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Hua Quan in the palaces

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Ming or Shen

The native is seriously devoted to his or her work; to have professional ambition. In appearance and character the person is rather stately, dignified, solemn.

The individual is capable of wielding power; to be in power. When young the native is partial to 頑皮 wán​pí = tenacious; tough and durable.

Dealing with things and handling matters, the person is clear-cut, straightforward, and orderly. Should there be sha stars interfering, the individual becomes rather unyielding and subjective.

In the instance of the horoscope of a woman, marrying too early is not advisable; things wont go smoothly.


The siblings are of powerful capabilities.

The native's siblings have strong personalities. There is... [?].

Including Hua Ke or Hua Lu or lucky stars, the person can join in with his or her siblings in an undertaking, career, occupation, projects, and strive for splendour and glory. But it is important to be mindful of the influences of the Friends and Servants palace opposite.


Hua Quan in this palace means an influence what with the individual's career. The spouse holds power, to wield power. The... [?].

It is essential for the native and his or her spouse to take to mutual yielding, otherwise personalities will clash. There could be a generation gap.


The children have strong personalities. They are not easy to discipline and teach.

Hua Quan in this palace also indicates joint investments, to engage jointly in an undertaking, profession, activities, etc.

In the case of a man's horoscope his sex life will be comparatively extraordinary, unusual, special.


The Wealth palace is fond of Hua Lu, but not Hua Quan. Hua Quan in Wealth signifies a lifetime of working hard. Taking care of money is a rather weighty business.

With the influence of many lucky stars, the person is good at managing wealth and money. He or she is able to initiate financial resources.


... [?].

Hua Quan in this palace can engender health stuff to do with blood or bleeding.

Thus... [?]. Opposite Health is Parents. Middle-aged, there could be an operation, or there might be an injury or wound to do with blood, bleeding.


Travelling and going places, the person obtains power and authority. It is appropriate to leave for another place and engage in a career, undertaking, project, activity. The individual staying at his or her native place will be inauspicious and ominous.

Hua Quan in Travel can engender the native being more stubborn and unbending. The person becomes independent and takes to standing alone; to be on one's own, to be autonomous.

Travelling and going to places re career and activities, the individual ought to beware not getting involved in strife and contention with others.

Friends and Servants

Servants and friends are of powerful capabilities. With Hua Quan in this palace servants seize power and authority, which is not favourable.

The native is likely to be making friends with people who are strong, stubborn, and unyielding.

If the person with Hua Quan in this palace is a manager, boss, or business proprietor, etc., staff and subordinates are rather difficult to supervise and administer.

There could also be a generation gap between the individual and his or her boss or superior.


Hua Quan in the Career palace is the most appropriate. The native is very much so able to invest time and energy on his or her career and profession. Working and handling matters the person is steady and earnest. There is the ability to be promoted.

The individual overlooks and neglects his or her spouse and romance, love, and relationships.

Should the native be a business proprietor, the presence of Hua Ke or Hua Lu would be favourable, because it would mean expansion of business. The ability to make money and become rich is boosted by the involvement of a Lu star.


The person has enough good fortune to be able to buy property. There is real estate, grounds, land.

Happiness and Virtue

Hua Quan in this palace increases the individual's subjectivity. The native is unable to restrict and moderate his or her dealings with what brings joy and pleasure.

Opposite is the Wealth palace; Hua Quan in Happiness and Virtue is helpful and beneficial what with activities to do with money and riches. The person is suited to backstage, off-stage, or behind-the-scenes work, for example... [?].

The individual is fairly unwilling to accept being limited and constrained by his or her household, dwelling, family.

In the case of the horoscope of a woman, she ought to tend toward 修心養性 xiū​xīn​yǎng​xìng​ = to improve oneself by meditation; to cultivate the heart and nurture the character. If not... [?].


In thought and thinking the parents are comparatively extreme, or stubborn and obstinate. The atmosphere between parent and child is not good. The native's predestined affinity with his or her parents is weak.

The parents are conservative and hidebound in thoughts and ideology, and strict in discipline. They wield power.



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