Sunday, 6 February 2011

文曲 Wen Qu

Translated from here.

- Yin Water (Gui 癸)

- effectuates 科甲 kējiǎ = imperial examinations

- concerning 文 wén = language, culture - Wen Qu betokens a scholar/intellectual of eloquence and debates and discussions; the spoken language

Looks, appearance: The native has delicate and pretty features. He or she is refined and elegant in appearance.

Disposition: The person of Wen Qu is bright, smart, clever, and intelligent. The individual studies and learns a lot of subjects, and is of many abilities. In behaviour and conduct the native is graceful, elegant, in good taste, and polished, but he or she is also fond of 粉飾 fěn​shì = to prettify stuff; to gloss over, to whitewash, to cover up.

Individuality: Wen Qu signifies art and artistry; skill, workmanship. This star generates reputation and fame. The person takes to creative work; to create, produce. The individual... [?].

      Wen Qu represents 天理 tiānlǐ = divine justice, justice of nature or of the gods; heavenly principles and feudal ethics as put forward by the Song Confucianists. This star betokens documents, archives, files, papers, official dispatch. And certificates, credentials, cheques. Wen Qu denotes reputation, glory, and renown due to imperial examinations. There is writing what with officialdom/bureaucracy. This star gives the means to scholarly honour or official rank. There is refined literary excellence.

Wen Qu has to do with eloquence and music. The native... [?].

Wen Qu stands for examinations. And... [?].

With regard to eloquence and stuff pertaining to the mind and thoughts and thinking, the person is disposed to 靈感 líng​gǎn = inspirations and insights; a burst of creativity in scientific or artistic endeavour. Wen Qu has also to do with love, romance, and relationships. And money.

Wen Qu is very similar to Wen Chang. Both stars signify learning and studying. But Wen Chang is more related to orthodox and classical learning, while Wen Qu represents proficiency and skill in art and eloquence and stuff concerning thought and thinking.

Regarding peach blossom, there is easily medical after-effects; repercussions of an illness.

Wen Qu # Hua Ji is liable to lead to problems with wedding and marriage.

Wen Qu is a star enabling wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge. Should Wen Qu be transformed by Hua Ji, the native could meet with sickness, disease, or misfortune what with the mind and thinking and thoughts. Or encounter complications related to love, romance, and relationships.

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