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Hua Lu in the palaces

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Ming or Shen

The individual with Hua Lu in Ming or Shen possesses a fair amount of good fortune, happiness, and luck. He or she has good relations with others. The native is of a comparatively large desire to vigorously pursue wealth and money. The person might have an addiction or craving for a particular kind of food. One ought to take note of baleful influences from the opposite palace.

If Ming or Shen's own Hua Lu are in Ming or Shen, the individual is heavily partial to selfishness.


The siblings help each other; to lend a hand, to do a good turn. There is fine predestined affinity in the matter of friendships.

Should there be malevolent influences from the opposite palace, siblings mean 吃力不讨好 chī​lì​bù​tǎo​hǎo =  to be a fool for one's pains; to put in much hard work, but get very little result; to undertake a thankless task.


The native... [?]. Hua Lu in Spouse signifies is helpful and beneficial what with native's career and occupation.

The spouse comes from money, riches, wealth, property, having such a family background. The person's spouse will be of support and help.

If the stars in the Spouse palace are mild and moderate, the spouse will have a pretty good personality. Should there be sha stars present, the individual's spouse emphasises material life and what is enjoyable and brings pleasure.


The native's children... [?], and everything goes smoothly. The person and his or her children can jointly form a business, undertaking, enterprise. There is family property and estate.

With baleful influences from the opposite palace, the predestined affinity between parent and child is not good. And engaging in joint ventures leads to bankruptcy or financial losses.


The individual can easily seek for money, valuables, riches. The native is well-off, wealthy. The person is able to take to enjoyments of ease and comfort.

When Hua Lu is in the Wealth palace the individual's chances and opportunities of obtaining money and property are good.

Hua Lu in this palace ought to be supported by Hua Quan or Hua Ke or other lucky stars, because without their help by san fang si zheng, there's frequently the occurrence of 虛有其表 xū​yǒu​qí​biǎo = to be impressive only in appearance; a reputation with no substance; its outside face seems good; to look impressive but lack real worth.


Should the the native be of weak or feeble health, the reason is liable to be sickness or disease because of some kind of food or drink, or injury to the spleen or stomach [脾胃 - see TCM].

Hua Lu is inappropriate in Health because the Health palace is not in configuration with the Ming palace by san fang si zheng. But Hua Lu is nevertheless not able to generate much ailment or sickness.

In the case of the horoscope of a woman... [?].

For a couple, Hua Lu in Health... [?].


Travelling and going to places means development and prosperity. The person has good money luck living far from home, going away from his or her native place, or leaving for a foreign country.

Friends and Servants

Friends are wealthy, they have money.

The individual meets with guiren.

Money and riches will go to friends/servants; the native doesn't get the money. Consequently, Hua Lu is inappropriate in the Friends and Servants palace.


Hua Lu in this palace is indicative of the native's career meaning title and official rank, and ennoblement. The person is well-off.

Things will be even better with the presence of Hua Quan.


The individual inherits family property, shelter, cover, shade. The native has good predestined affinity with his or her children.

The person gets hold of much property, estates, land.

The individual... [?].

Happiness and Virtue

The native with Hua Lu in this palace attaches importance to wealth and money and what effectuates pleasure and is enjoyable.

The person has... [?]. Money, riches, property, valuables, come in the form of presents, gifts, rewards.


The individual has good predestined affinity with his or her parents. A chief, head, boss, or elder, selects the native for a promotion. The person takes part in... [?].

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