰明反被聰明誤 cōng​míng​fǎn​bèi​cōng​míng​wù = to be too smart for one's own good; cleverness may overreach itself; a clever person may become the victim of his or her own ingenuity. It is inadvisable speculating in a risky adventure or gambling or being opportunistic. Marrying too early is not recommended.

The native has numerous ideas, but there are easily loss and damage due to errors or mistakes re plans and projects.

In thoughts and thinking the individual is partial to 鑽牛角尖 zuān​niú​jiǎo​jiān = to split hairs; to take unnecessary pains to study an insignificant or insoluble problem; to get into a dead end; to bash one's head against a brick wall. The person also tends toward 怨天尤人 yuàn​tiān​yóu​rén = to blame everyone and everything except oneself; to blame god and man; to blame the gods and accuse others.

The native has rather poor and mediocre interpersonal relationships.

Tian Ji, Tai Yang, Tai Yin, Wen Chang, and Wen Qu, when being transformed by Hua Ji, means the cranial nerves are affected. Regarding Tian Ji # Hua Ji, and the nerves, there is the instance of a morbid or abnormal state; to become unhinged.

With this star combination the individual can become overly suspicious and suspect everyone; to be afraid even of one's own shadow.

Mentally the person is unstable.

The native takes to wacky behaviour and style. He or she is unconventional and independent in mind and action.

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